Shocking Habits
You Never Knew Were Bad!

In our search to balance our fast paced lives and our wellbeing, our health has clearly taken the backseat. Jobs chained to computers have become the norm and movement of any kind has become passé. As we slowly forget to write do you think we’ll slowly also forget to walk? Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh.

All around the globe new exercise fads are being taken up and dropped all in a few seconds. And health diets are constantly in flux. Yesterday a glass or two of red wine a day was good for the heart, today even one glass a day may cause some panic causing disease.

This where Ayurveda comes in. Ayurveda can literally be translated into the science or the knowledge of life. It was first documented in the most ancient of texts in India – The Vedas, written in about 2000BC. But it is believed that the practice of Ayurveda even predates the Vedas, by following an oral tradition of passing down from father to son.

According to Ayurveda there are habits that our crazy, speedy, always-on lives have adopted that are playing havoc with not just our bodies but our mental and spiritual states as well.


Mixing yogurt and fruit:


According to Ayurveda this is a BIG no no. An Ayurvedic diet keeps fruits and dairy separate. Either have fruit alone or yogurt alone. Combining the two causes an unpleasant reaction in the body, reducing the benefits of each while messing up your digestion.

Eating late at night:


With our busy schedules, we often skip breakfast, eat a light snacky lunch and have a huge dinner. This is exactly what one should NEVER DO according to Ayurveda. It is best to eat the largest meal during lunchtime, when the digestive fires burn hot and strong. If we eat too late at night our body just does not have the time to digest the meal, which results in weight gain and disturbed sleep.

Waking up and checking messages:


The first thing one must do in the morning (after attending nature’s call of course) is Meditate. In Ayurveda it is the perfect way to ready yourself for the stresses of the day. By reaching for your phone the first thing, you’re setting an abrupt tone to your day. You’re starting your day with stress and chances are you’ll probably forget to meditate. Meditate first and the rest of the day will fall into place nicely.

If you keep these small but important points in mind every day, you’ll soon find yourself more balanced, happier and definitely healthier.



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