Get Instant Beauty Enhancement, Experience Deep Relaxation and De-Stress Like Never Before in Just 20 Minutes


For centuries, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and unique tools have been used together to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being & longevity and relieve stress. 

And today, in 2018, you get to not just discover, but also experience this Ayurvedic Secret - learn an ancient art and use a unique set of tools to:

  • Get instant beauty enhancement and breathe new life into your skin to look younger, more alive and vibrant  
  • Undergo a one-of-a-kind experience of healing, deep relaxation, complete rejuvenation and revitalization with revived energy - all at the same time 
  • Combat the effects of skin pollution, stress and internal imbalances through an enjoyable way of releasing heat, acidity and toxins through your skin 
  • No chemicals, electronic gadgets or any kind of unnatural or harmful radiations used 
  • Instant results: tightening effect, beautifully glowing skin, spontaneous relaxation and rejuvenation 
Massage has been a part of Ayurveda for centuries.


Said to be one of the most innovative alloys of human kind, it was discovered to have extraordinary beauty enhancing and soothing properties-  

It is the healing metal of India - Kansa. 

Kansa was first made in the Bronze Age approximately 5000 years ago by the Harappans - the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, the very same culture that is thought to have developed the principles and practices of Ayurveda - India’s ancient holistic healing system.  

The metal Kansa is an alloy of copper and tin. Known in the West as bronze, it was the first of humanity's metal alloys - and perhaps the most significant. 

Being harder and more durable than other materials available at that time, it enabled these ancient people to create superior metal tools, sacred statues, housewares, bells and gongs as well as weapons and armor. Kansa, or bronze as we would name it, revolutionized the ancient world in many ways. 

Kansa is considered to be the healing metal of Ayurveda, the Science of Health and Longevity practiced throughout the East.  

Known to have extraordinary beauty enhancing and soothing properties, Kansa has a powerful effect as a stress reliever, for relaxation and the subtle body energies known in Eastern medicine. 

Kansa has many uses; for utensils and implements used in ceremonies. Along with these uses, there has been the tradition of Ayurvedic physicians recommending the use of Kansa on the feet for their clients. 

Increased interest in holistic healing traditions together with a heightened value being placed on the beauty and quality of handcrafted tools has prompted a revival of the classic Indian traditional art of Kansa, the making of specialized metal alloys. 

The Kansa massage tool is set upon a hand carved handle that is irresistible to the eye - naturally drawing one to pick it up and use it. It is said to be even more effective than gold or silver. 

These wands or tools are used to achieve stunning results on the face, feet and other parts of the body.

Today, to help you enjoy the amazing healing benefits of Kansa, we’re proud to introduce to you the World’s First Ever Program on the Kansa Ritual!

So, right before we explore these tools in greater detail and learn how to use them, let’s take a look at what really happens when you use them for specific purposes:


You can use the Kansa tools to give yourself, your client or loved one a Kansa Facial. It: 

  • Helps to tone, tighten and firm the skin for young and more mature people alike 
  • Works with the marmas so it helps with reducing puffiness, fine lines and redness around the eyes by moving extra Pitta, heat and acidity out of the body 
  • Pumps out wrinkles: the smooth massage action unkinks the collagen layers 
  • Helps with congestion be it in the skin or deeper in the face, in the sinuses, for example 
  • Gently mobilizes toxins and calms inflammation, redness and heat, normalizing skin tones and helping the skin become fresh and clear 
  • Helps move lymph and improve circulation so the skin is better cleansed and nourished  


Rubbing Kansa over the feet is one of the most traditional uses of Kansa for enhanced wellness. Traditionally, Ayurvedic physicians would send families home with a Kansa foot tool in order for someone in the family to rub the Kansa metal on the feet of the client every night.  

  • Helps to balance the Ayurvedic doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
  • Is very comforting to the client 
  • Enhances the effect of any reflexology series or form of massage offered 
  • Creates a calming and cooling effect in the body generally 
  • The soft contour of the bowl relaxes the entire foot 
  • Helps the person feel light and energized 

Other amazing things about a Kansa massage that will leave you drooling:

  • The sensation is pleasurable and calms the whole nervous system
  • Can have soothing effects on mild pains
  • Erases stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle group
  • Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind so you feel clearer and are able to rest or go out there, and shine in the world
  • Reportedly makes it easier to fall into deep, relaxing sleep 

But, in the words of our experts: 

“These are just some of the benefits. We see new things and hear great stories of how people are being helped by our Kansa wands on a weekly basis. You see great results by using the Original Kansa Wands with our simple to learn, time-tested protocols”

Before we go ahead to explain how Kansa works, who are these experts?


Pioneers of the Ayurvedic Beauty and Spa Industry in the US, Melanie and Robert Sachs are sought after across the globe as highly respected teachers and practitioners of Ayurvedic Bodywork.  

Respected and acknowledged worldwide, Melanie and Robert have extensive experience with all kinds of Ayurvedic Bodywork, along with Kansa. 


A certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, Melanie Sachs' skill as a teacher and therapist have made her sought after by some of the world's leading spas and beauty schools. 

Melanie is recognized internationally as the authority for the application of Ayurveda to the beauty world. Her articles have been featured in a number of nationally syndicated magazines, including Skin, Inc., Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, and Natural Health. 

She has been a featured presenter at the International Esthetics and Cosmetics Conference in Las Vegas, The International Congress of Esthetics in Miami and Long Beach, the Face and Body Show in the California Bay Area. She is and has been a featured teacher and consultant for noted organizations like The Chopra Center, the Greenhouse Group, and The International Dermal Institute worldwide. Both she and Robert are also featured instructors at the Mahindra Institute and Primavera Life in Germany. 

Melanie's work as a healing professional spans more than twenty years. Trained initially as an occupational therapist in Great Britain, she came to America to study alternative approaches to healing under the guidance of the master of the Macrobiotic tradition, Michio Kushi. She worked as a Macrobiotic counselor and cooking teacher both independently and through holistic medical centers before becoming interested in Ayurveda. In 1986, Melanie met Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Vasant Lad, and began her studies in Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda, the study of longevity, offers everyone the means to discover their own personal path toward health, strength, beauty of body, mental clarity, and joy. Although this knowledge is at least 5000 years old, Ayurveda's principles and practical bodycare techniques still offer deep-reaching solutions to some of the most common present day problems. Melanie has developed many of these unique techniques into successful spa services that her students often say are just as soothing and healing to give as to receive. Melanie is committed to promoting these treatments in a manner that is in keeping with tradition, yet at the same time, being well-matched to modern needs and spa treatment settings. 


Robert Sachs is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, a certified LifeLine Practitioner and an author, with a Masters in Social Work from the University of Kentucky. Robert has long been a student of Tibetan Buddhist masters and is now an expert on a study of Asian healing systems.  

Robert is also a guest instructor for the Chopra Center for Well-Being in San Diego and a lecturer in Tibetan Medicine for the Sino-American Rehabilitation Association College in Los Angeles. 

He received his B.A. in Comparative Religion and Sociology from the University of Lancaster. 

He received his Masters in Social Work from the university of Kentucky and is a licensed clinical social worker focusing on addictions, relationships, and issues around dying and death.

He has studied Macrobiotics with Michio Kushi and Rex Lassalle at the Kushi Institute and completed Shiatsu training with Rex Lassalle.

Robert studied Hatha Yoga under the guidance of Jonathan O’Dell and Johanna Auld, and became certified as a Hatha Yoga instructor with the All India Board and Inner London Education Authority in 1978. 

He has also been trained as a Mental Health Counselor with the Richmond Fellowship.  

Robert was instrumental in starting the Community Health Foundation’s "Growing Family Center" in London. 

The Kansa tools were devised to be used in ways that would give maximum health and beauty benefits and this is where the expertise of Robert and Melanie Sachs stands unmatched.

Melanie and Robert explain: 

“In our practice, we trust traditional approaches. We test them to see if they get the results they claim and then try to explain why. In the end the why is less important than the result, especially if someone is in pain or suffering in some way. Thus, along with the traditional practices using Kansa that we have learned, we have also brought to the market and into your homes, methods and protocols that we know you will enjoy and get benefit from.” 

Today, together with experts and pioneers of the Ayurvedic Beauty and Spa Industry in the United States - Melanie and Robert Sachs - The Ayurveda Experience is proud to introduce not only this practice to the world, but also traditional and innovated Kansa Wand therapies for spa and home use in the form of a program - the one and only of its kind:

Introducing The World’s First Ever Kansa Massage Ritual Program By Melanie And Robert Sachs

Kansa- Ayurveda's Best Kept Healing and Beauty Secret
This is Kansa

Here is a complete step by step, detailed guide on Kansa and on how to use the Kansa tools to achieve the best results by the pioneers of Kansa Wand Massage Regimes, the best of the rare, few experts on this topic - Melanie and Robert Sachs.  

This program reveals original tried and tested protocols devised over a period of 38 years by experts Melanie and Robert Sachs that have proven to be effective with guaranteed results. 


  • An introduction to Ayurvedic body work principles and types of Ayurvedic bodywork Treatments 
  • The 4 goals of these treatments 
  • What makes human beings Healthy, Happy and Inspired? 
  • All about Kansa: the History, Discovery and Use for Beauty and Healing 
  • How Kansa works 
  • An introduction to MARMA points - what they are, how they’re opened, how they’re closed and benefits of Marma Massage 
  • A Demonstration of the 4 Original KANSA TOOLS 
  • How to care for the Kansa Wand 
  • The Graying Effect and WHAT IT REVEALS 
  • Intensive demonstrations of the 4 Original Kansa Massage Protocols 
  • Kansa Foot Massage: the original, effective massage protocol for astounding results through foot massage 
  • o How to offer this massage on another person 
  • o How to gift it on yourself 
  • Kansa Face Massage: the original, effective massage protocol for instant beauty and relaxation through face massage  
  • o How to perform this massage on yourself 
  • o Specific marmas and WHAT THEY’RE GOOD FOR 
  • o How to perform this massage on a client
  • Face and Body Wand Techniques 
  • o Large muscle areas 
  • o Back technique 
  • o Meridian stroking
  • Marma Tool 
  • o For reflexology 
  • o For face points 

  • Which wand to use when 
  • o How to use the Marma wand: Tibetan Marma therapy 

As a Bonus, you also get an additional demonstration of a Special Protocol for Anxiety Relief.

On ordering now, you also get a spectacular Text Companion with gorgeous visual depictions, free of cost! 

For personal use, it's a great mode of quick reference, or to take your time and read through things. There's also a whole bunch of information about the Marma Ritual with a description of all the Marma points which you will find very useful in print. 

Or, if you're a wellness or beauty professional, keep it as a coffee table book at your spa for something that your clients have never seen before! 

Not only will this be a rare specialty at your spa, you can even get creative and define Kansa rituals around various protocols with the help of this beautiful book!

I bought the Kansa wand to help with tension headaches as I grind my teeth through the night. The Kansa wand is a wee miracle worker in this respect! No more headaches even though I still grind my teeth. I certainly do recommend the Kansa wand to everyone who suffers from tension headaches. I use the wand in the evening when I'm watching the telly, it's comfortable, relaxing and easy to use. My skin has certainly improved and I have had quite a few compliments regarding my complexion. I am 65 and will continue to use the wand for a long time.  

Isabella Page 

Whoa. I used my Kansa Wand for the first time on my face. I absolutely love it! The perfect weight, the perfect smoothness! I used a facial oil and then massaged my face in an upward motion, concentrating on my jaw line and the third eye area. SO relaxing, and my skin feels and looks fantastic. I'm 64 years old... I need this! THANK YOU!

Janet Kissane

The answer to the million dollar question: 


In the words of Melanie and Robert Sachs, “Traditionally, Kansa is said to pull Pitta or excess fieriness that has accumulated in our tissues out of the body through our skin. Some of this is because of the physical process of friction (rubbing). The result is the pulling and drawing of heat, acidity, inflammation and toxins out of the body. Because of the nature of piezoelectricity and how it courses through the body, Kansa vataki was employed on the feet to have a drawing effect of heat and strain away from the eyes. We have personally seen eyes become less bloodshot and the high skin tones normalize just by rubbing the feet with the Kansa foot wand. 

Modern medicine is also learning the benefits of implements primarily made of copper. We know that copper rich surfaces are unfriendly to harmful microbes so, like gold, this precious alloy is very clean and cleansing for the skin. So much so that copper, rather than stainless steel, is being used for surfaces in hospitals.

We have also learned that microparticles of copper support healthy collagen - the material that supports good tone and vibrancy of the skin. This explains the use of copper vessels to drink from. It also explains the many benefits reported from colloidal water made from colloidal copper, silver, and gold.  

Tools like this have been used in India for centuries to enhance health and strength, increase energy and support general well-being and longevity. Much of the work done with our Original Kansa Face & Body Tools involves simple repetitive long strokes and circles that, according to Ayurvedic theory, may evoke a cleansing and rebalancing effect.  

The smooth surface quickly warms and feels like a warm hand, making it the perfect, comfortable extension of your own healing energy. 

Used for sacred Tibetan bells and gongs, Kansa metal is highly resonant. Think of it as tuning up the face or body in a way similar to listening to the Tibetan gong sounds that lift your spirit.

To use this metal in the best possible manner and to make the most of its healing abilities, Melanie and Robert Sachs introduced it to the American Spa and Beauty Industry in the form of handy tools that were much easier to use. 4 Kansa Wands with elegant handcrafted wooden handles were tailored to address specific needs and handcrafted by artisans from the corners of India.  


Small and lightweight, this particular wand is designed to easily fit your hands and touch all the specific points on your face to give you effective results like gentle tightening, glow and vitality, and hydration of skin.  

This wand is easy to use and carry around. 

(Melanie Sachs’s hallmark face rejuvenation protocol will put the Original Kansa Face Wand to the best use with documented, guaranteed results. You can see the transformation in this before-and-after image here. Melanie shows how to use it both on yourself at home and on a client in a professional setting- you’ll get to learn more about it below!)


This specific wand can be used both on the face and on other parts of the body. It is a medium sized wand- neither too small, nor too large. This wand works great with the limbs and even on the abdominal area.


With a large Kansa surface, this wand has been specifically designed for use on the feet:

  • Provides for an easier massage experience 
  • Covers a larger area  
  • Easier grip, does not tire your hands 
  • Greater relaxing effect on the feet 

Robert Sachs has been performing the Kansa Foot massage on hundreds of clients for decades with stupendous results! On performing his thoughtfully defined Foot Massage Protocol, along with other aforementioned benefits, his clients have reported: 

  • Moving of energy up and down the feet 
  • Removal of excess Pitta/heat 
  • Immense relaxation and uplevelling of energy 

Robert reveals how to use the Original Kansa Foot Massage Wands with his specific foot massage techniques and teaches you how to perform them on yourself or your loved ones at home, as well as on your clients in a professional setting. More about this below!  


This wand is a very unique innovation, even lighter than the other face wand and easy to hold, specifically designed - very thoughtfully - with a much smaller, much more targeted Kansa surface to focus on Marma points. In Melanie’s words: 

“I love sharing about Marma because I have witnessed so many amazing things happen with just a gentle touch to these special points. 

Whilst on a plane journey I helped an elderly woman give herself relief from eye pain that she was suffering from for three months, by touching three pairs of Marma points that benefit the eyes.  

I myself experienced the best night's sleep of my life even though it was in a cold room on an inflatable mattress after a less than five minute Marma ritual from a master Marma practicioner. 

A fifty-year-old friend reported she felt like she was seventeen again after a week of Marmas. 

The owner of a local spa decided to devote her whole menu to Ayurvedic treatments after having a major heart opening experience during a Marma regime. 

In my experience, Marma regimes absolutely work on body, mind and spirit. Rejuvenating the body, bringing clarity to the mind and uplifting us and opening us to share our new found energy with our family and friends.” 

Now, how do you really use these tools? What is the right way? And what are the EXCLUSIVE PROTOCOLS that are guaranteed to work, having shown results since years and still going strong?

These are the questions this course answers. 

Yes - there ARE defined, EXCLUSIVE PROTOCOLS that have given people fantastic experiences in real time. Real people have undergone these protocols and experienced real results during and after the rituals. Take a look at some of them here:  

"Hi, my name is Anna, I live in California and I’m a holistic health practitioner and massage therapist – I specialize in Ayurvedic bodywork and I just received my first Kansa Wand facial. I feel very relaxed, grounded and kind of like my face got a little workout. What I mean by that is that it feels really relaxed but a little firmer. I feel just blessed-out so thank you! As a massage therapist - I’ve been doing massage therapy for about 18 years - I don’t really use a lot of tools other than my hands, but with the Kansa wand I didn’t feel a ‘disconnect’, it actually felt very healing and natural. I think it would, as a therapist, actually be beneficial to the wear and tear with your hands, but being able to get in there and make the person feel more relaxed, easier. It felt very thorough when she did the back of my head and the top of my shoulders and it’s pretty amazing that it’s not her hands doing it, it’s the Kansa tool. It felt very healing. This is the medium Kansa sized Wand, and I would love to try to see what this would feel like giving a massage, especially a therapeutic massage where the person may have more muscle tension and pain. So far, from the little bit of experience I had today from this, I think it would really be beneficial to helping the client relax and let go of the pain on those key areas. I look forward to using it!"



"My name is Donna and I’m a client of Melanie and Bob’s. The first thing I noticed was the fragrance of the ghee when we first started. It was really pleasant, the rosemary that’s in the ghee. It felt really great to just smooth that all over your feet. To begin with, it felt kind of awkward to be working on my foot, especially with my left hand. But then after a bit, it just felt more natural and there’s a rhythm that you get as you move the wand, and it feels really natural and smooth. By then it was really comfortable. It was very soothing. The other thing that I was struck by, when I finished one foot and I put my feet down, was the coloration difference and the sensation difference between my feet. The foot that I had done with the wand was much brighter, it felt really alive and both warm and cool at the same time. The second foot, when I did that, it was much easier. One of the things I noticed was that, like Robert said, it definitely doesn’t feel like metal. It just feels smooth, no rough points or anything – just very relaxing. My feet feel relaxed and my whole body feels alive."


"The wand is really light and when you use it, it feels like it’s flowing – almost like liquid up and down across. For me the really relaxing place is on the temples and the cheeks – I tend to carry some tension here in my face so when I would go across the cheeks, that was really lovely. I probably could spend a little more time in that area. What I’m feeling now, what’s amazing to me is that all we’ve touched is this part of my body and I can literally feel it all the way down to my arms and down my legs as if all of my body has been touched and rubbed and massaged. I like the idea that I can do this fairly quickly and get a result that changes the way my entire body feels."


"I feel like I just woke up from an incredible nap, a really sound sleep after the treatment. The sensations that I’m feeling in my body right now feel cool and there is just an overall very relaxed sensation in my body. What I remember from the treatment is that when these two points were worked on, I could feel the calmness in my body. When I was on my back and the points on my chest were being worked on, I felt the relaxation go down my arms significantly. When I came back to the other side and the temples were done, I could lightly smell the nutmeg and it was a lovely scent. I felt a deep sleep sensation and now feel refreshed and super calm. 

I do run a panic and anxiety vibe, I have a little history with that, I’ve had some panic attacks in the last year or so. What’s happening now is that this whole chest cavity is relaxed, which is incredible because it was only a few points. I’m just amazed at this overall calm feeling and how my mind is quiet to the point that articulating isn’t simple right now. This treatment happened after a challenging phone call this morning too so I’m really appreciating the contrast that I’m feeling in my body between when I came in and felt tense, and how I’m feeling restful now."


With this course, you too can learn these easy but very effective protocols and practice Kansa massage rituals on yourself, your loved ones or your clients. 

Please know that results may vary from person to person.

What else is so notable and relevant to you, about this course?

Not only is 

this the only course of its kind - the first, the original, the only training course available on this topic (accessible only on The Ayurveda Experience platform)


our experts are perhaps the only couple in the US to have practiced and studied Kansa and its effects for over 30 years and thus the knowledge imparted in this course is backed by years of first-hand experience and observation of results.


this course has been designed to meet both home use and spa use needs. There are 2 sets of key demonstrations - one on the self for home use, and one on another for both your loved ones and clients in a spa setting.


  • All natural: Kansa massage is an all natural, safe and effective way to get that beauty enhancement and youthful skin.
  • Inexpensive: it’s wayyyyy cheaper than any other truly effective beauty enhancement options available out there.
  • Immediate results: you experience multiple benefits by following our unique protocols simultaneously.
  • Anywhere, all the time: carry it in your purse, keep it on your bedside table or your desk - Kansa Massage is good for you anytime, anywhere. 
  • Beauty and healing together: once you know all about Kansa and master the unique techniques, you will experience these dual benefits simultaneously.


  • A unique experience with immediate results: with these Kansa Protocols, your clients will experience something unique and will immediately be able to see and experience results they’ve never seen before!  
  • Luxury protocol: get an edge, not common regimes or just another facial or pedicure - on learning these special protocols shared in the program, you’ll be able to add on a great revenue generator through these specialized treatments shared in the course.  
  • Your fingers and hands do not tire: as therapists, your own hands and fingers are constantly exposed to stress and daily wear and tear. These protocols with the correct use of Kansa Wands will tire you less and reduce excessive stress to your muscles.  
  • Your nails do not dig into skin: with no nails digging into your client, even those sensitive to touch would feel comfortable with a Kansa massage. Personal and yet not invasive, this treatment is perfect for everyone.  
  • A totally natural treatment: all your clients who do not like to use artificial or chemical products would absolutely love this treatment! 

What’s more?

This course, the complete package comes with a 100% Satisfaction, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee which means that there’s absolutely no risk- if you think it doesn’t work for you, you can simply write to us for a courteous refund. 

The profundity of the knowledge imparted in this course, the practicality of the teaching, the effectivity of the tools and the protocols give us immense confidence and thus The Ayurveda Experience gives you total fall-back support with a 3 pronged guarantee: 

"This tool really seems to work. I can see the difference in the size of my pores already and my skin feels slightly tighter. I've only used it twice and it's very nice to use, I used it last night before I went to sleep and I slept well from 9 to 8 and did not wake up at all. That's unusual!"

Kimberly Rauchelle

"LOVE!!! I used mine for the first time on clients today and it was amazing! I thought there might be a bit of a learning curve and some time needed to get the hang of it in my hands. Not the case at all. I felt perfectly at ease like I had been performing this technique for ages!!!"

Cate Campbell

"As soon as I started using it, I immediately felt its incredible power. There is no exaggeration here, massaging one's face with this Wand, you can feel the warmth and its soothing effects. I think this might be the best thing ever for my skin and well-being."

Jacqueline Robert

A note on why The Ayurveda Experience decided to produce and publish something like this:

Kansa Works! 

One of the biggest reasons we decided to back this course is that Kansa works! Yes, it simply works! And we wanted everybody to get it right - learn this precious knowledge which would make so many people across the globe enjoy better skin, deeper relaxation with easier, faster and harmless procedures most comfortably and most affordably. Most skin procedures involve chemicals, electronic gadgets, and radiations - the effects of which we have heard enough about, but cannot do much about. And, to top it all, they’re crazy expensive, and yet we pay for them, all the time. Kansa is beautifully effective and totally affordable.  

A hidden treasure 

The tradition of Kansa massage has immense benefits, and has been practiced for generations in some parts of the world, and yet today, it remains one of the most unexplored traditions. Many people are still unaware or bereft of its benefits and we want to ensure that you get to experience the best of health through something as easy and wonderful as a Kansa Massage protocol. Truly, a Kansa Experience is unlike any other rejuvenating, healing and beauty experience!

Unmatched expertise and depth of experience 

The Sachs have delved extensively into Kansa, Ayurveda, massage therapy and being professional therapists themselves, they’ve also seen results like few other have. Few others have gone so far in deep researching about Kansa not in theory but in practice, hands on. Their knowledge is precious and rather useful for the world. 

Not only are Melanie and Robert Sachs genuinely passionate about their work, but they’re also phenomenal individuals who bring in unparalleled compassion, thoughtfulness and delicacy to their teaching. Their contribution to spreading the stupendous benefits and often missed significance of Ayurvedic Body Work is rather noteworthy. We, at The Ayurveda Experience, thought that their thoughts, ideas and work are deeply impactful and have a truly transformational quality that the world can benefit much from and thus, here you are, reading this page. 

Tailored to suit Western needs 

The practical application of holistic, Eastern alternative sciences sometimes needs to take into consideration the inevitable effects of your location in time and space and thus include alterations to make things more suitable to a modern, Western audience. 

In fact, Ayurveda’s 8 considerations in diagnosis involve time, geography and weather conditions. 

We tailor make our courses to ensure that they’re easily understandable, easy to follow and practice in normal day-to-day, modern life and have results that hold through today’s stress-filled, fast-paced lifestyle. 

A rare handicraft skill, a dying tradition 

Producing the metal Kansa is a tough and a laborious process. In many parts of India, it is still done manually by local artisans who have been traditionally involved with this skill for generations. Due to the tough and taxing process of creating the metal and then hammering it with hands into the desired shapes, not to mention its great healing properties, it is a very precious metal today. This skill of Kansa handicraft is a slowly dying tradition and we want to do our bit in protecting this beautiful tradition and enabling many others to live better with the great healing benefits of pure, top quality Kansa.

"Hi, I’m Deb Perkinson and I’m an Ayurvedic practitioner, a water therapist and I also teach gyrotonic. I also use the Kansa on my clients, I have not used it on myself in full body before so this was a unique experience for me. I felt things in my body that I haven’t felt in quite a while, and what was interesting was when I was using it in my lower extremities, I could get a little itch in my nose or my ears would pop, as well as my spine which indicates to me that I was having openings which is quite nice, frankly. 

The sphere shape fits into the areas much nicer than other tools that I’ve used. It’s soothing, it has this wonderful sense of this energy that comes into the body and allows for the interstitial fluids to move more. I could feel the energy changing in my body. I feel much tighter. My skin, my muscles feel awake, my feet feel more centred and my liver feels a little bit more cleansed as well." 


"My short treatment with Robert was truly incredible. Even just doing it for that short period of time in 10 minutes, I felt an immediate shift. It’s just incredible how quickly that type of regime can help you to shift into a more relaxed stage. I got off the table and had to go teach a qi gong class and I felt like it already put me in that space. So when I drove, I felt really calm and relaxed driving, and when I was teaching I felt like I had already shifted into that more grounded state before I even started the class. This actually influenced my students to feel better too, I think I taught a better class so all the way around it’s been a good day since this morning. 

I’m an Ayurvedic practitioner and a yoga instructor and a qi gong instructor as well, so I have a little bit of background in this area. I really like this tool; I’ve experienced this before just working with myself on it, and just having a practitioner use it on me is different than somebody giving you a hands-on massage. It felt more powerful and, as Robert was saying when he was working on the stomach area, it felt less intrusive than if someone was working with their hands on that area and it actually felt really soothing to my whole digestive system. I could feel movement going on. I think it’s really important to be able to touch and work the area because all of our organs are right there. Most therapists ignore that area, and if you have that tool, it creates a little bit of a distance in that – like I said, you’re not working with your hands but it’s much more effective. I really like the tool and feel like it’s got a lot of healing qualities to it that bring your massage or therapy to a different level."


"Hi, I’m Deborah and I live here in the beautiful central coast. I’m originally from Germany and I moved here because of the friendliness of the people, the sunshine and the good food. Today I got the Kansa Wand massage for my feet. I have been doing a lot of yoga and a lot of dance in the last two years and I sometimes really feel it in my feet; they get tired. After this massage I feel really good, it feel so much lighter and refreshed. During the massage I really enjoyed the coolness of the metal of the wand and how gentle the treatment is. There is no pressure like sometimes with other foot massages which use a lot of pressure on several points and that can be really painful. This doesn’t hurt at all, it’s a very pleasant and relaxing experience. I was really surprised to see how black the tissue was and my feet still look a little black on the sole. I wasn’t even aware I had so much acidity in me but I guess I had a lot of stress recently because I moved and had to pack and unpack all my things and it took a while. So maybe that stress still shows in my feet. All in all it’s a wonderful experience and my feet really feel as if they are new. I can’t wait to dance tonight. The Kansa wand is such an extraordinary tool, it really feels different than other tools that people have used for Marma massage or reflexology. It is gentle, effective, cool and very relaxing."


"My name is Andrea and I’m a filmmaker locally here and I probably have just had the best massage ever. 

The nice thing about this was that the face was smooth and I didn’t feel fingernails digging in to me with regular hand massage. It was able to go deep without feeling elbows pushing in or poking and prodding and I don’t have to worry about tickle spots on the back. It was a nice firm massage technique that didn’t poke and prod at me so it wasn’t invasive. 

The foot massage was nice and deep and I stand on my feet a lot for filming 12-14 hour days so I don’t feel my feet anymore -sometimes they go numb - and I actually felt energy going through them. I remembered that there are toes connected to the feet so this was a very relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for my feet.  

Robert and Melanie’s treatment style is very gentle and not invasive. Firm, but welcoming and they have a very kind touch and presence to them. A massage can be very uncomfortable for some people – you’re naked on a table – but they don’t make you feel uncomfortable. They make you feel very welcomed and it’s an experience that is relaxing and calming. 

The tool’s very different, I was a little hesitant when I first saw these tools - they didn’t seem as if they would be as effective as hands and elbows and body weight but they clearly are and I probably got a deeper massage from the tool. The tool is very even and feels smooth on the skin so it’s not like rock, it was very gentle and very soothing. 

I’m hooked!"


"My name is Eric and I’m 51 years old. I just worked a 10-hour day, I got up at 5 o’clock this morning and I’ve been staring at a computer screen most of the day. I came home, feeling pretty tired like I usually do. Typically I’ll have a glass of wine and I’ll feel even more tired afterwards. I just used the tool on my face for a few minutes and I feel fantastic. I feel wide awake like I just woke up from a nap, which is awesome. I’m going for a walk on the beach with my wife and daughter in a few minutes and instead of dragging my feet I’ll be fully energized." 





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