What is For Breakfast?

With our western penchant for busyness many ofbreakfast meal us skip breakfast, thinking we don’t have time as we’re rushing around in the morning.  According to AYURVEDA, we’re doing ourselves a disservice.  Fasting irritates all of the Doshas, and missing breakfast is particularly bad for Pitta, making us irritable and unsettled as we start our day.

What to do?  Eat something!
Blended fresh fruit and/or vegetable juice is a great way to rehydrate the body after the night’s fast.  Citrus is too acidic for an empty stomach, so try alternatives like apple, pear, or grape.  Fresh juice is best, and it should be served at room temperature or slightly cooled.

Cooked apples are another wonderful way to start your day the AYURVEDIC Way.  Morning is the perfect time to get the maximum benefit from fruit.  It helps with our digestion and overall well-being.  breakfastHowever, don’t mix fruit with yogurt!  Ayurveda says that’s not a good combination.  Fruit needs to be eaten by itself, 2 hours before or after any other food.

If you are habitual of skipping breakfast, it might be a little difficult for you to break this habit. But try don’t skip Breakfast – you will have more energy throughout the day. There are a lot of options for Healthy Breakfast – just choose what you like more!

P.S. to your Continued Health & Success

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