PITTA Dosha: Mind & Body

The Pitta Dosha made up of the elements of Fire and Water:
the word Pitta is derived from the root ‘Tapa’ which means to impart heat. Pitta is responsible for digestion & metabolism in our body and thus to generate heat. It is in fact responsible for taking any stimulus, including food and breaking it down, or digesting it, to a level that is easily understood and assimilated by the body.

As per its actions and site of activity it is again divided into five types:

  • Pa-chak – Pachak literally means ones who cooks. Accordingly Pachak pitta is reponsible for the digestion of food. It also nourishes the other types of Pitta. It is located in region of the stomach & small intestine.
  • Ran-jak Ranjak literally means to color. Ranjak pitta converts the nourishing fluid of plasma into blood. It resides in the liver & spleen.
  • Bhra-jak- Bhrajak provides pigment to the skin and the hair and it is responsible for their lusture. Its site of action is the skin.
  • Alo-chak- Alochak means the critic. So alochak pitta critically analyzes the visual stimuli and transform it into messages to be interpreted by the related areas of the brain. It is responsible for the visual acuity and discrimination of the colors. It resides in the eyes.
  • Sa-dhak – Sadhak means an instrument. Sadhak pitta is instrumental in coordinating the activities of the body and the mind. It is responsible for the intelligence and ego. Its area of activity is the heart region.

P.S. to your Happiness & Well-being

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