What is Your Ayurvedic Constitution?

When we talk about the Doshas, and your prakritiindividual Dosha Type, there are 7 possible Dosha Types, depending on which of the Doshas express most strongly in an individuals personality and physiology: Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Kapha-Pitta, Pitta-Vata, Kapha-Vata and the last Tri-Dosha, or “Sum Prakruti” which has a balanced contribution from of each the three Doshas.

For diagnosing your constitution or natural state of balance, Prakruti, you have to relate to your original self and list the features present in yourself through majority of your life when you are your Healthiest and Happiest. It is possible that you might not fall in one single category and/or might not have all the features mentioned in one single category. But the majority of features which relate to you determines your predominant Dosha.

Most of us fall in two categories with one predominant one and only a few individuals show features of all the three categories. The last category of people are thought to have a ‘Balanced or Sum Prakriti’ and thus do not fall sick easily. The other categories of people with one dominant dosha or two doshas are susceptible to get the diseases pertaining to respective doshas if they are exposed to causative factors.

Ayurvedic ConstitutionIn fact no Prakruti is bad to have. The constitution we get from birth forms the basis of our physical growth and physiological and metabolic activities and mental make up. We should just know how to live with it, how best to stay in Balance. It’s only when this personal balance of our doshas gets disturbed that we fall sick. And the dosha which is most predominant in our prakruti is obviously the most vulnerable.
The body will always yearn to achieve its natural state of balance every time it is faced with factors that cause it to become out of balance.

P.S. to your Ever-present Happiness & Prosperity

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