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“Todd’s practical advice on food – what, when and how to eat – has inspired many of our students to make simple changes to their diet and lifestyle, with immediate and profound effects on energy level, concentration, and relief from confusion. Put simply, Todd is the best Ayurvedic teacher I’ve ever met.”

Daniel Clement, Director, Open Source Yoga.

“(After reading Todd’s work) I understand a lot more about how food has been affecting me and my family, and I so appreciate Todd’s myth- and trend-busting and the science behind principles, along with the honesty about what is done based on millennia of experience. Todd is one of the rare authors in the field of herbs and food as medicine in which my scientist husband has developed much confidence. Consider this high praise. His questioning of assertions made by some other authors has also trained me to be more critical in evaluating the material given. So, although I may not understand the chemistry involved, I follow the logic of it and my husband finds it very informative!”

Jacqueline Pagani

I have known Todd Caldecott from professional forums for several years and he uniformly has excellent insights, combining research findings with traditional practices. His experience spans from traditional Ayurveda to tribal practices of the Pacific Northwest and he has a knack for drawing conclusions based on science and tradition.

Barbara Meza, Owner of Conscius Vita

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