We Are All Beautifully Imperfect.

The sum of our lives, is so much more than our physical bodies. AYURVEDA tells us that to be in Perfect Balance we must not only nourish and enrich our bodies, we must also pay heed to our mind, spirit and space. Our actions and thoughts, our relationships and the space that we occupy are all part of what brings us into Balance.

And so no “diet” is complete without taking into account all four parts of our lives: body, mind, spirit and space. Think of these four aspects as physically being the solid, stable legs of a much-used table. If even one of these legs is a millimeter shorter, the whole table will be wobbly. The only way to fix the swaying table would be balancing out all the legs. There it is again, Balance. For anything or anyone to live their lives to the best of who they can be, this is one of the most essential building blocks.

Together we work on not just what we are eating, what foods we are taking in and what nourishment we are giving our physical bodies. We also look at what we are taking in mentally, intellectually, what we are thinking, what we are learning, what images we look at and how we spend our time. What our relationships and our activities are like. It is vital for us to understand how the choices we make affect our feelings and emotions. And how our space, our environment is part of our extended body. What do we surround ourselves with? How do we care for our space? How is this indicative of how we care for ourselves in other ways?

Take the time everyday to meditate on each of these questions. Does it affect how healthy you feel and how happy you are? Through this soul searching time where you slowly free yourself of unnecessary clutter, always remember you are imperfect and every cute quirk is what makes you the amazing, beautiful person that you are.

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