The 3 GUNAS in Ayurveda

In addition to knowing about the Doshas, it is helpful to know about the GUNAS.
“Guna” is a Sanskrit word that represents the three qualities of nature, or Types of Energy. Everything in the universe has three primary phases of activity called the three Gunas.

3 gunasSattva: Comes from the root sat, meaning “being.” This is a state of beingness, where there is nothing to do, no desire, just light & bliss. Sattva is a balance of Rajas and Tamas that is purity, harmony and lightness. This is what we strive for – being in Balance.
Rajas: Comes from the root verb raj, which means “to glow.” It is a state of motion, vibrant, active, where the mind is overactive.
Tamas: Comes from the root verb tam, which means “to perish.” It is a state of dullness, inertia, dormancy, where the mind is underactive.

The influence of these three GUNAS is universal. They govern all existence and regulate our minds as well. Sattva gives us the desire to know and the capacity to create, to think, and to imagine. Rajas generate action, initiative and motivation. Tamas supplies us with the ability to bring things to completion. We need the proper balance of the gunas to have a state of mind that maintains the harmony between the human life and the universal intelligence. Even though the soul is the director of life, quietly guiding it towards its destiny, the mind is the controller of the senses and body and makes choices to use them for life’s upliftment or degradation. How we respond to events and circumstances depends on specific balance of sattva, rajas and tamas in our mind.

The basic nature of the Mind is creative or Sattvic, with just enough Rajas and Tamas to bring desires to fruition. It is vital for Health and Happiness to keep this primarily creative balance for our life to move in a progressive direction. Sattvic mind lends itself toward calm, clear, creative thinking that allows one to easily find effective solutions to Life’s problems. Then we need the lesser qualities of rajas to implement these solutions and tamas to bring these activities to an end when the problem has actually been solved.

While the three GUNAS are important for determining psychological health, physical health is dependent on the physical constitution, known in Ayurveda as Prakriti.

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