A Massage A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

I have always found Ayurveda a perfect mix of regime and wonder. I know, I know it sounds so paradoxical! But it’s true. On the one hand there’s the guidelines to dietary habits, exercise, meditation and self-care. On the other hand there are little wonders like A Massage A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

According to Ayurveda, the human body in its natural state is unctuous. Dryness aggravates the Vata dosha, which, being the dominant dosha in turn affects the body functions. The best way to calm Vata and counter dryness is the use of oil. In fact, our body needs a regular dose of massaging to check the dryness and to keep it performing at optimum levels.


7 Reasons (You Don’t Really Need) to Get A Massage!

Regular massaging makes one strong enough to tolerate stress.

It gives vitality and energy.

It eliminates the feeling of tiredness.

It makes the body supple and muscular.

It delays signs of old age including wrinkles.

It makes the skin lustrous and improves overall appearance.

It calms the Vata dosha (and thus pacifies the nervous system and induces sleep).

Ideally the massage should start with the head and end at the feet. A firm pressure should be applied on extremities and a light to very light pressure should be applied to neck, abdomen, heart area, face, eyes and forehead. The perfect duration for an ayurvedic massage is anywhere between 5-15 minutes daily and longer on weekends.

The choice of oils should be as per your dosha and the area to be massaged.

Oils According to Dosha

For Vata: Sesame, olive, castor, sunflower.

For Pitta: Ghee, coconut, sesame, sunflower.

For Kapha: Mustard, sesame, corn, olive.

Oils According to Area

For body: Sesame, olive, sunflower, mustard, corn.

For head: Coconut, sesame.

Now Relax!

Let the oils seep into your skin nourishing it, pampering it. Wait at least 15 minute after the massage before taking a bath. Isn’t a massage the very best part of the day!




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