Understanding Low Back Pain or Lumbago

Nowadays with long working hours before the computerback, lack of exercise, and constipation have led to Backaches being a very common problem.
The back becomes stiff particularly after prolonged sitting or after a night in bed.

Lumbago is the general term referring to low back pain, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Most people will experience lumbago at some point in their life. It can occur at any age but is a particular problem in younger people whose work involves physical effort and much later in life, in the elderly.

The underlying causes of low back pain can be complex and are not always readily apparent. AYURVEDA considers this to be a Vata disorder and mainly the downward going Vata named ‘Apaana’ is involved in this ailment. The aggravation of downward going Vata can occur due to constipation which can be a result of faulty digestion and intake of dry foods and less intake of food.
The suppression of natural urges, improper posture, working immediately after heaving meals, and stress all lead to the aggravation of Vata which can lead to stiffness and pain in the back muscles.

Ayurvedic Treatment Recommendations:
– Massage of the back area helps to reduce the stiffness. back treatment
– Constipation is to be relieved for quick and long lasting relief.
– Eat only easily digestible food.
– Eat the kernels of 2-3 walnuts on an empty stomach every day.
– Drink warm water only. If at all cool water is to be taken then put either 4-5 basil leaves or 2 crushed cardamom in a litre of boiling water and let it cool down and drink throughout the day.
– Avoid fast food and refined floor products as they cause constipation
– Regular gentle exercise such as walking, swimming. Do regular back strengthening exercises.
– Reduce weight if overweight
– Reducing the stress you face or managing it better as stress will only increase tension in your muscles

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