Quelling Your All-Consuming Pitta Fire

So what quitens the fires of Pitta?
Sweet, astringent and bitter tastes are calming and soothing and have a cooling effect on the Pitta inferno. Mint, rice and kidney beans are excellent for keeping a Pitta cool.

There are some general dietary guidelines that should be followed when attempting to calm an out-of-balance Pitta in order to avoid allergies and acid reflux, both Pitta born diseases.



  1. Among dairy products, fresh and sweet yogurt is good for Pitta Prakriti and milk, cheese, cottage cheese can be eaten in moderation.

  2. Sweet desserts are good for Pitta prakriti when they have Kapha symptoms like running nose, cough etc.

  3. Cool refreshing food like raw salads, melons, sprouts are good for Pitta prakriti.

  4. Cooling spices like fennel, mint and coriander seeds are preferable.

  5. Cooling seeds like pumpkin and cucumber can be taken freely. Nuts should be taken in moderation after soaking.

  6. Herbal teas like rose, jasmine, mint, and liquorice, vegetable juices and coconut water which are cooling in nature are good to drink when thirsty.

  7. Cold cereals in milk are good for Pitta Prakriti. Rice and rice products are also Pitta pacifying by nature.

  8. Vegetarian food over meats is always preferable for pitta as most meats are Pitta aggravating.

  9. Root vegetables and starchy vegetables and gourds having lots of water content are good, Beans and leafy greens except mustard greens are good.

  10. Sweet and astringent fruits are good for Pitta.

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  1. Oily food should be avoided as it promotes the fire in Pitta constitution.

  2. Avoid piping hot food and heat inducing spices like pepper, ginger, garlic and asafoetida.

  3. Pickles, sour creams, cheese, vinegar, fermented foods and alcohol should be avoided.

  4. Coffee and tea, both with high caffine content should be avoided as they are pitta aggravating.

Pitta is a strong dosha that rarely gets depleted, but in case Pittas begin to show diminished physical and mental drive or loss of appetite, then chewing of a small piece of ginger seasoned with salt before every meals is indicated to pep up the Pitta dosha.

The changes I have indicated in the list above are very small, but with amazing consequences. And while some steps like quitting tobacco or caffine can be very hard, don’t get intimidated. Your body will thank you for it later!




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