With All the Changes You’ve Made to Your Eating Habits,

Do you still have Digestive issues?

THIS Could Be the Missing Link…

If you’ve ever attempted to change your diet or eating habits to feel better, you know how restrictive it can feel.

Eating the “right” way can become another source of stress…

…when veering off can cause digestive discomfort, physical pain, or other symptoms.

And while it’s important to eat healthy for our body’s needs, the
food we eat isn’t the only possible cause of our digestive challenges.

Stress and our emotions can also have a subtle but deep effect on the patterns that form in our digestion and health.

If these deeper patterns aren’t addressed, we face a constant struggle to manage our health with food alone.

Imagine you eliminate something from your diet, say it’s gluten, dairy or sugar.


You feel better for a while, but then some other food starts to give you trouble. If you need to restrict your diet even further to avoid discomfort, you feel even more stressed.

Then, if you eat the dairy, gluten, or sugar, it’s even worse than it was before. 

So why isn’t your digestion improving?

Because the deeper underlying cause hasn’t been addressed.

Here’s a story from someone who finally learned this in her own life…

How a Shift in Emotional Awareness Unlocked Healing Power

Dr. Siva Mohan learned from personal experience that food alone could not heal her.

She was stressed and stuck…

…in her relationships,

…in her career,

…and in her body.

Depleted and weary, she struggled with chronic nodulocystic acne and eczema, along with sinusitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

She had attempted multiple changes to her diet, but that wasn’t reaching the deepest root of the issue.

The real healing began when she discovered how Ayurveda and Yoga’s holistic mind-body approach includes the emotional patterns in her life as well.

This combined approach of food AND emotional awareness created the harmonious conditions for her body to heal.

That’s why Dr. Siva has focused her professional practice on addressing the psychospiritual roots of unhealthy patterns in our bodies and our lives.

Her new course, “Emotions & Digestive Disorders: The Missing Link to Complete Healing,” is the first to focus on how to address emotions to heal the body.


Why Focus on Digestion?

There are many digestive symptoms that are deeply related to emotional states, and Ayurveda considers digestion to be the physical origin of health or disease.

This course begins by exploring four major categories of digestive issues:

  1. Constipation
  2. Diverticular diseases
  3. Ulcerative and inflammatory diseases
  4. Cancerous and benign growths

Whether or not you suffer from any of these specific conditions, you’ll learn how to develop the emotional awareness to help heal your own body as well.

Dr. Siva will take you through an exploration of both the physical and emotional causes for these conditions, and show:

  • some real-life client case studies that will inspire you,
  • Western and Ayurvedic explanations for each disease,
  • psychospiritual patterns to become aware of and address,
  • Ayurvedic healing methods that support the emotional body,
  • And specific breathing practices (pranayama) that immediately balance the channels of the mind and emotions.

This approach allows us to reach the emotional roots of the issue from an indirect and powerful angle.

Emotions and Digestive Disorders: The Missing Link to Complete Healing” with Dr. Siva Mohan, MD MPH, is a 3-hour course filmed in beautiful HD video, available on DVD or instant online streaming with a complete text companion.

Emotions and Digestive Disorders: The Missing Link to Complete Healing

Author: Dr. Siva Mohan, MD MPH

Total time: 2 hours 56 minutes

Format: Instant Streaming or 2 DVDs with a 72-pages text companion

Program Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Connect with your instructor, Dr. Siva Mohan, and learn about the astounding statistics on chronic digestive issues. Dr. Siva explains her approach to give you an East-West picture, and how she intends to give you a window into some of the emotional, psychospiritual layers of common digestive issues.

Module 2: Course Overview

What you’ll be learning in each module, why it’s important, and how to take action. For this course, Dr. Siva has selected four major categories of digestive issues: constipation, diverticular diseases, ulcerative and inflammatory diseases, and cancerous and benign growths.

Module 3: Defining Psychospiritual

Ayurveda considers every ailment in the physical body to have a psychospiritual root. Stress impacts digestion, and not in a good way. And we all know this, as we all have our own clear experience of how stress impacts our tummies. Whether you call it your soul, your spirit, your intuition, your emotional body, or your deep place of knowing – there is more to you than just your physical tissues.

Module 4: Ayurveda Overview

Many of us are disconnected from our senses with our hyper-stimulating fast-paced lives. Ayurveda, the “Science of Life, honors each person’s experience of an ailment as a unique permutation of their constitution and life energetics. Another key principle in Ayurveda is that your body is in constant communication with you, if you’ll just take the time to listen.

Module 5: Relationship Between Digestion & Emotions

Thousands of years ago, many ancient healing systems including Ayurveda, already had a sophisticated understanding of the psychospiritual roots of physical diseases. Dr. Siva’s estimate is that approximately 50% of what’s happening in your digestive system is due to your emotions. And, from the Western standpoint, we don’t really have a clear understanding of why these digestive issues happen…

Module 6: Chronic Constipation

An overview of the causes of functional chronic constipation (those with a strong physical reason) and the Ayurvedic perspective on them. Get to know which dosha needs balancing, where the emotional roots lie, and the Ayurvedic healing approaches such as breathwork (pranayama), detox or cleansing practices, diet and lifestyle changes, and mental strengthening practices.

Module 7: Diverticular Diseases

In Ayurveda, we understand diverticula to be on the progression pathway of Vata imbalance in the colon, the house of Vata. You’ll learn what’s happening in the body, including the emotional roots and Ayurvedic healing approaches such as diet and lifestyle changes to balance the doshas, pranayama practices, detoxes, and mental strengthening.

Module 8: Ulcerative and Inflammatory Diseases

The reason why our bodies mount the inflammatory response is unknown in Western medicine. From an Ayurvedic standpoint, the infection and the inflammation are both a result of a dosha excess or imbalance. Learn to find the emotional roots and take practical Ayurvedic healing approaches.

Module 9: Polyps and Cancer

From the Western perspective, we don’t have a clear reason for why polyps form, and why they are more prominent for some. In Ayurveda, we have a more clear etiology. Learn about the emotional roots & Ayurvedic healing approaches such as cleansing & detoxing, a dosha-specific diet, breathwork, and decreasing accumulation.

Module 10: Summary of Key Points

Reviewing the essence of the lessons in this program. Perhaps the most important one is: “In Ayurveda, we treat all of you, not just one part. Any ailment can be addressed on the physical level and the psychospiritual one.

On ordering now, you also get a Text Companion with the essentials of Dr. Siva’s teachings – free of cost!

This 72-page book accompanies the video course to help you get a concrete overview of what Dr. Siva Mohan will be teaching you. You can use the book for a quick reference or to jot down your own notes and thoughts while you’re following the program so you can create your very own personal summary with the concepts you found most important!

Siva began her path to healing in neuroscience, and this sparked her interest in the mind-body connection. In Medical School and during her Public Health Masters, she focused her studies on an extension of the mind-body relationship: the effects of community, development, and culture on health behavior.

For Dr. Mohan, consulting in international public health seemed to revolve around a central question: How do we encourage certain health behavior in different settings around the world?

Several years later, Siva shares the wisdom of Ayurveda in a supportive, individualized and holistic way.

With an M.D. (focus in psychiatry) and a Masters in Public Health, Siva brings a unique and integrative approach to Ayurveda. This combined with her personal and professional studies in Vedic thought have nurtured her niche: expanding Ayurveda with psychospiritual healing.

Siva teaches at festivals and conferences (e.g. Bhaktifest, Bali Spirit, Moksha, Assn. of Ayurvedic Physicians); develops curriculum and teaches for YogaWorks; and teaches at the nation’s premier Yoga Studies Masters Program at Loyola Marymount University in LA. Siva is the founder/director of LA’s celebration of the Vedic arts, Veda MeLA.

Dr. Mohan’s perspectives have been recently featured in Marie Claire, Well + Good, LAYoga, Real Simple, First for Women magazines, amongst others. Her private practice has been featured on KCLA TV, Veria TV, and she is a featured expert on several online wellness portals (LivingHealthy, BanyanBotanicals, Curejoy, Ayurvedanextdoor, Mom.me, Bodhi Tree).

Dr. Siva on The Prevalence of Digestive Disorders:

“60-70 million people in the United States alone are suffering from chronic digestive issues, and these are figures from 2010.  If we look at the entire adult population of the United States, we’re talking 30%.

So that means 1 in 3 people.

Prevalence and incidence data is often outdated, and we’re almost a decade beyond these statistics.  What I’m seeing in my practice, and in my community, is more like 1 in 2 people.

That’s astounding. Half of all the people that I talk to have symptoms that their digestive system is not happy.

The data looks very similar in Europe, Japan, and all modernized urbanized locales in the world.”

Dr. Siva Mohan, MD MPH

“Working with Siva has been an amazing healing experience. I’ve spent 5 years trying to regain my health. This year with Siva has resulted in a huge improvement to my digestive system and overall feeling of well-being. I’m off all prescription medications and sleeping like a baby. Siva has tremendous insight into emotional and spiritual issues. Even though we are only working by phone twice a month, it feels like she knows me and my family dynamics very intimately. I’m very excited to continue my work with Siva and living more ayurvedic!”
– Michele

“I have been working with Siva for 3 months, and my heart is opening up! In that short time I have unlocked a lifetime of useless should’s and false beliefs that don’t serve me. My digestive system is already working much better as well, which somehow seems to help me digest my emotions. Siva is the light in the tunnel that is guiding me to my space in the Sun again. I trust Siva. She is a gift I give myself. I still see my various doctors too however I am confident that I will soon not need as many band aids. I’m healing from the inside!! Much gratitude to Siva’s parents.”
– Kim

If you’ve struggled with chronic digestive issues that haven’t been resolved from dietary changes alone, this course is for YOU!

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“While healing from my second battle with cancer I was searching for a health practitioner who could be part of my ‘well team’ and guide me in holistic health. A friend suggested Dr. Siva Mohan and I am eternally grateful.

Dr. Siva is a warm, caring and knowledgeable practitioner. She has a deep understanding of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Science of Health. She is also educated in Western medicine, which is a great bonus when analyzing my various test results.

Today I feel physically, mentally and spiritually better than I have for decades! And with Dr. Siva’s continued guidance I have become more sensitive to my needs in terms of diet, lifestyle and mindset. I’ve sent several of my friends to her and they are also reporting good results from working with her.”

– Unni
56, professional and yoga teacher

“I am forever grateful for the day I met Dr. Mohan. I have seen many doctors over the years and have found very few who exhibit the breadth of knowledge, wisdom, compassion and trueness of intention that Dr. Mohan does (and at such a young age too!). In so many ways, she combines the roles of authority figure/expert, mentor, mother, sister, friend, healer and role model. Not only has she lovingly guided me on my holistic quest, but she has encouraged me to become my own healer”.
– Elana
44, executive, and yoga teacher

Is this course for me?

We specialize in bringing you comprehensive coverage of health topics by world renowned experts with quality that you can’t find anywhere else. Our courses are highly beneficial and easy for beginners to follow, while providing protocols and structure that Ayurveda and health professionals love as well.

This course is for you if:

  1. You have actively struggled with any digestive or health issues that haven’t fully responded to changes in diet alone.
  2. You feel stressed around needs to restrict your diet and want to learn how emotional awareness may improve your digestion and experience of life.
  3. You are fascinated with the holistic approach to health, including the mind-body-spirit connection, and want to learn more.
  4. You’d like more insight into supporting the complete health of your family and friends.
  5. You’re an Ayurveda or health professional interested in learning more about emotional awareness to support your patients.

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Why Should You Order This Program Now?

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If you have a busy schedule or other practical limitations, other classes might be too far away, too expensive or impractical due to time constraints.

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Most importantly, finding a real, authentic practitioner with years of clinical experience is challenging. Not only does Dr. Siva Mohan offer you this, but she comes from both a medical background and the rich tradition of Ayurveda.

Her perspective and advice is verified from the “East” and the “West” and bridges the best of both worlds.

“It amazed me that simple dietary changes could make such a difference in my body!”
– Mark
43, executive

“Dr. Mohan has changed my life! Through simple exercises, breath work, supplements and lifestyle changes she has done wonders in helping me out!

I recommend her to anyone, whether you are having stress problems, pregnancy or if you just want to supplement your lifestyle for the positive, she is great for the job!”

– Cassandra
29 , mother and yoga teacher

“I am more mindful of everything I do – from eating/drinking practices, to schedule, sleep, interactions with others, relationships… I’m learning how absolutely everything ties together.”
– Anonymous

“Ayurveda has been nothing less than transformative in my life. It has been a crucial factor in my developing knowledge of the importance of balancing mind, body & spirit in order to achieve optimal health in this lifetime.”
– Monica
54, Montessori School Director and yogini

“Ayurveda has changed my life! Thank you for giving me calm, happiness, fearlessness and boundless energy. I never knew I could feel so amazing. I wake up everyday feeling more grateful than the day before, the tools you have given me will serve me for the rest of my life and for that I am ever grateful. Siva, I treasure your guidance and friendship.”
– Maria


Yes, emotional awareness is an integral part of Ayurveda, and if it’s left out, complete healing may not be possible.

In the physical body, Ayurveda considers digestion to be the origin of health or disease and digestion has an immediate connection with emotional patterns.

By supporting your digestion and emotions you help to address the underlying cause of most disease.

While this course does not include direct access to Dr. Siva, you can ask us questions directly, and in the case that we don’t have the answer we will ask Dr. Siva and report back for you.

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