How to Keep Skin Problems Away?

skin careAYURVEDA has a unique understanding of Skin Care.
Though the overall function of the skin remains the same, different body types have inherent characteristics of their skin. The characteristics like color, thickness, texture, hydration, moisture, suppleness, and temperature, varies with varying Dosha Types. The concurrent conditions of the three doshas and the weather also influence the characteristics of the skin.

Prerequisites for a Healthy Skin:
For a Healthy Skin we need good quality body fluids (rasa dhatu – including blood plasma and lymph called lasika), blood (rakta dhatu), muscular tissue (mamsa dhatu), fat tissue (meda dhatu). Along with all these healthy tissue systems, we need to make sure we have a healthy response to stress – it’s pretty much impossible to have a stress free life style, but we can respond to stressors in more healthy ways. And we need to get adequate sleep, fluids and sunshine – time outdoors with nature.

These are Some of the Factors that can cause Skin diseases:

  1. Eating hot foods immediately after cold foods and vice-versa.
  2. Eating the wrong combinations of food.
  3. Excessive use of certain food items curds, fish, salt, sour foods, sugar, milk or sesame seeds.
  4. Excessive Exercise.
  5. Exposure to the sun after consumption of dry and pungent foods.
  6. Eating again before the previous meal has been digested.
  7. Ignoring the urge to vomit.
  8. Excessive intake of fats and fatty foods.
  9. Indulging in sex without allowing for time to digest a meal.
  10. Sleeping in day time.

These are the general causative factors of beautiful skinskin diseases. We can see that some of these causes affect the digestion by creating toxins in the body fluids, or altering the blood chemistry. This aggravates the Doshas and then affects the four tissue systems. Over time the skin is affected.
Other causative factors like wrong food combination, or excessive exposure to the sun in sun sensitive skins can quickly aggravate the Doshas. The aggravated doshas then quickly disturb the tissue systems and cause skin diseases marked by a relatively rapid onset, like rashes for example.

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