“Health Regimes”: Always Get this One Thing Wrong!

No matter what diet you try, and there are literally thousands at your disposal, there is one thing that none of them will tell you. Listen To Your Body.

AYURVEDA understands that everything is connected. If we are in Balance in one area of our lives, the others will quickly follow. And of the four spheres – Body, Mind, Spirit & Space – the Body is the easiest to bring back to balance. In fact, one of the most fundamental principals of Ayurveda is to do with our bodies.

Think of your body as a giant ball of nerves sensitive to all the energies that thrum within us and around us. As these energies change, our body grasps the subtle signs instinctually, knowing what you need even before the grey matter gets fired up! Many people call this “intuition” or “hunch”, but all that means is that your body is telling you what to do and you’re actually listening!

Why is it that when we’re happy we feel warm and cozy with our heart beating gently and a feeling of contentment within? But when we’re scared our heart beat increases, our palms start sweating or we start to tremble? This all just your body telling you what it needs. When it’s happy it’ll want spread the love by hugging, kissing or sharing a smile. And all it understands is fight or flight when you’re scared! Take the time to listen to your body. If you manage to do this even 3 or 4 times today, you will immediately see the difference!

There are so many ways that our bodies talk to us. The question is… Will we listen?

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