Ayurveda: Natural Solutions For Acne

Skin AcneDiet and Lifestyle are the main parts of the treatment for Acne or Pimples. Here is some recommendations that will help you to rid of the acne completely.

– The diet should be light and easily digestible.
– Do not use hot, spicy, pungent and dry foods, all these tangy foods bring a lot of changes in the hormonal system of the body, which makes body more prone for Acne & Pimples.
Ghee– Use of Ghee regularly has very good effect over the digestive system.
– Avoid soft drinks, coffee and junk foods – these spoil the internal atmosphere of the body and brings imbalance in the body.
– Take sufficient amount of fats in your regular diet, totally dry foods will cause dryness in the skin that can aggravate the problem of Acne.
– Consume adequate quantity of water and keep the body well hydrated – don’t misunderstand your body. Take the right amount of water as per your requirement.

– Don’t take stress – we are well known to the fact that stress brings a lot of hormonal changes in the body and these hormones are the basic cause of acne and pimples
washing skin– Wash face thoroughly with a mild herbal soap that suits the skin, 3 to 4 times a day. Wash face thoroughly after using a makeup as some beauty products block the pores.
– Don’t prick or press on the acne, it leaves the scars.
– Anger and stress should be managed by meditation and effort should be taken to maintain a peaceful state of mind.
– Regular exercise, Yoga and Pranayama are highly beneficial.
– Sleep sufficiently for 6 to 8 hours.

Some Home Remedies:
– When experiencing a breakout of acne, try making a paste of turmeric powder & water and applying to the blemishes with a cotton ball. turmericTurmeric is an antibiotic and antibacterial so will help calm the eruptions. Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to relieve and also prevent acne, and to soften and lighten the skin. Apply to the face as a paste with milk or yogurt for 15 minutes each day. Then wash off with a mild facial cleanser. Do not leave on for longer than 15 minutes because Turmeric can stain the skin yellow.
– Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder then apply on the pimples after 20-30 minutes clean face with warm water. Repeat for 2-3 times a day
– Apple Cider Vinegar should be diluted with water and using a clean cotton ball the solution can then be applied directly to the skin. This will kill the bacteria and increase the skin’s acidity (PH measure) which will help clear the acne after repeated applications.

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