21 Ways To Take Ashwagandha (Ashwagandha Remedies + Ashwagandha Recipes)

21 Ways To Take Ashwagandha (Ashwagandha Remedies + Recipes)

If you’re wondering how to take ashwagandha and looking for some unique ideas and ashwagandha remedies, here’s a variety of Ayurveda-inspired ways of taking ashwagandha. 

But first, let’s quickly explore what ashwagandha does.

Ashwagandha, also known as the winter cherry or Indian ginseng is both a tonic and a sedative due to its adaptogenic properties.1 It has a wide variety of uses for both men and women.

Ashwagandha: A Rasayana

In Ayurveda, ashwagandha is known as the “sattvic Kapha rasayana”.2 What does that mean?

Rasayana” in Sanskrit literally means path (ayana) of the rasa (fluid or juice).3 According to the ancient Ayurvedic scholar Sushruta, rasayanas are substances that slow the aging process. They increase longevity and increase both mental and physical strength.4

Ashwagandha is known in Ayurveda to have the following additional properties.

It increases sexual desire (vajikara), rejuvenates the body (rasayani) and increases strength (balya). It improves the quality and quantity of semen (ati shukrala).

It helps manage the white discoloration of the skin (shwitrapaha), helps manage edema (shothahara) and helps to clear impurities (ama) from the various channels of the body. It’s also useful in managing emaciation and under nutritive conditions (kshayapaha).5,6,7

Ashwagandha As A Medicinal Herb

Ashwagandha is considered to be one of the best rejuvenating agents in Ayurveda. The roots and leaves are the useful parts of the plant.8

Ashwagandha root powder is used in the treatment of rheumatic pain, inflammation of the joints, nervous disorders, and epilepsy.

Dried roots are used as a tonic for hiccup, cold, coughfemale disorders, as a sedative, in senile debility ulcers and more.

A decoction of the bark is taken for asthma and applied locally to heal bed sores.

A paste of the leaves is applied for carbuncles, inflammation, and swellings. It acts as an anti-inflammatory. Leaf juice is useful in conjunctivitis.

Ashwagandha herbal massage oil is useful in many conditions like paralysis, epilepsy, and sleeplessness.

Fine powder of ashwagandha mixed with oil is useful in skin conditions.

Ashwagandha and its extracts are also used in the preparation of herbal teas, powders, tablets, and syrups.

According to Brenda Watson and Leonard Smith, authors of ‘The Fiber35 Diet: Nature’s Weight Loss Secret’, ashwagandha itself contains no stimulants. It is considered a safe supplement on par with green tea.9

Classical Ayurvedic Preparations: Ashwagandhadi churna, ashwagandha rasayana, ashwagandha ghrita, ashwagandharishta, ashwagandhadi leha, balaashwagandha-lakshadi taila.10,11

How To Take Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an important medicinal plant due to its pharmacodynamic properties.

It has several beneficial effects but despite its therapeutic value, ashwagandha sometimes is difficult to be consumed in its raw form. It has a very bitter taste.

To overcome this, here are 21 effective formulations prepared with ashwagandha powder, including snacks, drinks, and sweets as well as remedies. These may be more acceptable and palatable to you then the raw powder alone.

Ashwagandha Remedies + Ashwagandha Recipes

Before taking any herbal supplement consult with your healthcare provider to see if it’s right for you.

1. Ashwagandha Roasted In Ghee [Sweet Cravings]

Ashwagandha roasted in ghee to reduce sweet cravings.

An ounce of ashwagandha roasted in ghee and mixed with a tablespoon of date sugar is delicious. You may find it effective to eat this in the morning about twenty minutes before breakfast, in the mid-afternoon and at bedtime with a cup of hot milk.12

2. Ashwagandha With Honey [Aphrodisiac]

Aphrodisiac: Take Ashwagandha with honey.

One teaspoon of ashwagandha with ghee, sugar, and honey is a very good aphrodisiac. It increases semen quantity, sperm count and mobility. It is effectively used in erectile dysfunction, low libido, and premature ejaculation.13

3. Ashwagandha And Vidari [Low Sex Drive]

Take ashwagandha for low sex drive

For a strengthening drink for men with low sex drive, take 1 tsp of ashwagandha powder with ½ teaspoon of the herb vidari mixed in warm milk. Drink this at bedtime.

If you would like to learn more about Ayurveda and how it can be used for anti-aging, check out Todd Caldecott’s Ayurvedic course on Anti-Aging below.

anti aging course by Todd Caldecott

4. Ashwagandha To Increase Breast Milk

Ashwagandha acts as a galactagogue. It thickens and increases the nutritive value of breast milk when given to nursing mothers.14

5. Ashwagandha Tea

Ashwagandha Tea

Ashwagandha Tea can be prepared by boiling the powder in milk. This is referred to in Ayurveda as the kshirpaka method of extracting the active principle of the herb in milk.

Kshirpaka Method Of Ashwagandha Tea15

Take half a glass of water and half a glass of milk in a pan. Add 1 gram of ashwagandha powder and bring it to a boil. When reduced to half, remove from the heat. Once cool, add sugar.

6. Rich Ashwagandha Sweet And Salty Cookies17

Rich ashwagandha cookies.


  • 1/2 cup refined wheat flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tsp ashwagandha powder
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/8 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup milk

Sift the flour, salt, and ashwagandha powder together 3-4 times with a sieve and set aside. Melt the butter in a pan.

Add sugar to the melted butter and mix well. Next, add the milk and mix together.

Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, mix together and knead into a dough. Form the dough into cookies on a baking sheet. Bake in the oven at 375 F for 2-3 minutes. This is a great way to take ashwagandha.

7. Healthy Low-Cost Ashwagandha Cookies18

Ashwagandha cookies.

Here’s another way of taking ashwagandha in the form of cookies.

These are low-cost nutritive biscuits made of shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), ashwagandha and licorice (yashtimadhu, Glycyrrhiza glabra) powder.

They are rich in carbohydrates, energy, protein, and fat. They have medicinal importance in particular for malnourished populations.


  • 1 cup refined wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 tbsp dried coconut
  • 1 1/2 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp shatavari powder
  • 1/2 tsp ashwagandha powder
  • 1/2 tsp licorice root powder
  • 2 drops Vanilla essence
  • 3 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1-2 tbsp water

Mix all ingredients together to form a dough. Shape into cookies on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

8. No-Bake Ashwagandha Balls (Churan)19

No-bake  churan balls.


  • 1 1/2 tsp jaggery
  • 2 tsp ashwagandha powder
  • pinch black salt
  • pinch black pepper

First, powder the jaggery. Then add the ashwagandha powder to it. Rub these together well. Add black salt and black pepper and mix together. Shape into balls. This is easy to make and no cooking is required. Store in an airtight container. Ashwagandha Powder (Churan) Balls are highly nutritious.

Let’s see some more easy recipes to take ashwagandha. 

9. Ashwagandha Laddus (Sweets)

Laddus (sweets) recipe


  • 1 tsp safed musli (Asparagus adscendens)
  • 1 tsp kali musli (black musli)
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp cardamom
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ashwagandha
  • 3 tsp tragacanth gum
  • 6 tsp  coconut flakes
  • 8 cups ghee (clarified butter)
  • 2 cups jaggery
  • 1/2 cup wheat flour

1. Mix and grind all ingredients together except the wheat flour, ghee, and coconut.
2. Now thoroughly mix the wheat flour in the ghee.
3. Break the jaggery into pieces and then heat it with a little ghee. Then mix it with the flour mixture.
4. Now mix the wheat flour mixture with the jaggery mixture.
5. Add the coconut.
6. You can also mix in almonds, cashews or raisins.
7. Now bind the laddu with your hands. Keep the size appropriate, not too big and not too small (approximately one ounce each).

Take one laddu every morning at breakfast.

These laddus are effective in headache, back pain, weak bones, anemia, swelling, infections and vaginal discharge in women. It is very beneficial to males as it helps in building stamina and strength along with muscle, enhances youthfulness and is an aphrodisiac. This laddu strengthens the body and also provides vigor and vitality.

If you would like to learn more about Ayurveda and how it can be used for anti-aging, check out Todd Caldecott’s Ayurvedic course on Anti-Aging below.

anti aging course by Todd Caldecott


10. Ashwagandha Banana Smoothie20

Recipes Banana smoothie

Peel 3-4 bananas and cut into pieces. Grind the pieces, along with 1/2 teaspoon sugar and 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon ashwagandha powder in a blender.

Add 1 cup chilled plant-based milk. Dairy fruit should not be eaten together according to Ayurveda. Mix this again until smooth.

This is a tasty and healthy alternative way to take ashwagandha. It is most beneficial during hot weather. This is a great way to take ashwagandha and is a time tested remedy for hot summers.

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More Ashwagandha Remedies And Recipes

11. Semisolid Ashwagandha Sweets (Avaleha)21 

Semi-solid Ashwagandha sweets.

This is a semi-solid preparation prepared with the addition of jaggery or sugar-candy and boiled with prescribed juice of the ashwagandha or its decoction. It is useful for proper digestion, to control cholesterol levels and maintain blood pressure.


  • Ashwagandha Powder (Churna)
  • Jaggery or sugar
  • Ashwagandha decoction (Kashaya)

The ratio of ingredients used in this recipe is 1:4:4 (ashwagandha powder:sugar: ashwagandha decoction). If jaggery is used in place of sugar the ratio would be 1:2:4 in quantity.

1. Make the ashwagandha decoction. Add Ashwagandha coarse powder to 16 times water and soak it for at least 2-3 hours (12 hours maximum). Then heat it on a mild to moderate flame, stirring constantly. Continue to heat this until the amount of  water is reduced to 1/8. Once warm, filter it gently through a cotton cloth and your ashwagandha decoction is ready to use.
2. Dissolve the jaggery or sugar into the Ashwagandha decoction and strain it to remove any foreign particles.
3. Boil this solution over a moderate flame until a Paka is formed. A Paka, also called inspissated juice, has a semisolid consistency. The way to make sure that the Paka is perfectly formed is to press a few drops of it between the thumb and the index finger and then, move the fingers apart. If the liquid draws into a string, the Paka can be said to be perfectly formed. Another way to tell if the Paka is perfectly formed is if it sinks down in a glass of water without getting easily dissolve. It should then be removed from the heat.
4. Fine powder of ashwagandha is then added and stirred continuously and vigorously to form a homogenous mixture.

Ashwagandha avleha is ready. This can be easily made at home. When commercially made, well known preservatives like Sodium Propyl and Sodium Methyl Parabens as well as Sodium Benzoate are added to increase its shelf life appreciably.

Store these in a plastic container and use within three years.

You may find this effective: 1 teaspoon ashwagandha avaleha with 1 cup of milk on an empty stomach daily. It is useful for proper digestion, to control cholesterol levels and maintain blood pressure.

12. Ashwagandha Ghrita Or Ghee 22

Ashwagandha ghee.

Ashwagandha ghrita is a medicinal preparation, especially beneficial for children as it increases their inner strength, body weight, lung capacity and improves muscle tone, reducing weakness of the muscles.

It is also effective in problems related to male and female infertility. It is made with ¼ part fine paste (kalka) of ashwagandha and 4 times decoction (kashaya) of ashwagandha.

13. Indian Ashwagandha Dessert (Shrikhand)23

Srikhund, Ashwagandha dessert.

Shrikhand is a popular dessert particularly in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and some parts of South India. Shrikhand is a semi solid, sweetish-sour fermented milk product prepared from dahi or yogurt.


  • 4 1/4 cups curd
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 5 Tbsp ashwagandha powder
  • charoli nuts
  • cardamom
  • nutmeg
  • saffron
  • almond leaves to garnish

The whey is drained off from the curd to yield hung curd (chakka), a curd whose whey has been drained completely. Sugar, flavor and color are mixed into the hung curd to form a soft homogenous mass that resembles sweetened quark, a soft German cheese.

Method Of Preparation
Curd which is well developed is tied with a muslin cloth. It is then placed in a hanging position for draining of whey for 8 hours.

Hung curd (Chakka) is removed from the muslin cloth and stored under refrigeration. Then it is divided into 4 portions and Shrikhand is prepared by adding sugar and ashwagandha powder.

It is mixed and kneaded to a smooth paste and stored in the refrigerator.

Charoli nuts, cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, and almond are added to it to improve the taste and nutritional quality. This product is enjoyed by many and has a great nutritional and therapeutic value.

You can also take ashwagandha in the form of snacks.

14. Crunchy Ashwagandha Snacks24

Maize flour, ghee, guar gum, and ashwagandha powder can be mixed together and used in making noodles, pasta and snacks.

For the preparation of pasta, weigh out 250g of milled maize flour.

Add 1% salt and water to the flour along with 2 tsp of ghee, 2-6% ashwagandha powder and guar gum (0.5-1.5%).

The hardness of the raw pasta noodles, water uptake, swelling index and cooking time increases as the level of ashwagandha powder and guar gum increases.

Ashwagandha powder can be incorporated up to 4% in pasta, snacks and 6% in noodles. It’s a healthy alternative for snacks. You can take ashwagandha in the form of tinctures as well.

15. Ashwagandha Tincture25

Ashwagandha tinctures are highly concentrated alcoholic extracts.

They are highly absorbable and easy to carry. It is prepared by macerating (soaking) ashwagandha leaves and root in alcohol (usually vodka or organic grain alcohol) at a ratio typically ranging from 1:1 (herb to alcohol) to 1:10, depending on the desired strength.

Ashwagandha does not taste very pleasant so a tincture is an easily digestible way to take it. In this form, it absorbs quickly into circulation and works faster than tablets and powders.

In acute manifestations of conditions like inflammation, anxiety or insomnia, when immediate relief is necessary, a tincture is highly effective.

16. Ashwagandha Calm Mind Tea (Medhya Kwath)26

Ashwagandha along with brahmi (Centella asiatica), shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis), saunf (Foeniculum vulgare), jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi) and vacha (Acorus calamus) in equal amounts are boiled in 2 cups of water. Reduce to half. This is used as a mind relaxing tea.

17. Tonifying Ashwagandha Milk27

In 1 cup warm milk or almond milk, add 1 teaspoon ghee, 1 tsp. grated coconut, 1 teaspoon chopped dates, 2 tsp chopped almonds, ½ teaspoon saffron, 1/8 teaspoon cardamom seed or fennel seed, 1 tsp raw honey, 1 tsp ashwagandha root powder and 1 tespoon of shatavari root powder.

Stir and your tonic milk is ready.

18. Therapeutic Ashwagandha Enema

In Ayurvedic medicine, an enema with an extract of ashwagandha is effective in treating colitis.28 Consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for proper use of Ayurvedic supplements and therapies.

A study observed that methanolic extracts of W. somnifera roots turns-on the synthesis of inducible nitric oxide synthase expression by acting at a transcriptional level resulting in increased production of NO by the macrophage.

This was attributed to immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activity. Roots of W. somnifera can potentially be utilized for the effective treatment of various inflammatory conditions.29

19. Ashwagandha Facial Tonic

For glowing skin, ashwagandha with dried ginger and lemon acts as a toner. Take 1/2 teaspoon Ashwagandha powder, 1/2 teaspoon dried ginger powder, mix it in lemon juice and apply over your face for 15 minutes. Wash with water.

Its potent antioxidant properties help protect the skin against free radical damage and slows down the aging process by firming the skin for a more youthful look.

Ashwagandha stimulates DHEA, which is a precursor to both testosterone and estrogen and stimulates the production of natural skin oils.

It also promotes the production of vital compounds and proteins for healthy skin such as hyaluronan for skin hydration, elastin to keep the skin supple and collagen for skin strength.30

If you would like to learn more about Ayurveda and how it can be used for anti-aging, check out Todd Caldecott’s Ayurvedic course on Anti-Aging below.

anti aging course by Todd Caldecott

20. Ashwagandha Anti Acne Cream

An anti-acne cream containing ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.31

A homemade face pack containing ashwagandha helps acne. Take 1 teaspoon Aloe Vera pulp or gel, add a half teaspoon of ashwagandha powder, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric, and ¼ teaspoon Neem powder. Mix and apply it to the face.

21. Ashwagandha Gentle Face Cleanser

Mix 1 teaspoon turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon chickpea flour in lime juice. Gently massage it on the face for 2 minutes and then rinse with water.

This is an effective cleanser. It cleanses the skin of impurities and pollutants very gently. It also revitalizes, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin.

Along with traditional Ayurvedic classical preparations of ashwagandha, try these ashwagandha remedies and recipes. Ashwagandha, a magical herb, is truly nature’s gift to mankind.

Please consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner before taking ashwagandha

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Mallika Varma, holds a bachelor’s degree, B.A.M.S. from State  Ayurvedic college and Hospital, Lucknow and a postgraduate degree M.S. in Kshara Sutra Avum Anushastra Karma from Sri Venkateswara Ayurvedic College, Tirupathi. She brings more than 7 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda.  She is specialized in Ayurvedic general surgery, parasurgical procedures (Kshara Jalauka, Siravedhyan, Agni Karma) and in the treatment of anorectal disorders. She is also experienced in the treatment of gastro, respiratory, genitourinary, skin and lifestyle disorders through natural herbal medicine, Yoga and Panchkarma. She has participated in many national and international seminars in the field of Ayurveda and has also presented best awarded papers on Ayurveda.


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      H Jigna,
      You should consult your local Ayurvedic practitioner or health care provider for assistance with your daughter’s health.

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    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Hi Anand, I am glad you liked the article, as Ashwagandha is an excellent rejuvenator. It gives enormous advantages to both healthy and diseased conditions. You can take it without any doubt. Regarding its dose and duration, according to Ayurveda, one should take Ashwagandha powder 3 to 6 grams with milk for a continuous 2 months in order to observe its effects. It can be taken lifelong, however the exact dose differs from person to person. Amount to take depends upon various factors such as body type, digestive power, present dosha status, etc. For determining the best dose for you, you can consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner near you.

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      Hi Ryza, there are several reasons for irregular menstruation. If stress is the issue, or if you are suffering from PCOS, then definitely Ashwagandha will help you. All the best.

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      Hi Magan, Ashwagandha powder can be taken in the quantity of 1/2- 1 tsp twice daily with lukewarm milk (morning and evening) on an empty stomach. But the exact dose will vary from person to person. Amount you should take depends upon various factors such as body type, digestive power, present dosha status, etc. For best dose for your condition, you can consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner near you.

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    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Yes, you can give it to your daughter. It will surely benefit her in balancing her thyroid levels and also in increasing her height. However the dose of Ashwagandha depends upon various factors such as body type of the individual (prakriti), present state of dosha, digestive power (agni), strength (bala) and more. You can consult a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner near you to know the exact quantity which will be suitable for her.

  18. Greetings. I am a Spanish teacher of 53 years. For some time I have been trying to improve my physical condition and besides diet, supplements and exercise, I am experimenting with some legal substances to find my ideal physical form. I will get to the point so as not to waste your precious time.

    A very strange thing happened to me with the ashwagandha extract.

    The first day I took only one capsule (150mg) before going to bed. I slept like I had not slept for years because of the hypnotic effect in high doses, although it was not strictly so. The next day I felt good, relaxed and strong all day. I thought I had finally found my particular panacea. The second day I took the same dose at the same time, but the reaction of my body was totally different (palpitations, dream with nightmares, sweats), a horror. The next day was not bad. Physical response still positive. Suddenly it was lighter and stronger. The thyroid, I suppose, worked at full speed. In the evening I had to drink glasses and glasses of water. I decided not to take the pill that night and left it for the next morning. I slept just as badly, and anguish appeared focused on the solar plexus. All day with anguish, sadness and partial weakness (rebound of cortisol, I suppose), and what is worse, gas and diarrhea. The next day I only took a third of the content with breakfast, another third with lunch and the final third at dinner. Horrible: abdominal pain, diarrhea, anguish, irregular heartbeat, I think high blood pressure, anxiety / anxiety and decay. I suspend the intake and I begin to recover little by little 36 hours later.

    Interpretation: my endocrine system responds (and how) to the product, but accumulates its action and produces a rebound effect. It is strange because the dose is very low, but it must be that I am very sensitive and my endocrine system bounces : it first increases the elimination of fluid, lowers cortisol and improves the libido (a positive flip of the famous HPTA axis down there, I say), and then changes the sign, perhaps by bounce by high dose OR BY ACCUMULATED DOSAGE AND NOT ELIMINATED STILL (although objectively it was not, perhaps by elimination slow) or bouncing rebalancing system.

    A joy and a sorrow. This means that the ashwagandha comes to me where it should be, but that the normal dose is very high for me (unless the concentration of active ingredients is very high in itself, and an amount of 150mg behaves as an overdose), or an effect accumulation. I do not think it’s allergy. And I am also struck by the normality of the first day (after the 1st dose) and the diarrhea and painful horror of later.

    It was very good the first day, and, although with regret, I would definitely leave it if nothing could be done.

    However … How do you understand what happened to me? The mechanism of action of this product is not completely known (they speak of GABAergico affectation, but I can not find complete valid information), but it is clear that it affects the endocrine axis.
    I know that the Tongkat Ali, as well as the steroids used by bodybuilders, are consumed by cycles, precisely to take into account the endocrine reaction and not to spoil the system, to leave it rest. If the Ashwagandha also affects me at that level in this way, would it make sense to consider a pill every 72 hours, for example, as a 1/3 cycle or to allow the medically to disappear before the next intake and avoid the cumulative effect? Are there other medications that have this type of operation / posology? Why this intestinal involvement from the second half of the 2nd day and not in the moments that the product enters the digestive tract? Should I take the extract with another food that reduces its toxic potential? Is that why they take it with milk in India?

    Thanks and best regards

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Hello Enrique,
      You will have to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner to determine the best herbs for you. Good luck.

  19. Can I give ashwagandha powder to my son he is 1.5 year old for growth? What quantity?

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Hi Maryam, Ashwagandha powder can be given to your son. However,the quantity of Ashwagandha powder depends upon many factors such as body type (prakriti) and present dosha condition. You can consult your nearby Ayurvedic practitioner to know the exact quantity which will be suitable for your baby. Besides this there are several sweet recipes made of ashwagandha mentioned in this post. You can try one of these.

  20. In what quantities should I take ashwagandha and shatavari for polycistic ovary syndrome???Should I take them together or separately at different times of the day?

  21. Sir, except milk ,ghee and honey, there is something else which i can use with Ashwagandha powder ????

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Hi Aryan, if you do not want to take it with either of these then Ashwagandha can be taken by mixing in lukewarm water.

  22. Hi, can I give my dad age 68 yrs old, ashwaganda in hot water with 2 drops of ghee??Thank you in Advance.

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Sure Mohit, you can give it this way if you are not willing to give it with milk. Otherwise lukewarm milk is the best option for Ashwagandha intake.

  23. In case of polycystic ovarian syndrome,how should I combine ashwagandha and shatavari,should I take them together or separately and in what quantities?I also had a bile removal surgery a month ago,I’ve been eating on a diet and my digestion is not at it’s best,can I take both or should I went for my digestion to return to normal?Thank you.:)

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Hi Diane, for PCOS, Ashwagandha and Shatavari can be taken in the quantity of 1-1 grams mixed in lukewarm milk morning and evening on an empty stomach. However the exact dose will vary from individual to individual on the basis of one’s body type (prakriti) and present dosha condition, digestive power (agni), etc. To know the dose most suitable for you, please consult with a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

  24. Can we give ashwagandha to 9 year old girl with honey and ghee if she is not taking enough milk ?
    Also at what age we should start giving ashwagandha to a new born girl ? Thanks

    • mm

      Hi Nick, Yes ashwagandha can be given to a 9 year old child with honey and ghee in unequal proportions ( 1 part honey and 2 parts ghee) if indicated.
      But before using it for children, you need to take care of the following: First, Ensure that the child should have a good digestion , appetite and a regular bowel habit. If any of these is missing, it should be corrected first. Secondly, herbs are supplement and should be used only if normal diet is not able to make the child grow. Ashwagandha being a very potent supplement should be left to the discretion of a practitioner in case of children. Third, the dosage in children is quite different from adults and should be advised by a practitioner.
      Now coming to you second question, the new born or an infant does not require ashwagandha. As mentioned above, Herbs are meant to supplement the diet. If the child is growing adequately with a balanced and healthy diet, then there is no need of any herb at any age of the growing child (unlike adults). So if at all you feel that your younger child is not growing at a normal pace, you should first get her seen by a health care provider and then only go for any supplement as per the advise of an Ayurvedic practitioner.

  25. Is it ok to drink ashwaganda with other drinks such as orange juice? Does it give the same effect?
    It is recommended for having low platelete and other health problems.

    • mm

      The best vehicles or accompaniments to ashwagandha are milk and ghee or just water. Ayurveda does not recommend its use with orange juice or any other fruit juice. Though it can be taken with a sugary ‘Sherbet’ if you are ok with sugar going in. Supplements are not meant to cure any disease. They are to be used to maintain the health of a person as does the food.

  26. Mam’ can i take ashwagandha, termeric powder, milk and cow ghee together?

    • mm

      Yes you can but personally I would advise to keep turmeric out and take it at a separate time as it is best taken with honey for kapha and Vata dosha. But if you plan to take ashwagandha with milk, then both can be taken together. The second option is more appropriate for a Pitta dominated constitution person.

  27. Mam,how to give to my 14 months old boy for growth and immunity

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Hi Revati, as Ashwagandha is bitter in taste it will be difficult for the baby to consume in raw form. You can try several sweet recipes made of Ashwagandha as given here in this post. This would be a good way for the baby to make use of its amazing benefits.

  28. How to use ashwagandha powder for weight gainig and for better immune system

    • Dr. Deepak Bhanot

      Aswagandha can be used in powder form taken with milk, in form of a decoction with milk called Ksheer Paka, or in the form of a jam which comes as a formula called ashwagandhadi leham incorporating others herbs as well. But, the texts say that you should go a purification process and should have a good functional ‘digestive fire’ called ‘Agni’ in ayurvedic terminology, before taking any rejuvenator including Ashwagandha. For this you need to consult an ayurvedic physician near you.

  29. hi, how to prepare powder from its root

    • Dr. Deepak Bhanot

      You should rinse the roots thoroughly with water and dry them in shade. After they have dried up, you can powder them and store the powder in an air tight container. Some practitioner prefer boiling the roots with milk and water mix (1:4 ) ratio and then follow the same procedure. This would be particularly good if the user has Pitta constitution.

  30. Mam, can i give ashwandha tea with milk to my 1 yr old daughter. Her haemoglobin is very low .

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      Hi Suman,
      Ashwagandha tea is recommended for children above 8 years of age. There are several other ways to manage a low level of haemoglobin in a one year old child. You can consult an Ayurvedic practitioner for assistance.

  31. Can I take both Ashwagandha churna and aswagandharista?

    • mm

      Generally arishtams are reserved for Vata and Kapha constitution or Vata – Kapha aggravated state and a person with weak agni.
      Churna on the other hand is given with different vehicles ( like milk , honey, ghee etc) for different doshas. It takes times to get assimilated in the body and also requires a comparatively better agni. So the two are not generally combined.

  32. Vijaya Rangarajan

    How much of ashwagandha powder is good for a hypothyroid person taking 125 mcg of levothyroxine

    • The Ayurveda Experience

      You can take 1/2- 1 tsp of ashwagandha powder as per the advise of an Ayurvedic practitioner , twice daily with milk (morning and evening) on an empty stomach for better results.


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