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Before coming to Kristine, I was quite skeptical about meeting her. I generally do not follow an Ayurvedic diet or do anything Ayurvedic. I had a healthy skepticism of what she was going to say, what she was going to do and what she was going to tell me. During the session with her, I was stumped by the fact that she told me a few things that I don't tell other people easily, just by reading my pulse! There was no way she could have known those things about me apart from reading my pulse. I am quite impressed with what she has told me about myself.


It's unbelievable how Kristine can know about your life just by reading your pulse. I have never thought it was possible that she could tell me all these things about my past and about my health, even though I have never met her before. And she has given me many great recommendations -things that I have to change in my diet, and that I know from Ayurveda will really help me.


I am very circumspect about a lot of things in my life. Being a journalist, I have always questioned things. So with something like Pulse Reading, I want to do it but I have a 100 questions against it. Is it good? Is it bad? But meeting Kristine has been quite a revelation. I am yet to absorb a lot of things that she has told me. It's quite startling because she has pointed out a lot of things that are deep down inside me and I haven't really shared them with people. But it's nice to know that she could put a finger on it. Literally. For me, personally, it has been an amazing experience. A lot of it startled me and made my question myself. I feel that a lot of what she has told me makes sense and it has been a really helpful session. A great and fantastic experience overall. Thank you Kristine.


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