Triphala – 3 Fruits

TRIPHALA is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal compound.
“Tri” means three, and “phala” means fruit, so Triphala literally translates to three fruits. The three fruits that make up this wonderful remedy, or rasayana, are: amalaki, bibhitaki & haritaki. This unique combination nourishes the mind and body and promotes longevity.

Triphala also gently regulates, strengthens, and cleanses the digestive system. When our digestion is strong, our body functions more efficiently. Triphala helps the body to create “ojas,” a positive product of digestion that helps to prevent illness, maintain healthy, lustrous skin, and clear vision. At the same time it helps the body to release “ama” or toxins, and this helps to balance our cholesterol. Each fruit has its own benefits, and when the three are combined into Triphala a synergistic effect is created and the benefits are more profound & powerful. Triphala is high in vitamin C – it works as both an immunity-enhancer and an antioxidant.

P.S. to your eternal Health & Happiness

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