Home Décor Moves That’ll Blow Your Socks Off!

Sure, it would be nice to hire a decorator to swoop in and make your space all pretty and perfect. But I always find it a lot more fun to create my own projects and make my living spaces comfortable and filled with good vibrations with my own hands. It fills me up with a sense of accomplishment and keeps me in a humming-good-mood all day long!

It’s always worth it to play with what you already have in your house, your space. Move furniture around and see where it fits both aesthetically and energetically. What looks good to you? What feels good to you? Seasonally you can change out accessories and colors to fit in with what nature has going on outside or add a dash of colour in those cold and dreary days and cool it down with blues and greens in the summer sunshine.

I have some basic things that I always think about when changing up/decorating a space. Take it as a Guide if you want!

  • Think of a purpose for each room.Take the living room. It’s for living, socializing, entertaining right? Make sure you have your living space set up for that. How about setting aside areas for conversation, with comfortable chairs and tables nearby to hold drinks and snacks?
  • Use color.But be careful! A well-designed room will have only one or two dominant colors. A room with too many colors can make you feel unsettled anda monochromatic room can bring on feelings of dullness and boredom. It’s all about balance!
  • Use artwork. Artworks add a lot of color and personality to a room. And it need not be expensive! Frame a favorite poster or create your own masterpiece with canvas and paint.
  • Bring in some plants! I’ve said it before I’ll say it again! Plants add a lot of life to the room. Live plants are great because they help to keep the air fresh. But if you’re prone to killing plants you might choose a silk plant or some flower arrangements instead.
  • Keep framed photos of friends and family. This helps to remind us of what is important in life. And of course a group of pictures displayed on a table always makes for a great conversation piece! Try tochoose complementary rather than matching frames to add visual interest.

Why not try this today. Take a room, any room and move some furniture around. Change the bed to face east, move the sofa to another wall, add a shelf to a boring corner.

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