YOGA with a Partner

YOGA is the one exercise that is beneficial for every body type. Yoga postures are called “asanas” and there are many different asanas that you can do individually or as a couple. Most yoga studios are now offering “date nights” where couples can practice together. You may also choose to just try practicing at home.

YOGA done with a partner helps you get “in touch” with that person, and also with yourself. Yoga helps us to look within, to challenge ourselves, to be still. When working with another person, that person acts as a kind of mirror for us, and helps to keep us on track. There is also a certain amount of trust involved when you are doing asanas together.

There are times when you need to depend on your partner for support, or balance, and this can reflect how you function within the relationship in other ways, too. A lot of feelings can come up; this is a good opportunity for growth both individually and as a couple.

Another benefit of YOGA is simply the physical exercise – yoga helps us to keep fit. When we are in good shape, we feel better, and we are able to perform better, mentally & physically. Yoga is also a way for us to relax and just have fun together. It is a shared activity. We get away from our hectic activities and spend time on a joint project, where you can set and accomplish goals together.

So, YOGA is a bonding experience in many ways. It is a way for us to connect with each other, and with ourselves. Practicing yoga together can help both of you to reduce stress, improve your communication, develop trust and understanding, and enhance your libido.

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