What Makes Us Human?

We are but the sum of our actions. What we do speaks louder that anything we have to say. It is our compassion, our acts of kindness that humanize us, take us above our animalistic instincts. Every good deed deserves another, and every evil one will be given back tenfold. Like I said before… Ayurveda does not do random! Everything happens for a reason.

Everything and everyone in the universe is connected. Every pebble, every person, every bird, every rainbow, is connected to every other thing in one way or another. According to Ayurveda, there is no separation between us. When we understand this, we know that any harm we do to another person, or thing, we are really doing to ourselves. This awareness will help us to become more compassionate and loving people.

True compassion is not just an emotional response. It is a firm commitment that we make to ourselves, our relationships and the planet that we all share.And so our compassion for others does not change even if they behave negatively.

Have you heard the concept of Pay-It-Forward? There was a famous movie with Kevin Spacy and Haley Joel Osment with the same name! The idea is so simple and lovely! One act of kindness can in turn lead to another act of kindness and so on. The exercise here is for you to be kind to three people. And when they thank you for it and ask you what they could do in return for your help, ask them to be kind and helpful to three more people. And when those three people ask what they can do, tell them the same thing. Simple right? The ripple effect is amazing!

Next time someone asks you for help and you can give it, don’t hesitate. Spread some good cheer and kindness around and ask them to Pay-It-Forward!

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