Achieve the state of deep relaxation, enhance sleep quality, and boost your overall quality of life with a remarkable 3-step technique that’s comfortably-calming, anxiety-dissipating and quality sleep-inducing


  1. Enhance your sleep quality and Feel lighter
  2. Effortlessly enter the state of deep relaxation and rest in a way you have never tried before
  3. Eliminate the stresses and strains that hinder great sleep
  4. Wake up feeling fresh and energized with the help of invigorating benefits of time-honored Tibetan secrets
  5. Deal effectively with negative emotions
  6. Increase your longevity and Look younger

“ Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, 

Smiles awake you when you rise 


The mere mention of these words from a popular Beatles song can soothe a sleep deprived mind. And why not? In today’s fast-paced, competitive times, actually enjoying the requisite hours of long, uninterrupted sleep seems to have become more of a guilty indulgence.

And many of us often feel too time-starved to sleep peacefully. No wonder then, even the sweet ‘Good Nights’ of yore are being increasingly replaced by the seemingly affectless ‘gn.’

And by the way, do you actually fall asleep after wishing your dear ones a good night? Or do you spend the next couple of hours reading a book or on your phone, tossing and turning in your desperate attempt and often unrequited love for sleep? Seems relatable?

But what if you stopped taking sleep for granted?

What if you had a way to switch on your sleep mode much before you start pressing that snooze button?

How about, for a change, you wake up feeling happy and refreshed rather than being groggy or cranky?

Fascinating, yes! Far-fetched, definitely not. Not when you can resort to the credible, time-honored and 100% natural promise of Ayurveda and a long-established Tibetan secret – designed specifically for insomnia.

And NO! You don’t have to pop in any kind of ‘miracle’ pills either.

Do you know what improper, inadequate sleep can do to you?

Here’s what it does:

Stops you from realizing your full potential

Affects concentration, mental alertness, focus, reasoning ability, and learning ability

Decreases libido

Contributes to unhealthy weight gain, and conditions such as diabetes, depression and hypertension

Accelerates aging

Affects testosterone levels in males

Why adequate, quality sleep is important

Lack of sleep can take a toll on your brain’s ability to function normally.

Just a single night without sleep can result in mind-boggling side-effects – irritability, grogginess, forgetfulness, inability to focus or concentrate, etc, continued or prolonged lack of adequate and timely sleep can affect the part of the brain that controls memory, language and planning functions.

As startling as it may sound, 17 hours of sustained wakefulness can have the same effect on your performance as a blood alcohol level of 0.05% (equivalent to two bottles of wine).

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Science of Life, offers a holistic perspective in dealing with sleep disorders.

Here’s how Ayurveda can ensure sound, peaceful sleep


An evidence-based system addressing not just physical but also mental and spiritual health of all living beings, Ayurveda offers unique and reliable solutions to sleep-related issues.

Unlike the modern, pill-based medical system, it helps you get rid of the problem for good by getting to its root cause.

According to Ayurveda, inadequate or improper sleep is basically a manifestation of an imbalance in the Vata Dosha – the subtle energy in the body that is in charge of all the movements inside it.

When not in balance and in excess, Vata tends to push the other two Doshas or body energies, Pitta and Kapha, causing their imbalance too.


And an unbalanced Pitta Dosha, responsible for body metabolism, may lead to problems sleeping.


Ayurveda, with its established, holistic approach, strives to help you balance Vata and Pitta to improve your sleep quality.

And it does so by way of a remarkably potent and time-honored technique, without even requiring you to consume any drug.

Ayurveda refers to sleep as the “wet nurse to the world,” because of its immensely nurturing, nourishing and regenerative properties.

If you want to enjoy that blissful state of deep sleep and enhance your well-being and overall quality of your life…

  • Bank on the ultimate soporific benefits of this course to serenade you to that ultimate retreat

If you want to relish those 7-8 hours of uninterrupted, quality sleep without having to rely on any kind of medication…

  • Trust this as-natural-as-lullabies course to help you sleep like a baby again.

By combining the trusted and proven benefits of Reflexology and a specialized Tibetan Marma sequence, The Ayurveda Experience proudly presents to you:



Why This Course Stands to be Your Best Bet:

This thoughtfully-designed, anxiety-dissipating, instantly-calming 3-part protocol takes its recipient effortlessly into that idyllic state of deep relaxation and rest.

From educating you about the mesmerizing Foot Reflexology technique, the Vata-pacifying Abdominal Massage and the specialized Tibetan marma sequence to surprising you with simple, fail-proof sleep hacks and juicy insights about the connection between Ayurveda and Sleep, this transformative course promises to help you get rid of the stresses and strains that hinder great sleep.

This timely course has been authored by Robert Sachs and Melanie Sachs – people who are considered to be the pioneers of the Ayurvedic Beauty and Spa Industry in the US.

Meet Melanie Sachs

Melanie is internationally recognized as one of the most prominent authorites for the application of Ayurveda to the beauty world. Her articles have been featured in a number of nationally syndicated magazines, including Skin, Inc., Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, and Natural Health and is also the co-author of the only, best selling course on Kansa: Ayurveda’s Best Kept Healing and Beauty Secret – a phenomenon that has now reached and spread awareness to over 11 Million people with our efforts.

A certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, Melanie Sachs’ skill as a teacher and therapist have made her sought after by some of the world’s leading spas and beauty schools.  

She has been a featured presenter at the International Esthetics and Cosmetics Conference in Las Vegas, The International Congress of Esthetics in Miami and Long Beach, the Face and Body Show in the California Bay Area. She is and has been a featured teacher and consultant for noted organizations like The Chopra Center, the Greenhouse Group, and The International Dermal Institute worldwide. Both Melanie and her husband Robert are also featured instructors at the Mahindra Institute and Primavera Life in Germany.  

Although Ayurvedic knowledge is at least 5000 years old, Ayurveda’s principles and practical body care techniques still offer deep-reaching solutions to some of the most common present day problems. Melanie has developed many of these unique techniques into successful spa services that her students often say are just as soothing and healing to give as to receive. Melanie is committed to promoting these treatments in a manner that is in keeping with tradition, yet at the same time, being well-matched to modern needs and spa treatment settings. 

Meet Robert Sachs

Robert Sachs is a licensed Clinical Social Worker (Unversity of Kentucky), a certified LifeLine Practitioner, a licensed Massage Therapist (Central Ohio School of Massage) and an author, with a Masters in Social Work. Robert has long been a student of Tibetan Buddhist masters and is now an expert on a study of Asian healing systems. Robert is the co-author of the only, best selling course on Kansa: Ayurveda’s Best Kept Healing and Beauty Secret – a phenomenon that has now reached and spread awareness to over 11 Million people with our efforts.



  1. is also a guest instructor for the Chopra Center for Well-Being in San Diego and a lecturer in Tibetan Medicine for the Sino-American Rehabilitation Association College in Los Angeles
  2. continues to study the practical preventative health care aspects of Tibetan medicine under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist master, Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche
  3. studied Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi and Rex Lassalle at the Kushi Institute and completed Shiatsu training with Rex Lassalle
  4. became certified as a Hatha Yoga instructor with the All India Board and Inner London Education Authority in 1978
  5. has also been trained as a Mental Health Counselor with the Richmond Fellowship
  6. was instrumental in starting the Community Health Foundation’s “Growing Family Center” in London.  

For the last thirty-five years, Robert has worked with physicians, clinics, hospitals, and private individuals and organizations teaching stress management and preventive health care. He is sought after as a lecturer at holistic health care conferences nationally and has hosted his own talk radio show. He has written numerous articles for national and international health magazines and 7 books, all focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  

Here’s exactly what Mel and Rob will cover in this 3-hour and 46-minutes long course:

Module 1: Introduction


  1. Why you should nip the problem of insomnia in the bud at the earliest
  2. Remaining awake is not the be-all and end-all of sleep deprivation. Find out different forms of improper and inadequate sleep
  3. Unravel the benefits of the three high-powered, soothing phases of the Tibetan Blissful Sleep treatment method

Module 2: The Power of Sleep

2.1  What happens when you sleep

  • Why you can’t afford to miss your regular dose of good quality sleep

2.2 Doshas and Sleep

  • Find out how Dosha imbalance can be affecting your sleep or giving you those disturbing nightmares
  • Get right down to the root of the Insomnia menace-  Learn how to effectively deal with your sleep issue by taking appropriate measures, depending on your Dosha.

2.3 Other practical things you can do to…

  • Discover the excellent, effective and easy-to-implement hacks to ensure enjoy sound and restful sleep


Module 3: Tibetan Blissful Sleep Sequence

3.1. Different Types of Oils

  • Learn about and understand the different types of remarkable, potent oils you can use to supercharge your Tibetan Blissful Sleep treatment method

3.2 Space Setup

  • Get down to the nitty-gritty – Don’t forget these must-haves to fail-proof your treatment method


  • Learn how to properly position the receivers to not just eliminate discomfort but also enhance the treatment effects

# Reflexology (Ayurvedic Marma Work on the Feet)

  • Help the receivers attain that deep state of relaxation and uninterrupted sleep with the power of reflexology.
  • Work on the Gut Feeling – Learn the proven process of ultra-calming ‘Marma work on the feet’ to aid the receivers’ digestion process and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

#2. Tibetan-style Abdominal Massage Sequence

  • Find out how to rightly position the receivers before starting with the Abdominal Massage therapy
  • Discover how to make the most of the warmth, the oil and the repetitive predictable strokes to calm the extra ‘Vata’ energy

#3. Dzub Nyin Sequence for Insomnia

Learn more about a time-honored Tibetan sequence – Understand how applying gentle pressure on a series of Marma points, specifically for Insomnia, can deliver immediate results.

Benefits of the Marma Points in this Sequence

Module 4: Conclusion

Thank You Note by Melanie Sachs

Bonus 1: Breathing Exercises

  1. Often find yourself being confused, frustrated or angry? About time you calmed down for good-Learn to masterfully deal with negative emotions such as confusion and frustration
  2. Find out about the 3 poisons, according to the Tibetan tradition, that affect the mind
  3. Know about the 3 channels mentioned in Yoga
  4. Discover effective ways to relish restful sleep and feel a lot lighter

Bonus 2: Tibetan Rejuvenation Exercises

  1. Get into the nitty-gritty of the 6 stress-busting Tibetan Rejuvenation exercises
  2. Find out how you can create clarity, smooth out the channels and give greater elasticity to the body
  3. Unravel the benefits of 5 fundamental exercises to slow down the aging process
  4. Know how you can effectively channelize your sexual energy and boost your chances of reversing the aging process

Bonus 3: Energy in the Spine

  • A sedentary lifestyle can play significant role in making you feel exhausted or drained. Find out how you can wake up feeling well-rested.

  • Learn simple but highly effective exercises to increase circulation in different parts of your body and feel relaxed and more comfortable

  • Get to know how you can smooth out the energy in your spine

  • Learn how to banish the feelings of tightness and stiffness, and release tension from different parts of the body, including the legs, arms and upper body.

On ordering now, you also get a Text Companion with the essentials of Robert and Melanie’s teachings – free of cost!

This 36-page book accompanies the video course to help you get a concrete overview of what Mel and Rob will be teaching you. 

You can use the book for a quick reference or to jot down your own notes and thoughts while you’re following the program so you can create your very own personal summary with the concepts you found most important!

What Makes This Course The Need of the Hour?

Sleep deprivation or lack of quality sleep can wreak havoc on one’s general well-being.

In today’s stressful and competitive times, when “sleeping” doesn’t really feature on the top of the priority list of many, and when many find themselves struggling to have their daily dose of peaceful sleep, this course is something that can equip you to make a positive difference to the lives of many.

Did you know that…

A 2016 study released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has revealed that more than one out of three US citizens aren’t getting enough sleep.

Based on surveys with 444,306 nationally representative participants across 50 states and Washington D.C, an estimated 83.6 million adults were found to be sleep-deprived, according to the estimates of the CDC report.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sleep is increasingly recognized as important to public health, with sleep insufficiency linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.

A poll conducted in 2011 by the National Sleep Foundation in the USA found that: 43% Americans between the ages of 13 and 64 reported rarely or never getting a good night’s sleep on weeknights.

More than half (60%) reported experiencing a sleep problem every night or almost every night such as snoring, waking in the night, waking up too early, or feeling un-refreshed when they get up in the morning.

Nearly two-thirds reported their sleep needs not being met during the week.

Besides, people experiencing insufficient sleep are much more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity.

Through this interesting and inspiring course, Robert and Melanie Sachs delve deeper into the root causes of sleeping problems and propagate a 3-step technique to help one improve the sleep quality and consequently, look younger, feel fresher and boost productivity.

As part of our introductory offer, you’ll get a special introductory discount when you order right now, along with a Free Text Companion, Free Shipping and 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

“I would recommend this kind of massage to people who’ve never had this before. It really makes a person get to know your body more as well. Like, “oh – this part of the body is connected to this part”. So you get to know yourself more through this massage too, which is pretty unique.”

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Digital + Physical


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Best offer

“One of my favorite parts of this treatment was the moment when I had the cranial massage. It just immediately made me think of nothing. Having that contact just made my mind go blank and I think really helped me to just fall asleep. “

Why this course is GREAT for home use

Even if you’re not a professional spa therapist, following the tips and tweaks taught in this incredible course can prove to be a great value addition for you. In fact, you can also use this course to help your near and dear ones get rid of stress and enjoy that blissful slumber.

Picture this:

After what’s been a long day, your better half gets back home, all exhausted and sapped of energy. And as a pleasant, much-deserved surprise, gets to experience this calming yet rejuvenating 3-step technique.


  1. Relief from stress and strain
  2.  A relaxed mind and body
  3.  Clarity of mind
  4.  Improved mood
  5.  Enhanced sleep quality
  6. A rejuvenated, reinvigorated, happy feeling on getting up the next morning

All these in turn further bolster the relationships and facilitate healthy atmosphere at home. 

Besides, by following this simple yet highly efficient and 3-step tecnique, you get to explicitly express your care and affection for your loved ones and strengthen your bonds further.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

These iconic, ever-so-relevant lines of the legendary American poet Maya Angelou aptly describe the power of making your special ones feel just that – SPECIAL. And what better way to do so than by way of this gratifying technique.

The icing on the cake – The benefits of this secret technique are not limited to just promoting a sense of peace and calm.

Instead, they are far-reaching and go a long way in improving the overall quality of one’s life.

Why sleeping pills may not be your safest option

A 2012 study by Scripps Clinic researchers has linked the sleeping pills to a 4.6 times higher risk of death and a significant increase in cancer cases among regular pill users.

The study, which looked at patients aged 18 or older, found the increased risk among all age groups. And even among patients who were prescribed 1 to 18 sleeping pills per year, the risk of death was 3.6 times higher than among similar participants who did not take the medications.

In addition to potentially causing adverse side-effects, sleeping pills can be addictive and getting off them can prove to be a challenge in itself.

What if this course doesn’t work for you?

Oh no, we must’ve written that question in a state of sleepiness. Because the magical collaboration of The Ayurveda Experience and Robert & Melanie Sachs enjoys a remarkable success rate.

From the revolutionary Kansa Wands to the best-selling ‘Tibetan Shirodhara’ course, our offerings have only enriched the lives of our beloved customers. Their overwhelming response bears a strong testimony to that.

However, we do understand that each body may respond differently to a therapy. And so, this course comes with a hassle-free 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If, for some reason, you feel that this course doesn’t meet your expectations, feel free to write back to us for a courteous refund.

Why You Should Order this Course NOW

Irrespective of whether you’re trying to establish yourself in the realm of therapy or are already a name to reckon with, this calming course can certainly go a long way in boosting your therapeutic or esthetic arsenal. Even if you’re not a professional therapist, you can make a positive difference in your life and that of your special ones by benefiting from this course.


Here’s what you get by ordering this course now:

By ordering this program now, you get to access three bonus exercises that help you:

  1. Deal effectively and successfully with negative emotions
  2. Learn about calming, stress-busting, clarity-inducing traditional Tibetan rejuvenation exercises
  3. Learn simple but highly effective exercises to increase circulation in different parts of your body and feel relaxed and more comfortable

By ordering now, you earn yourself a free copy of ‘Blissful Sleep’ text companion- a 36-page book to help you gain better understanding of the course. Be it for a quick lookup or for jotting down your thoughts or key takeaways while following the course, this booklet can indeed prove to be a useful companion. Although the course is extremely easy-to-understand and simple-to-follow, you can always refer to the text companion for a concrete overview of the video content.

All you need to do is simply log in on The Ayurveda Experience platform and access all your courses at a time of your convenience. The videos have been optimized for not just desktops or laptops but also tablets and smartphones.

That’s not all. You don’t even need an Internet connection to watch these videos. You just have to download the videos to your device and watch it from the cozy confines of your home or while you’re on the go.

Why this course can be the best thing to happen to your career as a professional healer or Ayurvedic therapist

This course has been meticulously designed and tailored to help you address one of the most relevant and pressing issues – inadequate and improper sleep – a common byproduct of multitasking or successfully meeting the demanding needs of one’s daily life. As mentioned earlier, the gravity of the sleep deprivation issue can be gauged from the findings of a study in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that talks about more than a third of American adults not getting enough sleep.

As a professional healer or an Ayurvedic therapist, your endeavor is to not just provide much-desired relief to your clients but also help them lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. And this course helps you in achieving these objectives.

With this course, you get the opportunity to:

1. Boost your portfolio:

Considering the above-mentioned pieces of facts that talk about the issue of inadequate sleep and highlight its perils, by making this calming therapy an integral part of your offerings, you’d be making an opportune decision to boost your folio. The returns on your investment can further vindicate your decision to opt for this course.

2. Learn from two of the most trusted names in the realm of Ayurveda:

Credibility and Authenticity are the foremost factors to consider when opting for an online course. Melanie and Robert Sachs are the pioneers of the Ayurvedic Beauty and Spa Industry in the US and have an inspiring body of work. Their remarkable expertise, coupled with their genuine passion for Ayurveda, makes them much sought-after instructors.

3. Learn and Practice trusted, risk-free, completely natural therapy:

As mentioned earlier, this course doesn’t involve the use of any chemical or artificial products. Its safe, effective and rejuvenating nature ensures you a satisfied clientele.

4. Calm the stressed, anxious minds:

Sleep deprivation or lack of proper sleep have the potential to not only adversely affect one’s temperament but also bring down one’s productivity. In a nutshell, it can dent one’s prospects of leading a happy, fulfilling life. By lulling your clients to sleep peacefully, you can help them enhance their quality of lives significantly and this in turn, can enhance your reputation and earn you truckloads of goodwill.


3 hours and 25 minutes. The text companion book is 36 pages.

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Are you READY for a peaceful and calming night of rest and a truly Blissful Sleep?

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