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No Makeup Look: Get Gorgeous Naturally With Ancient Indian Wellness (No Makeup Look Products)

Ayurveda is the ancient medical system from India, the ‘science of life’. While Ayurveda is a complete medical system offering both preventative health measures and treatment for common diseases, health maintenance with Ayurveda can truly beautify the body as well as the mind. Ayurveda’s preventative lifestyle can make you look …

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Ayurvedic Daily Facial Routine: A Daily Facial Care Routine With Scrub, Mask + More

Woman in a mirror prepares for daily facial care routine and an Ayurvedic daily facial routine.

Unlike a conventional facial routine, an Ayurvedic daily facial routine centers on internal health as well as external beauty. Ayurvedic beauty experts say that the mantra to glowing skin and a sense of inner balance is a well designed dinacharya or daily routine. According to Ayurveda, a healthy, beautiful face is …

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Ayurvedic Body Scrubs (Salt + Sugar Scrubs), Ubtan Recipes + Udvartana Powder Recipes

Woman with face submerged, washing face. Salt scrubs, salt scrub, sugar scrubs, sugar scrub, body scrubs, body scrub, ubtan powder, udvartana powder recipes, udwathana powder recipes.

Udvarthana (Udvarthanam or Udvartana) is a massage therapy involving a body scrub or ubtan, the traditional Indian body paste of natural herbs and grains. In this article, we’ll share some ubtan recipes (Ayurvedic body scrubs) with you, including easy-to-make salt scrubs and sugar scrubs as well as traditional Udvartana powder recipes which you can make …

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Video Review: Why Heather, Ayurvedic Practitioner + Mother Of Two, Loves Ajara Skincare Products

Watch: Heather, Ayurvedic Practitioner + Mother Of Two, Loves Ajara Skincare Products

Ayurvedic practitioner and mother of two, Heather, shares her experience and love for Ajara Skincare products. Watch the video below, or enjoy the written transcript. Hi, I’m Heather, an Ayurvedic practitioner, body worker, yoga teacher and mother of two wonderful boys. I’ve been using Ajara products for years, probably over …

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