Interesting Story about DOSHAS

To better understand the differences between the DOSHAS, there is an old story that we’ve updated a bit.

A Vata, a Pitta, and a Kapha walk into doshas storya bar… they see a Snake!
The Vata: Gets nervous and jumps up on a chair. “Oh, no, a snake!” Very dramatic.
The Pitta: Goes into planning mode, comes up with a strategy. “OK, you get a box, I’ll get a stick, this is what we do…”
The Kapha: Shrugs and calmly says – “Oh, yes, there’s a snake.”

We don’t necessarily need to know All the subtle qualities of Each Dosha in order to stay in balance. However, having this knowledge can help us when we need to address specific conditions. It also helps us to understand more about how nature works, and how it expresses through our Doshas.

P.S. to your Continued Health & Success

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