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Hi, I’m Deb Perkinson and I’m an Ayurvedic practitioner, a water therapist and I also teach gyrotonic. I also use the Kansa on my clients, I have not used it on myself in full body before so this was a unique experience for me. I felt things in my body that I haven’t felt in quite a while, and what was interesting was when I was using it in my lower extremities, I could get a little itch in my nose or my ears would pop, as well as my spine which indicates to me that I was having openings which is quite nice, frankly. The sphere shape fits into the areas much nicer than other tools that I’ve used. It’s soothing, it has this wonderful sense of this energy that comes into the body and allows for the interstitial fluids to move more. I could feel the energy changing in my body. I feel much tighter. My skin, my muscles feel awake, my feet feel more centred and my liver feels a little bit more cleansed as well.


My short treatment with Robert was truly incredible. Even just doing it for that short period of time in 10 minutes, I felt an immediate shift. It’s just incredible how quickly that type of treatment can help you to shift into a more relaxed stage. I got off the table and had to go teach a qi gong class and I felt like it already put me in that space. So when I drove, I felt really calm and relaxed driving, and when I was teaching I felt like I had already shifted into that more grounded state before I even started the class. This actually influenced my students to feel better too, I think I taught a better class so all the way around it’s been a good day since this morning. I’m an Ayurvedic practitioner and a yoga instructor and a qi gong instructor as well, so I have a little bit of background in this area. I really like this tool; I’ve experienced this before just working with myself on it, and just having a practitioner use it on me is different than somebody giving you a hands-on massage. It felt more powerful and, as Robert was saying when he was working on the stomach area, it felt less intrusive than if someone was working with their hands on that area and it actually felt really soothing to my whole digestive system. I could feel movement going on. I think it’s really important to be able to touch and work the area because all of our organs are right there. Most therapists ignore that area, and if you have that tool, it creates a little bit of a distance in that – like I said, you’re not working with your hands but it’s much more effective. I really like the tool and feel like it’s got a lot of healing qualities to it that bring your massage or therapy to a different level.


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