Get off the painful cycle of fad diets, binges and cravings and learn traditional food wisdom that will leave you not just healthier, but also satisfied after every meal!  

  • Find out the truth behind “controversial” foods like cereals, fats and dairy
  • Learn traditional and intelligent or nutritious methods of cooking and storing food
  • Know what your next meal should ideally be
  • Discover the best cookware and serve ware
  • Unearth the eight, all-important Ayurvedic guidelines for a wholesome meal
  • Learn how to eat right for your constitution
  • Calculate the percentage of toxins clogging your gut– right now!
  • Learn the powerful Ayurvedic protocol to detox through food
  • Discover how to incorporate healing herbs and spices in your everyday meals
  • Know how to eat to heal pathologies like anxiety, diabetes and even heart disease!

“Clean-eating” gurus say it’s a life-changing choice, you’ve read enough studies urging you to cut out gut-irritating grains and so you’ve adopted a gluten-free lifestyle. You avoid bread and cereal completely and that’s been working great for you. You think you’ve finally “cracked the code” and found the right nutritional guidelines to stay healthy… 

And then…

You wake up one day to a new study which shows that, unless you have specific digestive disorders, going gluten-free might actually increase your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. 

And that’s shocking, isn’t it? Everyone said going gluten-free was THE ANSWER to all your health issues. How can studies show such confusing results? And how on earth can you cut through the confusion to make the right food choices?



When it became clear that some grains, such as wheat, contain gluten - which can cause gut inflammation -this is how modern nutrition solved the “problem”: 

Well, these grains contain gluten, and gluten is so bad, ergo... 

No grain = No gluten. Eureka! Problem solved, right? 

Except, no grain also = no cereal fibre that protects from diabetes + none of the important micronutrients found in cereals. 

Gluten free forever!

On the other hand, here’s how traditional wisdom and Ayurveda smartly solve the “problem.” They focus not on eliminating grain but preparing cereals in such a way that they are digested easily. If we prepare bread using traditional sourdough culture, we get more of the important nutritional benefits of cereals without the gut-irritating qualities of gluten. In fact, clinical research shows that sourdough is surprisingly well tolerated even among patients with celiac disease! What’s really leading to increased gluten intolerance in the world today is the fact that we have switched from traditional to industrial methods of cereal preparation! 

  • Want to know why modern nutrition missed this important finding?
  • Do you also want to know what’s so short-sighted about the modern way of making food choices?
  • How modern food choices make you eat in a way that actually causes disease? 
  • And do you want to know how to start eating food so that it heals your body?
  • Do you want to change your relationship with food into something fun, exciting and very, very positive? 

Remember food wants to heal us, it is the most powerful medicine at our disposal. What makes food act against its essentially healing nature is the fact that we forget a very basic truth… 


So, you must not approach it like a mathematical problem! 

Modern understanding of nutrition separates food into three basic components. carbohydrates, proteins and fats, called the macronutrients. The problem with that approach is that carbs, proteins and fats are not foods. THESE are foods:

  • Water 
  • Vegetables 
  • Fruits 
  • Grains 
  • Legumes 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Eggs 
  • Oils 
  • Dairy products

DECONSTRUCTING FOOD INTO ITS COMPONENTS ALONE IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE MODERN NUTRITION MAKES AND IT IS THE FASTEST ROUTE TO LEAD YOUR BODY TO DISEASE CITY. If eating a balanced meal was all about consuming percentages of nutrients, this is how you would work out a “perfect” dinner:

A protein shake + a multivitamin capsule + two scoops of dietary fibre + 2 coconut oil capsules. 

But it doesn’t work that way, does it? 

Preparing and consuming food to get the best nutritional value out of it is far more rewarding and exciting than this dull equation! Food in Ayurveda is the basis of life, transformation and healing. A holistic meal or aahar should not involve calorie counting, or running from all carbs. It should mean: 

  • An intriguing balance of flavors from bitter to astringent to spicy 
  • Chewing food in a way that aids digestion  
  • How to cook and combine foods so that their nutrients are more bio-available to us 
  • Preparation methods that make food easy to digest, such as fermentation and soaking in water 
  • Food storage methods that add extra vitamins and minerals to food 
  • Serving vessels that enhance food’s nutritive qualities 
  • Choosing the right food for your current state of body and mind 
  • And choosing the right food for your specific constitution 
  • Eating season-appropriate vegetables and fruits 
  • Tempering your food with healing spices such as turmeric 
  • Healing your pathologies by eating smart 
  • Ensuring the right gap between water and meals to build digestive Agni 
  • And many other factors 

What the French got right 

Do you know the reason behind France’s relatively lower rate of chronic disease than many other developed Western countries? France still maintains food traditions that predate modern medicine. Thus, while the food industry easily convinced naive North Americans to give up butter in favor of margarine, such an idea in France was tantamount to cultural treason: health risks be damned. And like it almost always does, the tradition got it right. As scientific research showed, 70 years too late, butter is better. In fact, it is much better than cooking oils extracted from newly introduced oil crops such as corn, canola, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed, grapeseed, and soy! 

Cooking and eating using the wisdom of tradition and your own body can heal your digestive tract and your whole body in turn. It can revitalize your relationship with food, shift it from something you struggle with to something that nourishes and heals you at every level. When you eat right, you effortlessly: 

  • Shed abdominal weight 
  • Nurture endocrine health 
  • Calm down your allergies 
  • Clear your skin 
  • Detoxify your gut 
  • Feel more energetic and capable 
  • Feel mentally “sharper” and MOST CRITICALLY… 
  • Start healing your current symptoms 
  • And prevent disease 

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You too can have this empowering relationship with food, starting now! You can make healthier choices, uplift energy levels and start healing disease – and you can do it from your stovetop, pantry and table! 

The answer to your food dilemma is finally here. Discover: 

  • If you should replace sugar with splenda? 
  • Why do you gain weight despite counting calories? 
  • You don’t have celiac disease or insulin resistance, should you still stop eating all carbs? 
  • What should you eat to heal aggravated symptoms and dosha imbalances? 
  • What is the best cookware? 
  • How can you incorporate more traditional methods of cooking? 
  • Is veganism right for you? 
  • What are the pros and cons of all the diets out there – from keto to DASH to Atkins? 
  • Are raw carrots better than cooked carrots?  
  • What are some healthy alternatives to potatoes?
  • How can you ferment foods at home?
  • How can you incorporate more spices and herbs in the standard American diet?
  • How much fruit should you really be eating every day?
  • Why does Ayurveda say moderation is the key to wholesome eating?
  • How should you eat to tackle common disorders, from anxiety to chronic coughs to diabetes and heart disease? 


Answer all these questions and more with Holistic Nutrition- the MOST EXTENSIVE MULTIMEDIA FOOD GUIDE you will own. 

To unveil the healing power of food, to revive the lost traditional food wisdom that is missing in your life and to help you make the right, definitive food choices for you and your family, we, at the Ayurveda Experience, are very excited and proud to present:

This program is so rich with useful information, exhaustive in its scope and easy to practice - take a look at this amazing list yourself:

Here’s a look at some of the exciting things you'll learn from Todd’s 12 hour long course.

1. How to Consume Water

  • Rain water: Why Ayurveda once considered it the best water source and why this is no longer applicable 
  • Glacial water: Why people of the Himalayas and Andes are one of the world’s healthiest! 
  • Chlorine and chloramines: they clean your water but what are they doing to your insides? And how can you balance the negative effects of chlorine in your drinking water? 
  • Water purification: The best way to decontaminate your water. And secret tips on making up for the minerals lost in water purification! 
  • Alternative methods of water purification: How to store water to boost its count of an important mineral that slows down aging! 
  • Ayurveda and water: Where Ayurveda busts the fallacy that the more water you drink the healthier you are! Plus secret “water” recipes to help with weight loss, optimal digestion and detoxification. 
  • Cold and hot water: Could your habit of drinking cold water with your meals be setting off disease in your body? 

2. Vegetables

  • Vegetables vs. fruits: Why the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables are not the same 
  • Starchy vegetables: Are all starchy vegetables bad? Plus, exciting alternatives to potatoes 
  • Non-starchy vegetables: Why veggies are the most important part of your meal 
  • Recommended vegetables 
  • Vegetables as medicine: How veggies help you fight off an infection and also build heart health! 
  • Eating vegetables to balance doshas 
  • - ‘Cooling’ and ‘warming’ vegetables 
  •  - Which veggies balance your excess vata, pitta and kapha 
  •  - And which you must avoid when you have a doshic imbalance 
  •  - Why the raw food trend may be doing you more harm than you think! 
  • Preparation of vegetables: How to cook vegetables so that their nutrients are more bio-available to you

3. Fruit

  • Evolution of fruit: How modern farming practices have changed fruits
  • How to eat fruit
  • - Nutritional benefits 
  • - The importance of eating seasonal fruits 
  • - How much fruit should you be consuming 
  • - How to make fruits easily digestible 
  • - Know when fruits can disturb your gut ecology 
  • Recommended fruits
  • - The fruits you can indulge in safely without adverse impact on blood sugar! 
  • Fruit according to Ayurveda 
  • - Which fruits can balance fiery Pitta 
  • - The correct way to consume fruits if you have too much airy Vata 
  • - The best fruits for Kapha imbalances 

4. Cereals: the truth about the new “villains” of the nutritional world!

  • Cereals and degenerative disease: How the rise of cereal consumption is linked with rise of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and autoimmune diseases
  • Benefits of dietary fiber: The best part about cereals 
  • - How dietary fiber promotes gut health 
  • - Why you should never drop grains from your diet if you have hemorrhoids 
  • - The effect of dietary fiber on heart and hormonal health 
  • Anti-nutrient factors 
  • - Compounds in cereal fiber which inhibit nutrient uptake 
  • - The traditional methods of preparation that minimized anti-nutrient factors 
  • - The devastating effect of bypassing this traditional wisdom 
  • Pellagra 
  • - Which traditional Central American cooking practice minimized the factors behind this disease 
  • Celiac disease and gluten intolerance 
  • - What is gluten? 
  • - What happens in celiac disease? 
  • - Why is celiac disease riding globally? 
  • - Are more people gluten-intolerant than we think? 
  • The many health conditions linked to gluten intolerance 
  • Gluten-free reality: Is going gluten-free the answer to all these problems? 
  • - Is watching gluten-intake causing you anxiety? 
  • - By opting for gluten-free grains, are you substituting one problem for another 
  • - Are your “gluten-free” products really free from gluten? 
  • - Secret ways gluten is sneaked into packaged foods 
  • - Traditional cereal preparation methods that minimized gluten and anti-nutrients 
  • - Why sourdough bread is very well tolerated even by those with celiac disease!
  • Cereals and digestion
  • - The best way to eat cereals and get maximum nutritional benefits 
  • - The best way to leaven bread!
  • Best tolerated cereals: A complete guide to the cereals you can eat safely. 
  • Cereals in Ayurveda
  • - Why Ayurveda doesn’t have as grim a view of cereals as modern nutrition 
  • - The benefits of barley 
  • - Why rice and quinoa balance all doshas 
  • - Healthy grain alternatives to wheat 

5. Legumes

  • -How legumes help gut flora 
  • - The benefits of consuming legumes 
  • The important medicinal legumes used in herbal medicine the world over
  • Anti-nutrient factors and legumes 
  • - The compounds in legumes that inhibit nutrient absorption in your gut 
  • - Traditional legume preparation methods that minimize anti-nutrients 
  • Soy 
  • - How beneficial is soy? 
  • - What are the pros and cons of soy protein isolate 
  • - The secrets of traditional soy consumption in China
  •  How to prepare legumes 
  • Best tolerated legumes 
  • - The traditional Indian methods of legume preparation 
  • - Safe legumes for most people
  • Legumes in Ayurveda
  • - Which legumes to eat when your Agni is weak 
  • - The right legume choices for Vata, Pitta and Kapha disorders 
  • - Benefits of legume broth and khichadi 

6. The nutritional benefits of nuts and seeds

  • The best way to store nuts and seeds 
  • Nuts, seeds and mycotoxins 
  • - What are mycotoxins 
  • - The secret way to prep nuts to eliminate mycotoxins
  • Preparations of nuts and seeds 
  • - How to make nuts easier to digest 
  • - Important traditional prep methods that make nuts healthier! 
  • - The power of fermented nuts
  • Best tolerated nuts and seeds
  • Ayurveda on nuts and seeds 
  • - Why nuts and seeds are regarded as nutritional powerhouses in Ayurveda 
  • - Nuts and fertility 
  • - The right quantity of nuts you should be consuming 
  • - The best nuts for Vata, Pitta and Kapha 

7. Is consuming dairy right for you?

  • Milk and leaky gut 
  • - Why some people feel better going off dairy 
  • - Which foods combine with dairy cause leaky gut syndrome
  • Milk in chronic disease 
  • - The many autoimmune diseases and allergies associated with milk 
  • - When dairy elimination helps 
  • - The one dairy product even people with chronic disease can consume 
  • - Useful non-dairy sources of calcium 
  • Problems with pasteurization 
  • Problems with homogenization
  • Differences in species and breeds matters! 
  • - Could your lactose intolerance be linked with drinking milk from a certain species of cow 
  • -Is this why milk is so central in Ayurveda? 
  • - Which harmful milk protein do European and American breeds possess  
  • The best diet for cows so your milk is the safest 
  • Caution with raw milk
  • Getting real - Can YOU drink consume dairy safely? 
  • Ayurveda and cow’s milk 
  • - The qualities of milk 
  • - The milk drink which helps with digestion 
  • - Which cow milk is the healthiest  
  • - And how milk is avoidable in kapha disorders 
  • Ayurveda and goat’s milk: the best alternative to cow’s milk?
  • Ayurveda and sheep’s milk 
  • Ayurveda and water buffalo milk 
  • Yogurt in Ayurveda 
  • Cheese in Ayurveda 

8. Fats and Oils

  • Are fats and oils dangerous? 
  • - The truth behind the demonization of fat 
  • - Why all fats are not the same 
  • Fats and oils are non polar lipids 
  • Triglycerides
  • Dietary fats and eicosanoids 
  • Dietary ratio of EFAs 
  • - How you can consume more Omega 3 fats
  • Extraction of fats and oils 
  • - Which modern methods denature oils 
  • - And what should the label on a healthy oil say! 
  • - Can some trans-fat actually be good for you? 
  • The best cooking temperatures for various fats and oils 
  • Care and use of fats and oils 
  • - Which oils should never be heated 
  • - Tips on extending the shelf life of oils 
  • - How to keep oils from getting rancid 
  • Medicinal properties of fats and oils Ghee 
  • - Why Ayurveda considers ghee a rasayana or a medicine 
  • - The right way to prepare ghee 
  • - How ghee counters inflammation 
  • Sesame oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Other fats and oils 
  • - Why lard and marrow fat need to make a comeback in modern cooking 
  • - The use of oils as salves and balms Fish oils 
  • - Is fish oil supplementation worth the hype 
  • - The toxins in fish oil 

9. Sweeteners

  • Did our paleo ancestors eat as much dessert as we do?
  • The context of sugar
  • - Learn the truth behind modern methods of producing sugar and other sweeteners 
  • - Find out the link between sugar and diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more 
  • Is sugar a drug? 
  • - The excessive refinement that goes into making modern sugar 
  • - Why sugar is addictive 
  • Honey
  • - Honey’s benefits in Ayurveda
  • - The therapeutic value of honey
  • - How much honey should you actually be consuming 
  • Other sweeteners 
  • - Jaggery 
  • - Molasses 
  • - Toddy and more
  • Low/non-caloric sweeteners 
  • The sweeteners you need to drop today 
  • The safest non-caloric sweetener 
  • - Natural alternatives 
  • - Does the taste of sweeteners affect your metabolism adversely? 

10. Tea

  • Physiology of tea drinking
  • Benefits and problems with tea
  • Types of tea
  • - Black tea and health 
  • - Which secret fermented tea should you be consuming to stay healthy
  • The best way to consume tea
  • - Practical tips for preparing tea
  • - The healthiest tea variants

11. Health effects of chocolate

  • Why the Aztecs called chocolate the food of the gods 
  • Traditional recipes for chocolate 
  • How to maximize the benefits of chocolate 
  • And which chocolate variants should you be avoiding  

 12. Coffee  

  • Coffee and caffeine  
  • - Which roasts of coffee have lesser caffeine  
  • - How many cups of coffee a day you can drink safely  
  • - The effect of caffeine on health  
  • Coffee and health  
  • - The Ayurvedic perspective on coffee  
  • - The dosha types coffee is contraindicated in  
  • - What too much coffee can do to your system  
  • - Should you be drinking tea or coffee? 
  • Also learn about Yerba mate, the exciting, healthier alternative to coffee!

 13. Alcohol

  • - Learn when our ancestors first brewed alcohol  
  • - Why ancient texts don’t vilify alcohol, but advise moderation  
  • Ayurveda on the merits of wine  
  • And Ayurveda on the demerits of wine!  
  • Alcohol and its health effects  
  • - What does excessive alcohol consumption do to your body  
  • - The fallout of daily alcohol consumption  
  • - Learn how much alcohol you can consume safely  
  • Ayurveda’s practical guidelines for safe consumption of alcohol  
  • Why Ayurveda considers wine the best kind of alcohol  
  • The important medicinal wines used in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine 
  • Beer  
  • - Is your pint causing indigestion and weight gain?  
  • - Traditional herbs added to beer  
  • Beer, sexuality and witches  
  • Mead  
  • Distilled alcohol  
  • - Distilled alcohol and health  

14. Cooking Methods

  • - Discover the best cooking methods for various foods
  • - Learn how to make nutrients in food more bio available 
  • - Learn exciting ways to incorporate different cooking methods in your diet  

15. Unpacking the raw food trend

  • Why is raw food tough to digest 
  • -Tips to make raw food more digestible 
  • -Guidelines for consuming different kinds of raw food 

16. Germinated food  

  • Health benefits 
  • How to germinate grains for maximum nutritional output  

17. Steaming and poaching 18. Boiling, stewing, and braising 19. Baking and Roasting 20. Frying 21. Grilling  

22. Why fermentation is the one food prep method you need to include in your kitchen routine today

  •  How to ferment vegetables as well as 
  • - Fermented dairy 
  • - Yogurt preparations 
  • - Kefir 
  • - Cultured butter 
  • - Fermented cereals and legumes 
  • - Sourdough 
  • - Kombucha and tibicos  

23. Learn why Herbs and Spices are the most powerful healing foods  

  • Herbs and spices from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, American and Western herbal traditions 
  • -Learn the nature of the herbs and spices 
  • -Know the forms they should be consumed in 
  • -Tips to include them in your diet 
  • -The pathologies they heal 
  • And when you should avoid certain herbs and spices 1. American ginseng root 2. Amla fruit 3. Asafoetida resin 4. Ashwagandha root 5. Asparagus root 6. Astragalus root 7. Basil leaf 8. Black mustard seed 9. Black pepper fruit 10. Calendula flower 11. Caraway seed 12. Cardamom seed (black) 13. Cardamom seed (green) 14. Chickweed herb 15. Chili fruit 16. Chinese Angelica root 17. Chinese Ginseng root 18. Chinese red date 19. Chinese yam rhizome 20. Cinnamon bark 21. Clove flower 22. Codonopsis root 23. Coriander seed 24. Cumin seed 25. Curry leaf 26. Dandelion root 27. Dill seed 28. Epazote 29. Fennel 30. Fenugreek 31. Garlic bulb 32. Ginger rhizome 33. Goji fruit 34. Gotu kola herb 35. Hemp seed 36. Holy basil 37. Juniper fruit 38. Lavender flower 39. Lemon balm leaf 40. Licorice root 41. Lily bulb 42. Long Pepper fruit 43. Mint leaf 44. Nettle leaf 45. Nutmeg fruit 46. Orange peel 47. Oregano leaf 48. Peony root 49. Pink salt 50. Polygonum root 51. Poria fungus 52. Prickly Ash fruit 53. Rehmannia root 54. Rose blossom 55. Rosemary leaf 56. Sage leaf 57. Sea salt 58. Seaweed 59. Slippery Elm bark 60. Solomon’s Seal root 61. Tamarind fruit 62. Tarragon leaf 63. Thyme leaf 64. Turmeric rhizome 65. Wild Celery seed  

24. The Origin of the Human Diet 

  • What our paleo ancestors and their ancestors ate 
  • How did human diet evolve?
  • -Where human diet branched out from the diet of apes 
  • -The effect of agricultural practices on human diet 
  • The link between brain size and changing food habits 
  • The link between changing diet and lifestyle diseases 
  • Investigative Techniques 
  • - Hominin taxa 
  • - Primitive hominins 
  • - Archaic hominis 
  • - Magadont archaic hominins 
  • - Transitional hominins 
  • - Premodern Homo 
  • - Homo sapiens 
  • Two extremely important evolutionary developments in food prep 
  • Comparative anatomy 
  • - The rise of insulin resistance 
  • - Paleolithic period 
  • - Pleistocene climate change 
  • - Lower Paleolithic 
  • - Middle Paleolithic 
  • - Upper Paleolithic 
  • Göbekli Tepe  

25. Crucial lessons from the paleolithic diet

  • Fats and oils 
  • - Saturated fats 
  • - Unsaturated fats 
  • - Cholesterol 
  • - Protein 
  • - Carbohydrates 
  • - Fiber 
  • - Energy intake 
  • Micronutrients 
  • Paleolithic diet and health 
  • - Learn the key differences between the paleolithic diet and the Standard American Diet 
  • - Where did our paleo ancestors get their carbs from 
  • - Know why our paleo ancestors did not suffer from chronic degenerative diseases 
  • - The best takeaways from the paleo diet and how to incorporate them in your meals  

26. Human Evolution in the post-paleolithic era  

  • The Holocene 
  • The Mesolithic 
  • The Neolithic 
  • Timeline of domestication of animals and farming 
  • Neolithic lifestyle, diet and health  

27. Know the secrets of a traditional Ayurvedic Diet 

  • Food as medicine in Ayurveda 
  • - And food also as that which brings about disease 
  • How a balanced aahar or meal can heal you from the inside out 
  • Why your meals should be customized according to your dosha imbalances 
  • - Vata reducing diet 
  • - Pitta reducing diet 
  • - Kapha reducing diet  

28. Learn practical dietary tips from Chinese medicine 

  • The five flavors of Chinese medicine  
  • Chinese dietary therapy  

29. All the questions you had about various diets, answered! 

  • Pros and cons of popular food trends 
  • -Which food trend is worth the hype 
  • Learn how to eat right for YOU 
  • -Know which diet you need to drop immediately 
  • -Discover which popular diet may cause you “failure to thrive” syndrome in the long run  
  • -Learn the diet which is healthy for most people 
  • -Get the lowdown on “Keto” diets 
  • Learn why Ayurveda’s maxim of moderation is the key to a balanced diet 
  • - Vegetarianism 
  • - Veganism 
  • - Raw foodism 
  • - Raw food myths 
  • - High-carb, low-fat diets 
  • - Ancel Keys 
  • - Framingham Heart Study 
  • - McGovern Commission 
  • - Criticism of the Insudation Hypothesis 
  • - Hyperglycemia and atherosclerosis 
  • - Pritikin diet 
  • - Ornish diet 
  • - DASH diet 
  • - Macrobiotic diet 
  • - Mediterranean diet 
  • - Low-carb, high-fat diet 
  • - Nutritional ketosis 
  • - Atkins diet 
  • - Zone diet 
  • - MCT oil diet 
  • - South Beach diet 
  • - GAPS diet 
  • - FODMAPs diet  

30. Learn Ayurveda’s practical guidelines for a Wholesome diet 

  • When does food bring about disease 
  • - The eight guidelines for preparing wholesome meals 
  • - The proper food combinations 
  • - How much food should you be eating every day 
  • The importance of seasonal, local foods 
  • - Learn optimal dining conditions  
  • - Climate 
  • - Time and season 
  • - Quantity of food (rashi)  
  • - Quality of food (prakriti)  
  • - Preparation of food 
  • - Combinations of foods 
  • - Consumption of food 
  • - Recipient of food  

31. Discover why improper diets contribute to vikriti or disease 

  • How disease develops 
  • - How different doshas are linked with different stages of disease 
  • - When a condition becomes chronic 
  • - Symptoms of disorder 
  • Practical tips on eating right to heal vikriti 
  • - Learn to tell Kapha disease symptoms 
  • - Kapha-reducing diet 
  • - Pitta disease symptoms 
  • - Pitta-reducing diet 
  • - Vata disease symptoms 
  • - Vata-reducing diet  

32. What is Ama 

  • How do ama or toxins accumulate in your GI tract 
  • - The role ama plays in Leaky Gut Syndrome and disease formation 
  • Learn to tell the signs and symptoms of Ama 
  • - Do you have excess ama right now? A worksheet for assessment of Ama 
  • - Practical tips on eliminating ama through food or Amapachana  

33. Food sensitivities and allergies 

  • Know your risk factors for food allergies  
  • - Understand the allergic response  
  • - Learn the other disorders associated with food allergies 
  • - How allergies progress to chronic autoimmunity  
  • Food allergy testing  
  • Elimination-challenge diet  
  • Most common food allergens  
  • - Which diet is safest for allergies  

34. Food introduction for children 

  • Food introduction timetable  

35. Discover the different types of diet to tackle common diseases 

  • Identify the nature of the disorder 
  • Useful herbs 
  • Foods to avoid 
  • -Foods to include 
  • Detoxification protocols 
  • How to give your gut a break 
  • How to space your meals 
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation 
  • Ruling out food allergies 
  • Boosting immunity 
  • Improving gut health 
  • How to scale up from a low-carb diet once your sugar levels are stable 
  • - Indigestion 
  • - Constipation 
  • - Irritable bowel 
  • - Cold and cough 
  • - Eczema 
  • - Arthritis 
  • - Obesity 
  • - Heart disease 
  • - Diabetes 
  • - Anxiety and depression  

Where else will you find such a wide range of topics explained so clearly in one place? 

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You can use the text companion for a quick reference or to jot down your own notes and thoughts while you’re following the program so you can create your very own personal summary with the concepts you found most important!  

Meet Todd Caldecott Dip.Cl.H., RH (AHG), CAP (NAMA) 

Todd is an Ayurvedic practitioner, a teacher, a nutritionist, an herbal medicine specialist, the author of bestselling books such as Food as Medicine, and the executive director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine. Apart from teaching Ayurveda – the Indian science of life - and other wellness modules via conferences and workshops, Todd practices as a clinician in Vancouver and has used his unique interdisciplinary approach to help hundreds manage conditions like arthritis, polycystic ovaries, insomnia and heart disease. Todd’s composite healing methods blend Ayurveda with modern scientific concepts and herbal medicine to achieve wellness by teaching you to listen to your body’s wisdom! 

Todd has been practicing medicine for 20 years. In addition to that, he: 

  • Has a degree in Western Herbal Medicine from the Coastal Mountain College in Vancouver 
  • Has studied Ayurvedic medicine in Coimbatore, India 
  • Is a certified herbalist 
  • Is a certified panchakarma practitioner 
  • Is a yoga practitioner 
  • Has extensively researched Chinese Medicine 
  • Has authored Ayurveda: The Divine Science of Life as well as co-edited Ayurveda in Nepal: The Teachings of Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya 
  • And in 2012, Todd founded the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, which offers distance learning programs and a gurukula-style mentorship training program for aspiring practitioners. (Read what people have said about Todd here) 

Humble and empathetic, Todd has healed and taught literally hundreds. In his own words: 

And remember, these are just some highlights. 

The program is also packed with reveals, tips and tricks that can clear all your nutrition-related confusion. You will learn the safest, best way to cook and consume veggies and the healthiest way to prepare French fries. You will learn the meal of the day you should never skip if you have a tendency to worry. And the cookware you can start boxing away as soon as you finish reading this. 

And that’s looking at just some of the gems you will unearth in Holistic Nutrition. But that’s still not the best bit about the program. The best bit is that all this transformative knowledge and exciting concepts are being shared with you by a very wise, grounded and internationally renowned teacher. A bestselling author, an Ayurveda practitioner and an expert in interdisciplinary medicine, whose video you have watched, and seen how lucidly he traces connections between food and health most people miss…  

This program is a genuine, unmissable opportunity to change your life now - and that’s not all! 

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60 days money back guarantee. This recognized author provides 100% satisfaction!


There are multiple reasons for ordering this program now – it will be one of the best decisions you make for yourself and your family.

Firstly, the cost advantage of the introductory discount is huge, and why would you not want to study such an interesting, in-depth and useful program and yet get to save quite a bit?  

The cost advantage doesn’t end here. Because nutrition is always going to be extremely relevant to your health, this course is a fantastic one-time, long-term investment towards enhancing your family’s health and happiness. And you can study the different foods and how to prepare them again and again, till you absolutely get it right! That’s akin to hundreds of dollars saved in doctor’s visits and expensive but unnecessary diagnostic testing. You do the cost-benefit advantage here!

In Todd’s trademark manner, this course takes a very practical approach, which covers not just Ayurveda, but insights from Chinese and Herbal Medicine too, as well as concepts from the latest current research. And the best bit is that this program shows you ways to diagnose and start reversing nascent pathologies with your next meal. 

That’s regarding the price - but time-saving is equally important! If you have a busy schedule with a job and children and other responsibilities to juggle, or have other limitations such as living in an area where such classes are unavailable... this course can be a life-saver. You can learn techniques to change your life and that of your family in the privacy of your own home and watch it as many times as you want! 

Get instant HD access to the course on The Ayurveda Experience platform. Simply log in and access all your courses anytime. Watch them on any device: desktop, smartphone and tablet. You can easily download the videos to your device so you can watch them without internet connection. Watch your course in the comfort of your home or while you're on the go! 

Also, what is PRICELESS here is finding an authentic practitioner whose persona exudes wisdom and humility and who has a very flexible and practical approach to health. You have seen the video and heard Todd talk about Holistic Nutrition in a way that challenges many assumptions, yet remains very rooted in basic, simple principles of empowered well-being. 

In Todd’s own words:

What a clear-eyed, wonderful way to look at food! Todd combines cutting-edge new research on food with traditional wisdom from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Central American sources for an easy to apply and life-changing eating plan. The best part about Todd’s approach is that he gently examines every healing system, even Ayurveda! For example, even though dairy is celebrated in Ayurveda, Todd puts that in the traditional context and takes a more measured view about the pros and cons of dairy today.

So in terms of living a healthier, happier life what’s YOUR TAKEAWAY?

Among the many other things you have read in the description of the program, you will also learn:  

  • How to get your entire family to eat healthy! 
  • How to give your kids foundational food habits that protect them from lifestyle disease in their future 
  • Holistic nutrition across the generations – from your parents to you to your children 
  • Make the kitchen the busy, bustling “hearth” of our ancestors! 
  • How to create the ideal breakfast 
  • Exciting recipe ideas  
  • How to eat in sync with the seasons 
  • How to increase longevity through conscious food choices 
  • How to balance your mind and emotion through eating healthy 
  • And how to let food fill you up with energy so your daily tasks are a breeze!  

This is just the kind of practical and very specific advice that makes this course a must-have guide today, when food has become almost too complicated. This program simplifies the misconceptions around food, deconstructs myths and lays out an easy-to-follow and very lucid plan for your lifelong health!

Where else will you find such an eclectic yet focused range of topics explained by a world-renowned expert in such a fun, relatable format?  

This program is a genuine, unmissable opportunity to change your life now - and that’s not all! If you order the Platinum version now, not only will you get the DVD delivered for free, you'll also get instant digital access to the course so you can begin learning after THE NEXT CLICK! Still unsure? You can sample the course to make up your mind. The e-course comes with an absolutely free sixty-day money back guarantee so you can return it if you are not satisfied with the product! It is a fantastic no-loss opportunity!  

And it is an opportunity you are sharing with a food expert, whose take on nutrition has changes many lives.  

“Todd’s practical advice on food – what, when and how to eat – has inspired many of our students to make simple changes to their diet and lifestyle, with immediate and profound effects on energy level, concentration, and relief from confusion. Put simply, Todd is the best Ayurvedic teacher I’ve ever met.” -Daniel Clement, Director, Open Source Yoga  

“(After reading Todd’s work) I understand a lot more about how food has been affecting me and my family, and I so appreciate Todd’s myth- and trend-busting and the science behind principles, along with the honesty about what is done based on millennia of experience. Todd is one of the rare authors in the field of herbs and food as medicine in which my scientist husband has developed much confidence. Consider this high praise. His questioning of assertions made by some other authors has also trained me to be more critical in evaluating the material given. So, although I may not understand the chemistry involved, I follow the logic of it and my husband finds it very informative!” -Jacqueline Pagani  

Here’s Todd’s Promise to You:

"Given the obvious complexity of food, and the resultant ignorance and confusion that typically follows, most of us end up eating foods that aren’t very good for us. Ayurveda will help you cut to the heart of the matter, not through the cold calculation of precise mechanisms and measurements, but through a naturalistic approach that actually matches our human experience.”  

And here's our promise to you:

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