How to Recognize a DOSHA

You’ll notice that Body Types are genetic. You’ll often see one Dosha dominant in any particular family. Each of us was born with our Unique balance of Doshas, and with this knowledge we can create for ourselves a lifestyle that keeps us Healthy and Happy. Here are some general characteristics to help you recognize someone’s dosha at a first meeting.


An Ayurvedic physician can provide the most accurate diagnosis of a mind/body type.  Typically, the doctor will use a special pulse diagnosis, have you answer a series of questions, and look at your tongue and your physical features to determine your particular combination of doshas. The doctor can also detect any imbalances and recommend specific Ayurvedic Herbs and lifestyle adjustments, if necessary.

Vata, Pitta & Kapha doshas are present in everyone, just in different proportions.  And all three doshas need to be kept in balance. To do that, you need to be aware of your own mind/body type. Your mind/body type is determined by which dosha or doshas are most prevalent in your personality and physical makeup.

P.S. to your Joy & Contentment

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