Peace Not Pieces Of Mind!

The Buddha was once asked “What have you gained from meditation?”
Without pause he replied “Nothing!” To which he added
“Let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity
and the fear of old age.”

Most busy bee people will tell you they just don’t have the time to meditate in the action packed lives. I always tell them that they don’t have the time not to! Meditation is when you clear your mind and do simply NOTHING! Just close your eyes, sit in silence and breathe. Meditation is as essential for the mind as nutrition is for the body.

Our lives seem to be filled with one stressful situation after another. Work stress, family and relationships, food and health, friends and finances, the list is endlessly daunting. While we can’t really avoid these stresses, we can make an active effort to not let them suck our soul! Through meditation we find ourselves with quieter minds, relaxed bodies and rejuvenated spirits. Even doctors recommend meditation to deal with stress related diseases like depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, colds and asthma! In fact there has been a recent study from Harvard University that states that 8 weeks of mediation can dramatically increase your grey matter!

Just 20 -30 minutes each day to spend in silence twice a day will add hours onto your day, and probably years onto your life. And the best part is you can start anytime – even right now!

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