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The Science of Longevity

Health is promotive like a child is born, a child has to be nourished. And, when the child grows up then this nourishment has to continue.

If the nourishment is good one remains healthy and young, otherwise we start growing old. Have you ever wondered why do we grow old? It is only when we start falling short of energy.

According to Vedas, if this energy is maintained human body is designed to live for 108 years of life without any disease or sickness. To maintain this state of healthy energy, one must follow the laws of nature like maintaining circadian rhythm, exposing one self to the five elements for at least one hour daily, organic nutrition, time management, stress proofing, physical fitness, weight control,  job satisfaction, contentment and attitude of gratitude.

R. K. Tuli is the global pioneer in spearheading the clinical concept of Holistic Medicine and the founder of Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine SOHAM. He integrates the drug-free modalities of 'science' of modern medicine with the 'art' of recognized systems of traditional health to eradicate all sickness and restore positive health of 'body-mind-spirit' wellness.


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