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I was going through bloating, bleeding, frequent stools since 45 days. I was prescribed lactobacillus medicine by an allopathic doctor but my symptoms continued. I then consulted Dr. Chandrashekhar Thite and I was diagnosed as having Pitta imbalance and low agni. I was prescribed Ayurvedic herbs and within 15 days I felt much better and my problem was cured completely. I was very happy that I was cured in a natural way.

Amit Sukhatankar

Ayurvedic therapy has always been the best natural treatment available to humans. The considerations for the treatment are in direct relation to the weather, seasons, lifestyle etc. of the region-patient, and are thus aligned with the perfct balance of the universe. Vaidya Chandrashekhar Thite has been our acquaintance for more than 20 years. Along with his in-depth knowledge of the subject, he is humble, down to earth and has an extremely keen ear to listen to patients. He is one of the worthy bearers of this great ancient Shastra. I have been personally undergoing treatment for my AC Ligament tear since 212 and it is due to his help that I am back on my feet, quite literally in this case.

Architect Chinmay Satbhai

I have been suffering from Rhinitis (respiratory allergic disease) for the last 3 years. Initially I started taking allopathic treatment which was helpful for me on a temporary basis. Sometimes it was difficult for me to breathe and then I would use allopathic medicines which was helpful but just for a few hours. Later, after 5-6 months, I started taking Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Chandrashekar Thite. I started getting healthy in a few weeks only. After 3-4 weeks I stopped taking allopathic medicines and I was able to breathe properly without an inhaler which I was using earlier. Dr.Thite is a very nice person. His treatment and behaviour forced me to recommend his treatment to a few of my friends. HIs treatment cured my respiratory disease upto a great extent. I can say my respiratory allergy has been cured upto 90%. I hope rest 10% will also be cured in another few weeks. I searched on the internet and found allergy problems are untreatable. Even one allopathic doctor suggested me to leave my city. But Dr.Thite and his Ayurvedic treatment made it treatable and my respiratory allergy to dust particles has been cured upto 90%. Thanks to Dr.Thite.

Deepak Kumar

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