Big_vata Keeping Your Vata Fiery.

There are some general dietary guidelines that should be followed when attempting to calm an out-of-balance Vata in order to avoid anxiety and depression, both Vata born diseases.


small_vata Do’s

  1. Eat cereals cooked properly with additional of fats like butter, ghee, oil.

  2. Most of the non-vegetarian foods are good but try to choose one with gravy.

  3. Dairy products like milk (warm/hot), butter and cheese are good for Vata constitution if taken in moderation.

  4. Vegetables should be thoroughly cooked, best to stay away from raw foods.

  5. Always pick sweet and ripe fruits like mangos and watermelon.

  6. Warm and hot drinks are preffered over cold including water, but avoid excessive tea and coffee. Instead drinks/eat hot soups and stews can be freely taken

  7. Nuts are very beneficial for Vata constitution. Next time you’re snacking, try some salted nuts.

  8. Spices like ginger, turmeric, and garlic and Asafoetida ( heeng), cumin seeds in moderation can be used in cooking as it warms the Vata constitution.


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small_vata Don’ts

  1. Avoid dry roasted and grilled vegetables.

  2. Cold salads are a strict no-no. Boiled and cooked vegetables with a light seasoning and a dash of cream can be taken in their place.

  3. Astringent and pungent vegetables like collacasia leaves, mustard greens are to be best avoided.

I have made sure that the Do’s and Don’ts are small lifestyle changes that don’t require much effort but have astounding results. The next decision is all yours…




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