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I was coming out of a day of travel, so I was a bit stressed out and didn’t sleep super well last night. I had a smoothie and felt cold and… I’d say I was a little stressed. Right now? [laughs] It’s hard to have words for how I’m feeling. My whole body is alive and super calm. I’m not very verbal right now. There’s like a radiant kind of heat that feels really consistent all through my body, and just feels super alive. It’s fantastic [laughs]. In particular, I noticed a really big “sinking in”, and relaxation when my feet were worked on, when they did the eye relaxation. I was amazed at how, when one foot was done, I could feel myself just kind of settle in and get really still. And then the other foot, I felt that again – and I was right on that verge of falling asleep. I do not remember that before, it was really significant. The ability of my whole body to relax when my feet were being touched, that’s pretty amazing. One of my favorite parts was the abdominal massage, which is a little surprising because I’m not super comfortable having somebody touch my abdomen, especially in such an intimate way. But what I really enjoyed was when the hands were moved together in a rotating manner, there was some kind of release I could feel within me. I don’t know if that was energetic, muscular… something – but I felt it spread from the center out. It was an unusual feeling but it felt really good, like that needed to happen. And then I really enjoyed that, when it was complete, there was a warmth in my belly that felt really good. It felt cool on the outside, so I really enjoyed having that warm pack. The weight and the warmth both felt really soothing. The other words I’d like to add is about the oil in general, the sensation of the oil moving – or even just starting. I can’t tell where the oil begins, and I begin. It’s like you’re oil. And there’s this sensation of, I think like honey. Or melted chocolate. It’s just fluid and velvety, moving across you. I really enjoyed the figure eight motion and the back-and-forth in particular. But I loved that I felt fluid with that moving across me. It’s very central and quite extraordinary.


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