Imbalanced Cravings – Out-Of-Order-DOSHAS

In my other articles, I have talked about the importance of listening to your body. When your body demands something, it really does need it! Sometimes the demands are almost insatiable, and you’ll find yourself eating a whole bar of chocolate without even thinking about it. These intense demands, these cravings are just your body’s’ way of telling you uh-oh. Something’s not right. Listen to that signal. What does it want? What are you craving?

Comfort food cravings can indicate a Vata imbalance. Almost all out go-to comfort foods are sweet, creamy and full of carbohydrates – mashed potatoes, chicken soup, mac and cheese, apple pie! This is really a signal that our body wants something warm, nurturing, calming or grounding to balance out an excess of Vata. We can achieve this with Vata pacifying techniques: hug a friend, use aromatherapy (vanilla, orange), or listen to your favorite music. Anything to warm you up, inside and out.

The craving for salty foods could mean a Pitta imbalance. We crave salty foods like chips, pretzels and nuts when we feel frustrated, angry, excited or annoyed. To balance out Pitta, drink Pitta tea: use aromatherapy (sandalwood, mint), walk in the moonlight, or look at beautiful landscaping or artwork. Anything to help you cool down.

Craving caffeine or chocolate indicates a Kapha imbalance. It seems like the quick fix to stimulate the mind and overcome feelings of lethargy or depression. Instead of downing coffee, cola or candy bars why not implement some Kapha pacifying techniques: drink Kapha tea, use aromatherapy (spicy scents like rosemary and clove), or dance around to some lively music. Anything that’ll get your blood pumping!

A big part of controlling your weight will be controlling your cravings. It’s easy to overindulge when giving in to the hedonistic cravings, but that’s also when you’ll end up putting on some inches. Instead use my guide above to identify the probable imbalance and try and rectify it. The first step is easy… what are you craving today?

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