YOGA: Warm Up

All exercise regimens should start with a simple warm up that increases circulation and make the joints and tendons supple and prepare them for exercise. Another variation of warm up which can be followed on the day Yoga poses are omitted includes following steps:

  1. Head – Turn your head towards left and then to the right trying to look over the shoulders as you turn. Slowly roll your head from right to left and left to right completing a circle clockwise and anti clockwise.. Do not rush. Stop in between in neutral position.
  2. Arms – Swing the arms in a circle backwards and forwards.
  3. Shoulders – Bend your elbows and touch tip of your shoulders with your finger tips. Make a circle forwards and backwards simultaneously rotating both the bent arms. With arms outstretched take your arm backwards as much as you can. Pull your arms at the elbow pressing it to the chest using the other hand. Repeat on each side.
  4. Wrists – Outstretch the arms keeping then in front and straight at elbows. Make fists of both hands and simultaneously move the fists left to right and right to left. Open the fists and stretch the fingers. Now move the hands at the level of the wrist upwards and downwards.
  5. Fingers – Stretch and expand the fingers and then make a fist. Repeat few times.
  6. Waist – Give lateral, forward and backward stretches.
  7. Hip – give clockwise and anti clock wise rotations.
  8. Legs – Give gentle forward and backward kicks using one leg at a time and holding a chair etc. Lift the legs one by one to make the thighs parallel to the ground ,swing the lower legs side to side.
  9. Knees – Lift the legs one by one so that the thighs are parallel to the ground and rotate the lower leg in small circles clock wise and anticlockwise. Kick the buttocks with the heels one by one. Use chair/ wall for balancing.
  10. Ankle – Lift the lower leg and feet from floor and circle the foot clockwise and anti clockwise.
  11. Feet – Stand on toes few times.
  12. Body – Stand on toes, lock your fingers and stretch your arms over your head with palms facing upwards. Lower down and repeat few times.
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