Through this course, you will understand the complex Ayurvedic model of the mind in a fun, relatable format and how to apply that knowledge to change your habits and your life in the NOW. From the critical and little-known importance of the environment in which you partake food, spices and herbs, the right breathing exercises and meditation techniques for you, this course covers a wide range of topics that can transform your life!

Ayurvedic and Yogic sciences place great importance on the teacher imparting the knowledge, which is why we are so excited to tell you that The Sattvic Mind has been authored by none other than one of the most respected and admired teachers of Ayurveda in the United States: Mary Thompson.

Meet Mary Thompson

  • An Ayurveda expert 
  • One of the leading teachers of Ayurveda in the US 
  • A panchakarma specialist 
  • An author 
  • An internationally recognized speaker and leader in Ayurveda education

Mary has been teaching Ayurveda for 30 years at the California College of Ayurveda since 1996. Mary has trained with Dr. Marc Halpern in California and studied with Dr. Subhash & Sunanda Ranade and Dr. Avinash & Bharti Lele in Pune, India at the International Academy of Ayurveda. Mary is also a founding board member of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. 

Since she became an Ayurvedic teacher and practitioner, Mary has dedicated her life to supporting the spread of Ayurveda in the West. She does this via teaching in school and the webinars she offers to both the public and practitioners. Mary’s teaching style is entertaining and enlightening. Her students appreciate her humor and intellect and find her inspiring. Just one look at her calm, warm demeanor and you can tell that she is not only a wise teacher but also practices Ayurvedic principles in her own life to achieve mental health. As a recipient of the Charaka Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Teaching, Mary has helped many, many of her patients successfully deal with mental health issues.

On ordering now, you also a get a Text Companion to accompany the course - free of cost!

This text companion accompanies the video course to help you get a concrete overview of what Mary will be teaching you. You can continue your progress in the program even if you don’t have a device handy to watch the course, or you watch the program and meanwhile follow along in the book. 

You can use the text companion for a quick reference or to jot down your own notes and thoughts while you’re following the program so you can create your very own personal summary with the ideas you found most important! 

Not only will you receive this amazing knowledge, you will also get not one, but SIX practical extras as a bonus! You will receive 4 useful self-assessment sheets, a demonstrative video on breath observation and 26 recipes (including 8 video demonstrations!) to balance your doshas! 

Where else will you find such a rich, exhaustive list of topics, including intensive primers on meditation and pranayama techniques, in one place and unpacked with such clear-eyed clarity by a world-renowned expert?

And it helps phenomenally that all this implementable knowledge is being shared in the compassionate, warm style of Mary Thompson – one of the top Ayurveda teachers and healers in the United States. 

In Mary’s words: 

“Self-awareness is the springboard to change.”