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Welcome to one of the largest Ayurvedic communities across the globe, where amongst hundreds and thousands of others on the journey of holistic health, you finally meet your own healthiest and the happiest self!

The Ayurveda Experience is your single stop where you discover the essence of life, a transforming appreciation of the complete being that you are- ‘you’ complete with your mind body, soul and beyond.

This is where you discover the ‘self’ that you truly are and unleash the true potential of who you can be...

This is where you find the route to that ‘self’ and get guidance from the best of sources for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health...

This is where you experience practical transformation that will help you feel and measure the changes happening in your life every single day...

This is where you begin your path on the Science of Life- Ayurveda!

Multimedia Programs

To help you learn the secrets of holistic health and complete wellness from the comfort of your home, we present to you a range of Ayurvedic programs by noteworthy experts.

Watch easy to follow HD Multimedia Programs which demystify the science of life and help you experience tangible improvements in your life as you learn about the different aspects of your health and personality through Ayurvedic concepts.

Right from a deep understanding of the concepts to practical home remedies, with each of the programs you’ll find an array of wisdom and support.

Explore the programs here-

Our Authors

  • Lissa Coffey

  • Mary Thompson

  • Dr. Dilip Gadgil

  • Dr. G.G. Gangadharan

  • Robert & Melanie Sachs

  • Dr. C.Thite

Learn more about these notable experts and teachers here.

Live Webinar Sessions

We host live webinar sessions with experts on different topics to give you an opportunity to learn from them by asking questions and interacting with them live.

Some of Our Webinar Speakers-

  • Marc Halpern

  • Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf

  • Dr. Claudia Welch

  • Acharya Shunya

  • K.P. Khalsa

  • Dr.Suhas Kshirsagar

  • Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar

  • Vaidya R.K. Mishra

  • David Crow

  • Dr. Dilip Sarkar

  • Lissa Coffey

  • Robert Sachs

  • Dr. Mark Vinick

  • Dr. Bill Dean

  • Melanie Sachs

  • Lois Leonhardi

  • Dr. Romila Mushtaq

  • Dr. Helen Thomas

Learn more about these renowned experts here.

Consult Ayurvedic Practitioners/Physicians across the globe

We help connect Ayurvedic Health-Seekers and Practitioners through our portal.

In a typical consultation call, you get to learn about your prakriti or natural mind-body type or Dosha Composition and speak to a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Practitioner with whom you can discuss your diet and lifestyle patterns.

If you’re a qualified and experienced practitioner yourself and would like to reach out to more people who might need your help, please feel free to contact us.


Ayurveda opens up a whole world of natural products and supplements. To make the best of Ayurvedic Products easily accessible to you, we deliver selected, hand-picked self-care essentials right to your doorstep- anywhere in the world!

What our subscribers say about our services

  • Dear Team

    I am extremely appreciative of the fact that you are bringing Ayurveda to the West in such a versatile, flexible and affordable way.

    Recently I purchased the Platinum package for a consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor. This has turned out to be an excellent investment in my health. The report was very detailed and it seemed that I already had value for money. But then I had the consultation with Dr Deepak Bhanot and I realised just how much I needed to have this direct access to expert knowledge if I am going to turn my health around. Dr Bhanot was very helpful and kind, and was able to impart considerable information and knowledge in the one-hour timeframe. I now feel confident that I have a good platform upon which to build, particularly as I am also studying Lisa Coffey's excellent introductory course.

    I am now a firm convert to the Ayurveda lifestyle. It just makes sense. I definitely wish to have further consultations with Dr Bhanot in the future, having confidence that he will be able to guide me on my journey to good health.

    It seems to me that theayurvedaexperience.com is based on a brilliant and ethical business concept and model, and I wish success and wellbeing to all involved.

    Sherida Carrick

  • I am enjoying this product! I have been using it for several weeks and definitely notice a difference in my skin texture. I have aging skin, sun damage and winter dryness. My skin already feels smoother and clearer since I began massaging with jojoba oil and the Kansa wand. Several friends have commented on how healthy my complexion looks. I highly recommend this to anyone with similar skin issues. I am very, very pleased with this purchase.

    Thank you so much!
    Charlotte Davis

  • You have really opened my eyes…

    "First, please accept my thanks and my gratitude for my report and your words of wisdom. I learned so much from our conversation last Friday. I really want to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have really opened my eyes. I now feel armed with all of the knowledge about who I am, and why I am the way that I am. I am a very STRONG Vata-Pitta! I am working on making some much needed changes in my life. I'm going to start implementing the practices I read about in the report in order to become a better "me". Thank you, Dr. Bhanot, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! You've really inspired me!"

    With Much Gratitude,
    Rachel Marquez

  • “I had NO idea it would be this extensive and thorough! I am in a state of wonder - that such accurate information about my own life, habits and physical experiences could be written so accurately…”

    "I have reviewed all of the papers you sent - and I must admit I am awe struck. First, the overview of the different Prakriti and Doshas was easily understood and quite interesting. The basics explained a great deal about how influential our parents personal dietary habits and cultural influence have upon our own personal Prakriti. This is similar to understanding the genome project that has been in the news that helps explain the DNA and the mapping of all genes. Interesting, isn't it, how the wisdom of the ages is mingling with scientific proof in today's world. This picture of the target states my personal, emotional and Spiritual evaluation of my own report. I had NO idea it would be this extensive and thorough! I am in a state of wonder - that such accurate information about my own life, habits and physical experiences could be written so accurately. My analysis has brought me to a deeper awareness of myself, and in doing so, it allows me to become the best version of myself (well, once I get on track with all of the suggestions!). Everything is clearly defined as to how I can get back on track to a healthy life. To have this horrid skin ailment for 14 years have the possibility to be eliminated all together is life changing. I will do all that is required within my personal analysis (although giving up diet cola will be a big challenge for me - it makes perfect sense as to how it is not benefiting my life). And if that is the most difficult thing to do - that is easily accomplished!"

    Thank you so much!
    K. Krebs


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