Important: any yoga pratice is incomplete without this. yes, any. Yoga practitioners- please watch the video below intently.

  •  Discover and develop the habits for longevity and dynamic aging 
  •  Streamline your day-to-day habits for better energy 
  • Tap into deep wisdom to skilfully navigate the rites of passages throughout your life 
  • Help others - children, parents, yoga students, the important people in your life - own their constitution for a more enlightened, healthier experience! 
  •  “Get" the operating system of Ayurveda for yours as well as their life in a practical way 
  •  Get tapped into the Yogic approach to Ayurveda.

Unnatural disease-breeding habits can be stopped dead in their tracks and reversed! 

You CAN make small changes and sync personal patterns with circadian rhythms to reverse engineer habits which in turn lead to a healthier body and a better aging experience. 

But how? 

Circadian Rhythms are, essentially, daily cycles of biological activity based on a 24-hour period and influenced by regular variations in the environment, such as the alternation of night and day. 

Circadian rhythms can influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature and other important bodily functions. They have been linked to various sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Abnormal circadian rhythms have also been associated with obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder. 

The importance of maintaining your circadian rhythms is well indicated by facts like World Health Organization’s recognition of night shifts as a possible cause of cancer. Research also shows how the times at which we eat contribute to the disruption of our circadian rhythms. 

If we pay attention to our cycles then we see bio rhythms influence who we are. If we are in alignment with the rhythms then we experience life more deeply and with attunement. If we ignore them, we are out of step. So much of health is living in rhythm. 

What would it be like if you were in rhythm? 

The reality is that the more we are in rhythm, the more we are in alignment, the more energy passes through us, the more vibrant, joyful, connected, vibrant and abundant we are. 

The stakes are high! 

And how can we get in rhythm?

Long before any of these studies were conducted and discoveries were made, ancient sciences talked about these rhythms, about balance and synchronicity with nature, about being in alignment with oneself. 

Through disciplined sleep routines, prescribed eating, cleansing and self-care practices and recommended exercise, Ayurveda and Yoga give you several tools to balance and restore your circadian rhythms.

The sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda delved into those unseen, intangible territories which opened up a far “up-levelled" experience of wellbeing- and yet, they were always rooted in the very physical, the daily, the practical aspects of life. 

And this is what the Energetics of Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic understanding through your yoga practice and a yogic perspective of the Ayurvedic Science gives you- 

If you’re already on the path of wellbeing, seeking complete happiness in life

- this could be the ultimate plunge for you. 

And if you’re already on the path of yoga, you must note

- without this, your yoga practice is incomplete, any yoga practice is incomplete

Ayurvedic theory is both organic and sophisticated; it unpacks the energetic perspective of what causes imbalances and engenders disease.

Recognizing the relationship of those habits which court disease is only half of the equation. Updating habits in real time is the crux and strategy of habit evolution. 

It is to help you practice these habits that are good for you that today, The Ayurveda Experience proudly presents to you-

– A course for Yoga Practitioners and Seekers of a More Profound and Complete Experience of 

Health & Wellbeing by Cate Stillman 

Through this 3 part program, a yoga practitioner gets an Ayurvedic orientation to her Yogic practice, and someone on the path of Ayurveda, gets a Yogic perspective on Ayurveda. 

From the 7 Chakras, to Spices as Medicines, from creating a healing sanctuary for yourself to exercises to balance different doshas, from the right diet and why to consume it, to 5-Body Hygiene, this program covers a whole new range of topics through a beautiful amalgamation of Ayurvedic concepts and Yogic ideas. 

This program has been authored by none other than Cate Stillman- a formidable name in the sphere of Yoga and Wellness in the United States today. 

Meet Cate Stillman...

Cate is an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, 

and the founder/mastermind behind the 

Worldwide Association of Yoga Health Coaches. 

She trains yoga teachers and wellness experts how to 

accelerate the wellness path of their clients with 10 habits 

from Ayurveda, the ancient folk medicine from India and 

sister-science of Yoga. Cate’s results-focused methods rely 

on merging Ayurvedic Medicine theory with modern 

behavioral science for increased energy, deeper rest, 

and a healthier diet in quick time. 

Cate’s been Practicing as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and community wellness teacher 

since 2001 and has founded several Yoga and Wellness websites. 

To add on to this: 

• Cate is Certified as Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist since 2001 

• She is also a graduate of Dr. Vasant lad’s gurukula program in Pune, India in 2004 

• She has undergone Pancha Karma Intensive Training in Kerala, India 

• Cate is a certified Anusara Yoga teacher 

• She completed a 2 year Iyengar Yoga teacher training in 2001 

And why, is Cate talking about this with you, and why will the Yogic perspective of the energy dynamics of Ayurvedic concepts, open up a whole new section in your mind towards your healing and help you live a more profound, enriching and meaningful life? 

Here’s a look into the contents of this course and what you’ll learn, which will answer this question for you: 


Duration: 2 hours and 38 minutes 


  • The inter-generational perspective of Ayurveda and Awake Living 
  • How does energy work 
  • How to know if you’re out of balance by the way you breathe 
  • Getting centered on how energy works 
  • Energy and auto-immune disorders 
  • How can you use this energy and this knowledge to understand your unique constitution? 
  • How they work in terms of the greater laws of nature in daily and seasonal routines 
  • How to attune to your rhythms to slide the scale from unnecessary ageing to revitalization, rejuvenation, vitality and repair 
  • The full spectrum from pre-conception to death 
  • What is inter-generational wellness? 
  • The outer eco-system and inner eco-system and their exchange 
  • Developing a cooperative relationship with nature and ourselves 
  • The different rites of passages of life 
  • Understanding polarity 
  • Enhancing our yoga, day to day living 


  • Chakras and the flow of energy 
  • The Nadi’s or the channels of energies 
  • Energy channels attuned to Kapha and Pitta- Ida and Pingala 
  • What the location of weight deposition on your body tells about your personality 
  • Factors behind feeling weighed down- the elements affecting your weight 
  • Your body and the play of the 5 elements of air, water, earth, fire and space 
  • The energies of Kapha, Pitta and Vata 
  • Different zones of the face where different imbalances are indicated-what forehead issues, t-zone issues and jawline issues indicate 
  • How energy works out of balance: when do you have too much water and earth, too much fire or too much air and space 
  • Our Rhythms and cycles- what happens when we understand and follow the rhythms?


  • How the 3 Doshas work through the daily patterns 
  • Dominant energies and different times of the day 
  • How to organize your day according to energetic requirements? 
  • How we are naturally attracted to eating at certain times 
  • How, by sleeping and waking at the right time, we can facilitate the bodily function of repair 
  • How, by eating at the right time we can facilitate the bodily function of Cleansing and transforming 


  • Choosing and sculpting your habits 
  • Why you think xyz will or won't work for you 
  • What your habits do to your identity 
  • The 3 terms that will actually make you see the power you have over your life 
  • Tantric understanding of the Gunas 
  • Why staying up late at night is making you gain weight 


  • All parts of the ‘self’- the 5 different bodies 
  • The different needs of the different bodies 
  • Ways and practices to ‘feed’ each of your 5 bodies 
  • Practicing 5-Body hygiene 
  • We get energy from food- that’s true, but not the full story 
  • Habits that will help you align with the Koshas 


  • The energies of Kapha/Pitta/Vata 
  • Intrinsic abundance 
  • When your constitution is your ‘Prakruti’ and when its your ‘Vikruti’ 
  • Things that will sink your ship 
  • The different workout for different purposes: 

----- To center, to cool and to energize 


Duration: 2 hours and 42 minutes


  • The importance of the rites of passage 
  • A look at stages of life from pre-conception to death 
  • How we can optimize our own experience/journey through these stages as well as help others going through a stage of transition/preparing for a rite of passage 
  • The early stage of life- Kapha, growth and cohesion 
  • How growing is a process of dehydration 
  • Navigating our geriatric phase/cares 
  • How to alleviate imbalances in Pitta phase and elongate Vata time or ‘old age’ 
  • How buildup of Doshas/imbalances creates a lot of negativity 
  • Shift of identity 
  • Conscious conception 
  • Ritualistic deaths- making death less scary 
  • Subtle shifts of identity that happen around wellness and illness 
  • Post-Partum: How the first 40/42 days = 42 years 
  • How that which shows in the physical comes from the energetic 
  • What are the things that make it harder for the family to thrive 
  • Reaching the stage where your intuitive body directs your identity 
  • What happens when we don’t follow rites of passage and get stuck to an identity? 
  • What you can do to transition into the Vata/old age 
  • The importance for teens to know about their biorhythms 
  • Rites of passage around marriage 
  • Why is it so important to go through rites of passage? 


  • How can you consume life-force?
  • Which are the foods with more life-force?
  • Which are energetically dead/dumb foods- the S.A.D. diet- standard American diet 
  • Natural ways of preserving food 
  • When you’re borrowing energy from your organs 
  • How to prepare food 
  • Food for your constitution 
  • ‘Nutrification’- where do you want to go with your beliefs and food? 
  • Kitchen Sadhana- uplevelling of what and how we’re eating 
  • Kitchen habits 
  • Food: 

----- Fermentation 

----- Dehydration 

----- Raw vs Cooked 

----- Soups, Salads, Marinades 

----- Animals 



  • The 3 places to find imbalances 
  • What the Skin, Gut and Lungs can tell you 
  • Tongue as the map of the entire Gastro-Intestinal tract 
  • How to make mood issues dissipate 


  • The approach to exercise and yoga 
  • Prana, Tejas, Ojas 
  • Vata, Pitta and Kapha reducing yoga practices 
  • Practices you should you do if: 

1) you’ve been travelling a lot/there’s been trauma in your life 

2) you need a lot of focus and intensity 

3) your life is sedentary/there is weight gain 


  • Context for your Yoga practice 
  • The downward and upward flow of energy 
  • Important tips to help you through your yoga practice 
  • Energy dynamics of issues around lower back pain, issues around the heart etc. and how to balance it with yoga practice 


  • Spanda + the law of increase 
  • How to create your own healing space 
  • Cleaning your physical space- architect better choices 
  • A key link to the development of auto-immune diseases. 
  • The healing diet 
  • Disease and disease process 
  • How do we return to the slow healing vibrations and emerge more deeply aligned and empowered 
  • Learning subtle practices that will help you grow deeper, more intrinsic energy 
  • How to tap into your own healing sanctuary 


Duration: 2 hours and 32 minutes


  • The 3 Doshas 

----- Vata 

----- Pitta 

----- Kapha 

  • Agni and its 4 types  

----- Sama Agni: Balanced Agni  

----- Vishama Agni: Vata Agni 

----- Tikshna Agni: Pitta Agni 

----- Manda Agni: Kapha Agni 

  • Dhatus 
  • Malas 


  • The 3 main causes of disease from an Ayurvedic perspective: 
  • Doshas and Subtle Doshas 


Learn how to read your tongue and decipher signs of imbalance in your body


  • First Chakra: Root Center 
  • Second Chakra: Sacral 
  • Third Chakra: Solar Plexus 
  • Fourth Chakra: Heart 
  • Fifth Chakra: Throat 
  • Sixth Chakra: Third Eye 
  • Seventh Chakra: Crown 


  • Vata Detox 
  • Pitta Detox 
  • Kapha Detox 
  • Daily practices for your detox 
  • A Breath of Fresh Air 
  • Meditation 
  • Silence 
  • Media & Socializing 
  • Make Your Space Sacred 


  • Imbalances fostered by each dosha 
  • Spice as Medicine Decoder 
  • Digging into Spice 
  • Ginger 
  • Fennel 
  • Black Pepper 
  • Cayenne 
  • Cardamom 
  • Turmeric 
  • Vehicles for ingesting Herbs 
  • Water 
  • Fermented Liquids 
  • Honey 
  • Milk 
  • Aloe 

Where else would you find such an exhaustive list of topics covered in such a simple and a fun to watch format?! 

This program with 7 hours and 52 minutes of powerful content is genuinely an opportunity worth exploring. On ordering now, you also get a Text Companion along with this course. 

BUT, as a part of our Introductory Offer- on ordering the Platinum (Physical) Version of the Program, you will get a beautiful Cotton Yoga Mat (which you will really want after you’ve gone through Part 2.6 in the program) absolutely free! 



Along with the complete video with almost 8 hours of content, you will also get a text companion to refer to. If you’re a book person, you will love the support of this text companion and will be able to enjoy reading while travelling, on a flight or just by the beach!

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If you’re a Yoga practitioner, this should add grace to your mat collection or could be a gift of love and encouragement to someone just starting on the path of Yoga. 

But, this mat is not just great for your own Yoga practice, it is also perfect to make your own healing sanctuary, that peaceful altar in the house where you shed all cares and concerns and breathe in release, calm and an inner stillness that makes you lighter and joyful, more alive, more awake! 

Choose a peaceful corner in your house, spread the mat out, get yourself a pack of incense sticks and light up your altar to experience moments of bliss with yourself- your own personal moments of getting closer to yourself to heal, to be stronger and healthier from within! 

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"Cate is a brilliant teacher. She has a warm, compassionate, humorous manner, yet she still delivers the goods. Whether you're looking for the academic or the practical aspect of Ayurveda, you'll get it from Cate. She has a way of distilling down a very complicated science, and making it understandable and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you're new to Ayurveda or have been studying it for years, Cate will guide you to the depth of study you are looking for and help you to incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your daily life." 

- Alex Biondo

In this inundating crowd of information available, which voice stands out, hits you hard and leaves an impact on your life, an impression that you will see in the transformation you'll experience in everyday living? 


Sharp, clear, precise, concise- The empowering fire of Cate’ teaching style will make you sit up and listen, more alert than ever, register what you hear with a snap of your fingers and then enjoy a lingering after-taste of how amusingly well-put is, this ancient wisdom. 

That truly is, perhaps, one of the many strong takeaways of this course- the language of this course is ‘today’ itself and the direct consequence of this course is real impact- you cannot hear this knowledge unmoved! 

This expression and explanation of Ayurveda, energy sciences and yoga will make the most sceptical of us listen, and maybe even grudgingly think of making that final shift, actually take action towards evolving their journey to health and happiness to the next level. 

And those who are already on the path of yoga- this is one thing without which yoga practice will remain incomplete.

What’s your takeaway? 

Among many things that you already would have read about in the description of the program, you will learn: 

  • Most basic ways that energy works 
  • How the daily rhythm works 
  • How to attune, how to heal 
  • How to have a more intergenerational life perspective 
  • How to deeply nourish ourselves, our children and our elders 
  • How to live/have a great relationship with our own life 
  •  Live an awake life 
  •  Live in sync/align with life-force energy 
  •  Learning and growing as we age by being an interconnected part of inter-generational life process from pre-conception all the way through death and helping others on this journey. 

And why, should you order this program now? 

There is not one, but many reasons for you to begin with this course, not just today, but right away. 

  • Of course, the cost advantage with the introductory discount is huge and why would you not want to study such an interesting, in-depth and useful program and yet get to save quite a bit? 
  • While the beautiful Organic Mats will only be available for free for the first 4 days, and that certainly will be a miss if you do not place your order within the stipulated time, there is more to it. 
  • For those of you who have a busy schedule or have other practical limitations, other classes might be too far away, too expensive or impractical due to time constraints. With this course, you face none of these issues- you learn where you want to, when you want to and at a price which is really affordable. (Doubt that? Check out the prices of courses around and calculate the investment you need to make in terms of money and time, and of course, the ambiguity of the quality of content that you’ll get- the cost of making all the effort of going to a class only to find little to learn or implement, well… is huge.) 
  • And if you’re already a Yoga practitioner and take classes yourself, there are only 24 hours in a day a lot to teach and share, and a lot more to learn! What can be a better way to upgrade your practice? 
  • Also, most importantly, finding a real, authentic practitioner whose very persona exudes the knowledge, whose life is an example of her teachings is TOUGH, in capital letters. You’ve seen the video, you see Cate and just watching her speak makes your spine slightly more erect, your mind a bit more alert, your energies are lifted and you begin to see the possibility of a real life where you’re actually as blissful as all these people in these photos look. Yes, this is a reality- 

Here's Cate's Promise to you:

Here's our promise to you: 

"Cate Stillman has been the most influential teacher in helping to change the trajectory of my life. 

For 20 years (I am now 33) I have lived with excruciating depression, and two suicide attempts. 

I started my course with her 10 months ago I have been living symptom free for about 7 months straight. I had lost hope. 

She has helped me shift my identify, my beliefs as well as my ability to care for myself and others. She makes Ayurveda so accessible and easy to understand. Her method of teaching is like no other. 

I don't know where I would be today if I had not met Cate, but it would not be here thriving and loving life like I am. I wake up excited, instead of devastated to face the day/my life."

 - Grace Edison

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You're getting a special, 50% introductory discount right now. This program will NEVER be available at such a low price again!

"In my pursuit to find an Ayurveda teacher nearly two years ago, I came across Cate on an episode of her Yogahealer podcast. After listening to her podcast, I was eager to learn more from Cate so I joined her Living Ayurveda course in 2014 and then on to her other course offerings shortly thereafter. As I continue my coursework with Cate, I have to note that I have never experienced a teacher quite like Cate. Her personable yet integral teaching style fully promotes and demonstrates how she connects with each of her students in a profoundly connective manner. She deeply listens to her students and provides them with endless Ayurvedic wisdom while on their life-enriching journey of studying Ayurveda. Cate also has a way of delivering information to her students that guides her students to be involved in their own healing process and/or learning experience, empowering them to apply the ancient wisdom lessons into their own lives with ease and grace. Honestly, I never knew that Ayurveda had so much to offer until I met Cate. 

As a cancer survivor, yoga teacher and health coach, I am eternally grateful that I have (and continue to have) the opportunity to study with Cate Stillman. "

- Shelly Aaron 

RejuveClub Owner

I feel so fortunate that the universe has connected me to Cate Stillman. It is through her love for what she does, her skillful knowledge and refined execution, caring and guidance that I am reaching my own potential. I am grateful for your commitment to your students, Cate. I salute you my teacher, mentor, coach and friend. 


Batool Merali 

Ayurvedic Practioner, Lifestyle Consultant, Yoga Teacher

Lastly, in Cate’s own words, 

"When the ‘proverbial waste matter’ hits the ‘proverbial fan’- you have a place to go--" 

When the toughest of times barge into your life uninvited, it helps to consistently be- physically, mentally and spiritually prepared, to have and know how to tap into your own healing sanctuary. 

When you’re already on this path of conscious, awake living, you’re naturally in greater control of your emotion. However, and it’s probably not noticed enough, it helps immensely to know about little tools that the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda share with you to help you when you’re low. 

This program puts you on that conscious path to a fuller life, and if you’re already on a yogic journey, this course will help you connect even more deeply with your internal body, your internal organs, the subtle functioning of your ‘inner body’. 

You're already this close-

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