Golden Porridge: A Turmeric Breakfast Bowl Recipe

What’s the BEST thing about winter? If you thought comfort food, I would definitely agree! And… What’s even better than comfort food? How about comfort food that heals!

Let’s face it, the back end of winter can be pretty miserable. The cold, heaviness of this time of year often shows up in your mind and body as lethargy, sluggishness, congestion and in some cases even depression. Food for this time of year needs to be warm enough (in temperature and energy) to stimulate the mind and body, keep the internal fires burning and the aches and pains at bay.

One of the easiest, yummiest and most comforting brekkies or breakfasts for just about any time of the year is… porridge! It’s warm, it’s versatile, it’s easy to make, and if you do it right, you can add ‘healing’ to its long list of redeeming qualities.

This is a breakfast that heals winter.

This simple twist on an old favorite ticks all the right boxes combining warming spices like cinnamon and black pepper with the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving power of ginger and turmeric. And it’s golden hue is enough to put a sunny smile on anyone’s face… enjoy!

Golden Porridge

1⁄4 cup coarse semolina (you can substitute cream of wheat but not the instant kind)
1 1⁄4 cup milk (cow’s milk, nut milks, rice milk, etc.)
Pinch of himalayan pink salt
1⁄2 tsp turmeric paste (or turmeric powder or finely grated turmeric root)
1⁄4 tsp cinnamon
1⁄8 tsp ginger powder
Half a pinch of fine black pepper
1 tsp ghee (optional)
Fresh blueberries and almonds for serving (optional)


Bring the milk and salt to a low simmer. Gently add the semolina stirring constantly. Add the spices and optional ghee. Keep mixing until the porridge is thickened but not “sticky thick” (or whatever consistency you like). Pour into a bowl.

Add a little sweetener if you like (coconut sugar or maple syrup are great). Top with fresh blueberries and almonds. Enjoy!


For a little nuttier flavor ​you can dry roast the semolina before using it. Simply add the semolina to a dry shallow fry pan and dry roast, stirring constantly, until just lightly browned. Allow it to cool slightly and then use as directed in the recipe. From an Ayurvedic perspective this also increases the “lightness” of the dish.

Chara Caruthers is a passionate and outspoken advocate of the power of living your bliss. After years as a successful corporate engineer living in the fast paced environments of LA, New York, London and Sydney she stepped away from it all in order to live a more authentic life (with a little help from Ayurveda). She's a senior yoga teacher (E-RYT500), registered yoga therapist and Ayurvedic practitioner with a clear and powerful message: Know yourself, Love Yourself. She's also dedicated to empowering women to renew their vitality and live juicier, more connected lives at any age.

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  1. Can you suggest a way to make a golden porridge that is gluten free (also oat free)? Would it be better to replace the semolina with quinoa or rice?


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