Where Have All The Sweet Dreams Gone?

Our lives are a whirlwind of chaos and activity, never ending, never slowing. Ruled by chains of anxiety we travel at speeds of light always moving with no time for friend, family or foe. When did our lives get so complicated, so jaded? Where did we lose our sense of awe at the world around us? Small things made our eyes sparkle and our soul sing. Where did we abandon this sense of wide-eyed innocence?

I hate the responsibilities that come with being an adult. The sleepless night worrying about paychecks, the panic attacks thinking about lovers, spouses, children, the unending fear of what is to come for our loved ones and us. Sometimes I really wish we didn’t have to grow up, so that we could always be wide-eyed and innocent, open to the possibilities of monsters with five heads and talking cats!

Well at least we have the next best thing! Meditation. The feeling of bliss that settles within me, in my body, my mind, my very spirit is just amazing. Even when I’m running around I always make time for a 20-minute session in the morning and evening.My sleep is peaceful, my dreams vivid and happy and my nights filled with sounds of gentle slumber.

The hardest part that I feel many people face when starting a meditation practice is taking the time out to meditate. This is where routine is important. It only takes two-weeks to get into a steady routine. I’ll let you in on a little secret! Whenever I’m trying to add something new into my ayurvedic lifestyle (for you it would be meditation) I always pencil it into my phone calendar. This way no matter what I’m doing, my calendar beeps to remind me that it’s time to take the time and meditate.By planning our lives around our meditation or exercise/yoga times, we will make sure that we are never over burdened and we always have the time for some mental and physical rejuvenation!

So if you’ve had enough of restless nights, nightmares and troubled sleep and are wondering where all the sweet dreams have gone, start your meditation practice and all your questions will be answered!

Why not try this tomorrow? Set up a 10 minute meditation session, it’s ok to start small. In the beginning 10 minutes will seem life a lifetime! Just follow through for the first 2 weeks and you’ll be astonished at how long your meditative state lasts!

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