Self-Care Practices

AYURVEDA, provides detailed account of the cause , symptoms and treatment of disease on one hand, and detailed guidelines for the prevention of disease, to stay healthy, promote youthfulness and delay ageing on the other . It also emphasizes that each individual is different whether in a natural state of health or in an unnatural state of disease, But whether its state of health or disease the key remains the ‘balance’.

In the state of Health or mild disorders, if we can keep mind, body, and environment in proper balance, health is restored, youthfulness is prolonged and aging happens without much deterioration and incapacitation. We just need to follow few guidelines given by AYURVEDA keeping our unique body type and the external environment in mind.

Here are some Self-Care Practices to help us feel bright, youthful, light, energetic & disease free.

  1. The massage routine: Ayurveda says that the human body is unctuous by nature. So when dryness sets in it leads to tissue damage and disturbance in physiology of our body. The reason is simply that dryness aggravates Vata dosha, which in turn being the most powerful of all the doshas have a damaging effect on the functions of the body. The best substance to counter dryness and calm Vata is oil. So our body needs a regular dose of anointing to check the dryness and to keep it going and perform at optimum levels. That’s why Ayurveda recommends Abhyanga, a daily self-massage.
  2. The self care routine to strengthen the senses: Ayurveda gives invaluable guidelines for self care to keep our sense organs working efficiently and free from disease – Eye care, Ear care, nasal care, Care of tongue and oral cavity.
  3. The self care routine for specific organs & organ systems: Care for the lungs, Care for the heart, Care for digestive tract, Care for kidneys.
  4. Exercise, Yoga & Breathing Exercises: Doing regular exercise and appropriate Yoga and breathing exercises helps to prevent many diseases as we talked about already
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