YOGA: Guidelines to Get You Started

YOGA poses or Asanas are an important part yoga beginingof an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and should be practiced daily or 2-3 times in a week. A daily work out can include a warm up, sun salutations and a few selected yoga poses. Yoga should preferably be done under the guidance of a teacher. However here are some general Guidelines to get you Started:

  • Yoga should be performed either in open or in a well ventilated room on an exercise mat using loose and non-restrictive clothing.
  • Know your limitations: Mastering yoga poses is a gradual process and needs sustained effort and practice. So to begin with do not overtrain your body. You might have a stiff back or a shoulder or lower limbs or ankles. So poses requiring the movement of a stiff part can be perfected only over a period of time.
  • Similarly you may not be able to breathe as deeply as required, so you have to coordinate with your breath with the movements and make use of your chest and abdomen to perfect the breathing.
  • Some of you are not able to concentrate and focus on a Yoga workout. This also results in an imperfect situation. With conscious coordination of body movements with breath, the mind gets trained and stops wavering.

So to Begin with start at whatever level you are at. Do not rush. Things will fall in place slowly and you would be able to master each Yoga Pose.

P.S. to your Continued Health & Success

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