Discover the Ayurvedic Secrets of Digestion

What do you remember of the biology classes in school?

The Biology class??? …ummm… that teacher…those amoeba drawings… the cute sophomore… the reproductive system, the DNA sketch and yeah, yeah the digestive system, stomach, gall bladder, the liver of course, and all that…

While some of us might have chosen to take this up further as a career choice and study it more seriously, most young kids remember all of that of those biology classes, if not less!

And then you grow up… you’ve met many people in life, you’ve made the money, enjoyed travelling through the world and one day your body speaks to you- you realize

Inspite of all that organic food, exercise, yoga and meditation, there is something not right, you don’t feel good…

But these are existential problems, you’re not really thinking about your digestive system when you face these problems, are you?

But believe it or not, your digestive system is the root of it all- your mental peace, your emotional balance, your energy levels, your ability to focus/concentrate on a task- all of it depends on your digestive system!

Yes, while they might have taught you about the different body parts, did they talk about the importance of the entire digestive system? About the importance of taking care of that system, about how you can do it and do so naturally, about being whole, about being healthy?

Would your health, fitness and energy in your youthful years, your career and finances, and your old age look different if you had learnt years ago, what you’re now about to learn on this page?

The Ayurvedic Secret to good digestion and radiant health glows in the light of ‘Agni’.

Agni is responsible for transforming whatever comes into our system, not only the food, but the external stimuli through our sense organs, ears, skin, eyes, nose, and tongue. The information that we receive from the sense organs is transformed according to our Agni, according to our Prakriti, to suit individual needs. This is why understanding of the same situation is different in every individual. Individual perception is generated from the “digestion” of information received by our sense organs.


This Agni influences your digestion which, in turn affects the speed at which you age, your mental performance, your emotions and much more! How? Read the unique explanation that Ayurveda gives for this, below:

How Digestion Affects Ageing…

Slow digestion can result into a slow metabolism at the tissue level as (the digestive fire nourishes the tissue fire which in turn governs the metabolism, this leads to faster degeneration of the tissues with deranged replenishment and excretion of wastes, leading to faster ageing.

How it influences your mental

If your digestive fire is affected, say, is irregular (Vishama Agni) for example, it produces Vata, that leads to anxiety and impulsive behaviour. Hyperactive Digestive fire, produces more of Pitta leading to aggression and Slow Digestive fire, which produces more of Kapha, produces recluse and lethargy.

Digestion and your bones…

Digestion can also affect bone health. If irregular digestive fire, produces Vata, that leads to the wear and tear of bones, the aggravation of Vata can cause Vata bone disorders like Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, as Vata has an affiliation with bones. Hyperactive Agni, produces more of Pitta leading to acidic blood, as Pitta has an affinity towards blood and can cause inflammation in joints and precipitation of uric acid in bones causing gout.

Slow Digesttvtive fire, which produces more of Kapha, affects blood plasma which causes bone diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and stiffness of joints.

And though by now, we might know how important the process of Digestion is, do we know well enough what really happens in that process?

Your digestion is the most critical part of health care. And Ayurveda tells you it is not about just the perfect working of your liver, or just eating a ‘healthy’ diet or just doing certain exercises, it is about you consciously finding the best, holistic balance in your lifestyle for yourself.

And how can you make the best conscious choices? When you know your system in a holistic way, the Ayurvedic way…

In the word ‘Ayurveda’, ‘Ayu’ means life. One of the synonyms of Ayu is ‘Nityaga’, which literally means ‘constantly moving.’ Life undergoes constant change. We are taking in nutrients in the form of food that nourish and generate new tissues and old tissues are shed off. We cannot stop this process of continuous change taking place in human body. However, we can make this change to be in our favor in such a way that this change would not lead to disease, but it will maintain a continuous state of health.

In other words, change is nothing but digestion.

Anything that is taken inside our body is never passed on as it is. It is first digested and changed so as to suit our physiological needs. There is constant wear and tear going on inside our body. We need regular food for nourishment of our body. This food comes from the natural resources and it needs to be digested, to be made suitable for human body. Our body is actually built, brick by brick, from the food that we take in from outside. This is an ongoing process and the balance of incoming material and the wear and tear must be kept in equilibrium.

Therefore, health can only be achieved and maintained by improving our digestion.

Ancient Indian sciences have tried to categorize all the elements of nature into five types: earth, water, fire, wind, and space. These elements are called as the 5 elements or the Pancha-Mahabhootas . We get our daily nourishment from external sources, the 5 elements, in the form of veg or non-veg foods, salt, and water. But our body needs those to be changed into a form that is similar to the human body tissues.

Digestion is as important as the action of sunlight is for the earth, especially the flora and fauna. The conversion of the five elements into nature as we currently see does not occur just by chance. It is a result of complex processes which need more than the chemical reactions, and it cannot be explained only by the laws of physics.

Creation, preservation, and destruction is the cycle of any existence. Whatever comes into physical existence stays for some time and then ultimately vanishes. This is a universal principle, a law of nature. Ancient Indian philosophy acknowledges that conversion of the so-called non-living objects into a living being needs many different forces of nature, and one of them is called Agni.

The subtle faculties of mind, intellect, consciousness cannot be explained with the help of physics and chemistry. The existence of a human being is not just the sum total of functions of all the organs. The life-force (Prana), the mind (Satva), the self (Ahankara), and further the soul (Atman) are also very important for human life and these all are different from physical organs. These all are subtle entities that keep the body going and Ayurveda acknowledges these in the healing and complete wellness of an individual.

Diseases like IHD (Ischemic heart disease), diabetes and obesity are very appropriately called as lifestyle diseases. These diseases arise because of the ‘wrong’ lifestyle. Lifestyle includes work, environment, food, emotional status, etc. When all or some of these factors are not compatible with our body function, it leads to deterioration of the function.

Our emotional status also can affect our Agni. Emotions are, in a way, related to the food we eat. Pitta is cause for the emotion of anger. Therefore, sour and spicy foods can cause the anger. On the other hand, our emotions affect the process of digestion. Food eaten when you are emotionally disturbed is not properly digested.

These factors show that there is a certain limitation to the organ-based research. These subtle factors must be taken into consideration while treating the lifestyle diseases.

This is where holistic sciences like Ayurveda and Yoga have an important role to play.


According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 60 to 70 million people were affected by all digestive diseases in 2010.

Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States, resulting in about 2 million annual visits to the doctor and about $725 million Americans spend on laxatives each year.

Constipation appears to increase with increasing age (particularly after age 65)

After digestion is complete, the waste material in the large intestine and surrounding area stays there for some time and then expelled. This whole physiology is more important for our health than we really think it is. All these stages should occur properly and at proper time. If this waste is thrown out too early, it is not good. It if stays there longer than necessary, it leads to accumulation of waste. With the evacuation of bowels early in the morning, you are ready to spend your day with enthusiasm and vigor. If it does not happen, you feel heavy, you don’t feel like eating, even food doesn’t taste good, and you feel dull.

Following an Ayurvedic lifestyle including a suitable diet has been known
to give many people relief from this condition.

There are many other digestive disorders and discomforts as well which can be easily prevented with the help of a healthy, Ayurvedic Lifestyle such as Acid Reflux, Flatulence, Bloating, Chronic Indigestion/Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and other Liver and Gallbladder Diseases. And this is what Dr. Thite explains in his program:

We’re happy to bring to you Ayurvedic Wisdom straight from the root source of Ayurveda in India from a very learned and experience Vaidya in India- Dr. Chandrashekhar Thite. With over 25 years of experience and 2 Degrees, Dr. Thite brings immense depth and tested philosophy of Ayurveda to the table.

Dr. Chandrashekhar Thite

Dr. Thite has over 25 years of experience of treating patients in India, of helping hundreds of people enjoy a better quality and prolong the duration of life through the science of Ayurveda. Dr. Chandrashekhar Thite is a qualified Ayurvedic Physician or Vaidya with 2 degrees- Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.- Ayurvedacharya) as well as an MD (Vaidyak Nishnat) in Ayurvedic Medicine (Kayachikitsa).

Dr. Thite is the President of the local chapter of an organization of Ayurvedic Physicians in India, has been practicing clinically for over 25 years, been a research assistant and has presented papers on Liver diseases, Rheumatic heart disease, Abdominal pain, Diseases of urinary system and diabetes and much more.

Digestion is as important for the human body as sunlight is for the earth. This Program teaches you all about how Ayurveda looks at Digestion talking about the Digestive fire or Agni, the importance and the 4 types of Agni and the function of transformation.

In no less than 11 modules of this High Definition Video program, highly experienced Ayurvedic doctor, Vaidya Thite explains the Holistic, Ayurvedic Approach to Organs and Channels involved in Digestion and:

  • The Principles of Ayurveda in relation to Digestion- the 2 important theories
  • Factors that affect Digestion
  • How should we eat our food -the 8 rules
  • Abnormalities in Digestion
  • The Program also covers Practical Aspects of Digestion-
    • How to maintain our Agni
    • The Ayurvedic approach to Constipation- therapeutic measures for obese individuals and for thin individuals separately
    • Acid Reflux, Flatulence, Bloating
    • Chronic Indigestion/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Liver and Gallbladder Diseases
    • Liver Cirrhosis
  • Principles of Ayurvedic Diagnosis
  • Ayurvedic Treatment of Health Conditions
  • Yukti- Smart Treatment for Multiple Causes

and much more! Take a look at the Module breakdown below

Module I :

  • To The Process of Digestion
  • Doshas & Digestive Fire

Module II:

  • Organs & Channels of Digestion
  • Basic Ayurvedic Theories of Digestion

Module III:

  • Basic Stages of Digestion
  • Golden Rules of Food Consumption

Module IV:

  • The Theory of Six Tastes

Module V:

  • Abnormalities in Digestion
  • How to maintain our Agni?

Module VI:

  • Ayurvedic Approach to Curing Constipation

Module VII:

  • Acid Reflux, Flatulence & Bloating

Module VIII:

  • Chronic Indigestion/Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Module IX:

  • Liver and Gallbladder Diseases

Module X:

  • Dia gnosis of a Disease

Module XI:

  • Ayurvedic Treatment
  • Treatment for Liver & Gallbladder disorders

Please observe-

This program is in English, comes with a Text Companion and is fully covered with a 100% Satisfaction, 60 Days Money Back Guarantee.

I was going through bloating, bleeding, frequent stools since 45 days. I was prescribed lactobacillus medicine by an allopathic doctor but my symptoms continued. I then consulted Dr. Chandrashekhar Thite and I was diagnosed as having Pitta imbalance and low agni. I was prescribed Ayurvedic herbs and within 15 days I felt much better and my problem was cured completely. I was very happy that I was cured in a natural way.

- Amit Sukhatankar

I have been suffering from Rhinitis (respiratory allergic disease) for the last 3 years. Initially I started taking allopathic treatment which was helpful for me on a temporary basis. Sometimes it was difficult for me to breathe and then I would use allopathic medicines which was helpful but just for a few hours.

Later, after 5-6 months, I started taking Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Chandrashekar Thite. I started getting healthy in a few weeks only. After 3-4 weeks I stopped taking allopathic medicines and I was able to breathe properly without an inhaler which I was using earlier.

Dr.Thite is a very nice person. His treatment and behaviour forced me to recommend his treatment to a few of my friends. HIs treatment cured my respiratory disease upto a great extent. I can say my respiratory allergy has been cured upto 90%. I hope rest 10% will also be cured in another few weeks.

I searched on the internet and found allergy problems are untreatable. Even one allopathic doctor suggested me to leave my city. But Dr.Thite and his Ayurvedic treatment made it treatable and my respiratory allergy to dust particles has been cured upto 90%. Thanks to Dr.Thite.

- Deepak Kumar

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Ayurvedic therapy has always been the best natural treatment available to humans. The considerations for the treatment are in direct relation to the weather, seasons, lifestyle etc. of the region-patient, and are thus aligned with the perfct balance of the universe. Vaidya Chandrashekhar Thite has been our acquaintance for more than 20 years. Along with his in-depth knowledge of the subject, he is humble, down to earth and has an extremely keen ear to listen to patients. He is one of the worthy bearers of this great ancient Shastra. I have been personally undergoing treatment for my AC Ligament tear since 212 and it is due to his help that I am back on my feet, quite literally in this case.

Architect Chinmay Satbhai


Please note- this course is NOT meant to provide short term solutions or quick fixes for health disorders. For any serious health condition, it is always advisable for you to consult your medical practitioner and a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor. Dr. Thite is a qualified Ayurvedic Vaidya with over 25 years of experience treating patients in India and he has authored this course to empower you with a deeper understanding, to help you live a better, preventive lifestyle which would reduce your chances of being unwell due to lifestyle problems.

This program will explain complex Ayurvedic concepts to you in a simple language which will enable you to look at your eating habits, your approach to health, in fact, your complete life in a different light. The Program talks about things like:

And much more. Begin watching the program and start learning now!

Ayurvedic Secrets Of Digestion
Digital Download Only

Download the entire digital
Program and get Instant Access Now.

US $67

Ayurvedic Secrets Of Digestion
Physical Only

Get the entire Program shipped free to you anywhere in the world.

US $97

Ayurvedic Secrets Of Digestion
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The entire Program shipped free PLUS Instant Access Digital Program.

US $97

(Even if you don’t have a Credit Card or a PayPal Account, you can still make the Payment via PayPal with your Debit Card without creating any account.)
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When the very fuel is wrong and the engine is malfunctioning, how can you expect your car to function smoothly, let alone win a race?

Ensure you know your body better, know what you need, eat right and fuel up your engine with the food, make sure your digestive fire is optimal and win the race of health and happiness, with the help of The Ayurvedic Secrets of Digestion – An HD Program for Optimum Digestive Health and Overall Wellbeing

It is not easy to access a practitioner/doctor/Vaidya as experienced and qualified who actually treats patients everyday. It takes years of in-depth study and the trust of several people to reach the stage that Dr. Thite is at, with his kind of knowledge and experience. This is authentic Ayurvedic knowledge taken from original Sanskrit texts simplified for common understanding and you can enjoy the benefits of this knowledge sitting comfortably at home.

This is a one of its kind educational program that will deeply inform you of one of the most fundamental functions of your body- digestion. Reaching such experienced and learned Ayurvedic professionals can tough, impractical and expensive. However, this program makes it worthy, easy and extremely affordable for you to gain from their knowledge.

Download this program today and begin learning the Ayurvedic Secret to: