The History of AYURVEDA

We can find in history that AYURVEDA was not originated and developed as a separate, independent system. This has been a part of evolution of knowledge concerned around the wellbeing of all beings and the goal to enjoy the ecstasy of ultimate truth. All of the Vedic philosophies are the result of these quests. Ayurveda is a practical integration of important Vedic philosophical systems including Yoga, thoughtfully combined with useful tools for health care.

Ayurveda is the Oldest System among all life sciences, originated in India thousands of years ago. It is not easy to determine the exact period of its origin as this science is the work of thousands of thinkers, philosophers and investigators throughout the ages. Ayurveda is evolved from the quest to have a happy life, through a deep understanding of creation and its maintenance, perceived and conceived by the Rishis or seers of ancient India and passed on through the oral tradition of teaching and learning.

Ayurveda has been defined by ‘Charaka’ the exponent and highest authority on Ayurvedic principles. And this is how he defines “life”:

“Life is a combination of body( shareer) , senses( indriyas), mind ( satva) and the spirit or consciusness (atma)’. Body without senses, mind and spirit is dead.”

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