Top 10 Everyday Problems

AYURVEDA has its unique & elaborate2 diagnostic techniques, treatment regimens and purification therapies. It not only offers cures for deep rooted and complicated disease, requiring the help of an experienced Ayurvedic physician, but it also offers remedies for common day to day problems, that we can easily use on our own.

Here are some problems and the recommended Ayurvedic Treatment of them:

  1. Acidity
    Many of us have experienced that agonizing “heart burn” after a heavy meal. But for some it is an everyday problem with lot of belching, a burning sensation over the stomach area that goes up all the way to the throat, with acid reflux or even vomiting in severe cases.
    Ayurveda calls it ‘Amla pitta”- amla meaning sour and pitta as we know is the digestive fire. So in amlapitta the sour and heating properties of digestive fire increases.
    If you had a heavy meal and fear that it will trigger a bout of acidity, just keep 1 clove in your mouth and chew slowly, taking in its juice. Repeat after every meal for 2 -3 days. In recurrent indigestion, sucking on some jaggery-(a concentrate of sugar cane juice available at Indian stores) after meals helps in controlling reflux.
  2.  Constipation
    Ayurveda says we need to pass stools every day. Constipation can occur due to changes in the consistency of stools or due to a defect in the rhythmic squeezing action of large intestine (called peristalsis) or due to some mechanical obstruction in the intestine.
    Generally speaking when we talk about constipation we are referring to the first two causes as they are due to derangement in the normal functioning of the body.
    On getting up in the morning, drink 2-4 glasses of water kept in a copper vessel overnight, this helps many people in having a proper evacuation of bowels. Apply any oil on the abdomen in clockwise strokes followed by a steam bath. Maintain adequate hydration. Drink a glass of room temperature water with 1 tablespoon honey and the juice of a lemon, or 1 glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon and a pinch of rock salt.
  3. Flatulence
    We all do it. The Body releases accumulated gases many times a day as a normal physiological process. But sometimes after a meal the abdomen bloats up like a balloon and one passes foul smelling gas throughout the day. This is not only embarrassing but also marks an impaired digestive system and putrification of undigested food in the large intestine. This also means that the digestive juices carrying enzymes either are not flowing properly or the Ph of the intestine is not congenial for their proper action. As a result, partially digested food reaches the large intestine and is subjected to action of gas forming bacterias.
  4. Burning micturition (burning during urination)
    Burning during urination is a more common disease in females most likely because of infection of the urinary tract by pathogens. There are cases when several courses of anti bacterial medicines fail to alleviate the problem completely. In all such cases, Ayurvedic remedies can be tried with gratifying results.
    Take coriander seeds and grind finely. Add equal quantity of sugar powder to it. Take in the dose of 1 teaspoon daily on an empty stomach in morning and at about 4pm in the evening, with plain water. Do not eat anything for 2 hours after taking this remedy. Continue for 2-3 weeks. Lemonade made from 1 lemon and 2 tea spoon of sugar in a glass of water reduces burning of urine.
  5. Common cold:
    Ayurveda defines the common cold as a disease originating in the nasal cavity marked by a watery discharge from the nose.The main doshas involved in the common cold are Vata & Kapha.
    A herbal tea made from equal parts of raisins, black pepper, basil leaves, cinnamon bark and licorice roots, boil in 2 cups water until reduced by half and and then drink warm with 1 tsp of sugar. If a cold is accompanied by a fever then boil 10- 15 crushed mint leaves in a cup of water and add a pinch of rock salt and sip. Repeat 4-5 times in a day at regular intervals. The Fever will subside
  6. Cough
    The main dosha involved in the pathogenesis of cough are Vata (dry cough) and Kapha (wet cough with mucous). A third variety of cough starts due to aggravated Pitta dosha and is accompanied by acidity and could be with or without mucous.
  7. Lumbago or back pain
    Nowadays with long working hours before the computer, lack of exercise, and constipation have led to backaches being a very common problem.
    The back becomes stiff particularly after prolonged sitting or after a night in bed.
  8. Common ailments of the oral cavity
  9. Poor eyesight:
    Eyes are considered to be the most important sense organ. It is the seat of pitta responsible for visual perception. So any causative agent which antagonises this form of Pitta or envelops it, is responsible for diminished eye sight.
  10. Obesity:
    Obesity is accompanied by many health complications and adversely affects almost all systems of the body. Obese people suffer from excessive sweating, hunger and thirst, a feeling of general weakness, and the inability to do physical work.

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