No Solitude, No Problem!

For many of us, our office space is where we end up spending way too much time! Shouldn’t it be our home away from home then? Our haven of solitude, our sea of tranquility? Annoyingly enough it isn’t! Our offices make tend to make us feel like sardines in a can, all smooshed up with no place to move. NO chance of natural light or fresh air or warmth. Only stark white walls, blasting cold air and a cacophony of noise. How in this terrible chaos do we find some quiet space to think, create and shape.

One of the first steps to a serene workspace, no matter how big or small it is, is OHIO – Only Handel It Once! Don’t get buried under a pile of papers. You want to be able to find things easily –keep files, rather than piles!

The next thing you can do is: Get some plants. In your cold and white light filled office it’ll be hard for plants to thrive, so bring in some silk plants or if you have room, make it a leafy tree!
Decorate your space with colors that you love, that reflect your personality. Cool tones like blue are cooling and healing, earth tones are warm and grounding, yellow helps you pay attention and concentrate, orange is happy and joyful and green is balancing.

Just keep ONE calendar for everything and actually write down everything, appointments, thoughts, places and spaces. And have it with you always! This way you won’t get stressed out about forgetting something important.

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