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Being on Dr. Akil’s program, I learnt to solve the root of disease and think from a preventive point of view. After he successfully helped with my thyroid issues and thrombocytopenia, I feel compliant, energetic, balanced and full of hope. My platelet levels, which had dropped to 20,000 when I first started the program, have now normalized. Although I love traditional medicine, I also like the more holistic approach which Ayurveda and Dr. Akil offer. The best part about Dr. Akil is that he is interested in your spiritual and emotional health as well. He is interested in treating not just the disease but the whole person and that makes all the difference!

Jeannie Hahne, Nurse

Dr. Akil has beautifully blended the ancient, timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic principles of healing with the light of modern medicine, integrated so that anyone can use it for his or her total healing.

Vasant Lad, B.A.M.S., internationally recognized Ayurvedic physician, Author of Ayurveda: Science of Self-Healing and Textbook of Ayurveda.

I have been a patient of Dr Akil for over a year. I was having a lot of problems with respiratory allergies when I came to him, something that had troubled me for a long time. Allergy specialists would keep putting me on different medications which were really expensive and which I didn’t enjoy taking. When I came to Dr Akil, he took a whole range of blood tests and recommended customized practices and supplements. A year later, my snoring has stopped, I feel much better and refreshed when I wake up, I have better sleep, and my allergies are much better managed. What was very interesting to me was that the blood tests ordered by Dr Akil also showed I had elevated liver enzymes – something I would not have linked with the allergies. Dr Akil put me on corrective therapies to heal my liver as well and six months later, two of those abnormal values fell within range. I now plan to continue with Ayurvedic healing for life!

Henri Folse, Health Economics Consultant

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