AYURVEDA: How We are Learning

studyWhen it comes to learning, AYURVEDA has a lot to say. The ancient Ayurvedic Texts describe three aspects of mental ability. The first is “dhi” which is the power of acquisition, or learning itself. The second is “dhriti” which is the power of retention, how well we retain what we learn. The third is “smriti” which is the ability to remember and recall what we have learned.

We need all three of these mental functions to be in balance and work with one another, or learning problems may arise.
Vatas tend to learn quickly, but then forget just as quickly. It is helpful for Vatas to write things down, and carry a day-planner or a laptop with them all the time. Vatas learn best by listening. A good technique for studying is to listen to a book on tape while reading along.learning
Pittas have a good, sharp, general memory. Pittas are visual learners, so it is helpful for them to have charts, graphs and pictures to refer to. They will remember something better if they read it rather than if they hear it, so keep “to do” lists for them.
Kaphas take more time learning things, but once they learn them, they don’t forget. Kaphas learn best by association, so tell them stories that relate to the lesson at hand, or give examples of experiences they can remember which apply to what they need to learn.

P.S. Make sure You know your DOSHA

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