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4 Skin Care Essentials

Autumn is a cold, windy season dominated by Vata dosha.  Vata dosha is made of Air and Space elements and its qualities are cold, light, irregular, dry, subtle, mobile and changing.  Cold autumn air brings lightness, dryness and coolness.

Vata also regulates the levels of moisture in the body, so if you do not keep your Vata balanced, you might notice dry, flaky skin, brittle hair and nails.  All this is true especially if you spend lot of time in an air conditioned space.  To prevent the mentioned seasonal effects, it is important to keep your body nourished and hydrated from inside and outside.

  1. When the summer ends and cold ,windy days come, your diet should consist of warm foods that are sweet, mildly spicy, sour and salty.  All these flavors promote the desired nourishment, grounding and moisturizing.
  2. You can add an organic Chyawanaprash to your diet to keep your energy and immunity stable during the time of the transition.  Chywanaprash is an excellent remedy for Vata balancing.
  3. Upon waking, massage warm organic sesame oil over your body, leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off with a hot shower.  This will bring warmth and stimulation into the lymph, boost for the immune system and peace in the mind.
  4. Try 100% natural and deliciously moisturizing avocado face masks ideal for Vata types and for all types during the Vata season.  These masks bring a quick juicy boost and relieve the feeling of tightness or dryness instantly.  Apply on a cleansed face and neck on a weekly basis.  Keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with a warm water and washcloth.
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Jitka Robinson, ALC is a NAMA ­registered Ayurvedic Health Counselor, holistic health and lifestyle coach, Kripalu yoga teacher, and certified Reiki therapist. It is her passion to blend Ayurveda, yoga and Reiki in her Ayurvedic consulting practice, holistic health coaching, and group educational workshops to make the healthy lifestyle and diet accessible to others. Jitka specializes in disease prevention, chronic stress and anxiety management, women’s health, digestive disorders, weight management, and seasonal cleanses.


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