Hair Care as per DOSHA Type

Like with the skin, the quality of haircarethe Hair and scalp also depends partially on the body type and partially on the preponderance of a particular Dosha in a person at a given time. So hair care and scalp care can be done as per the Dosha Type. Routine hair care involves application of oil, massaging the scalp and the use of herbal cleansers.

Vata predominant Hair & Scalp: Vata hair is dry, curly, tangled and has split ends. The scalp may be dry, itchy and have dandruff.
The Vata predominant hair requires more frequent warm sesame oil or sweet almond oil massage. Alternatively herbal sesame or coconut oil based preparations can be used. Brush the hair after massage and wrap in towels dipped in warm water. This can be followed by application of herbal cleanser the either the next day or after 2 hours.

Pitta predominant Hair tends to be oily, with split or clean ends. Premature greying and hair loss is seen predominantly in Pitta types. The hair is thin and flat. The Pitta scalp tends to be red, itchy, and can be prone to boils, eczema, or dermatitis.
Pitta hair requires gentle massaging with cooling oils like brahmi oil, Triphala or amla oil or coconut oil. This can be followed by an application of a cooling hair pack made from a fresh paste of licorice, hibiscus (flowers & leaves), Brahmi, amla, and henna leaves. Rinse after half an hour with cool water and wrap hair in a clean towel to dry.

Kapha predominant Hair is lush, full, thick,wavy & slightly oily. The scalp is moist with strong, lustrous hair. The scalp may be prone to dandruff (which is a disorder arising out of vata and kapha).
Kapha hair require vigorous massage with warm oils that stimulate circulation in the scalp. Followed by an appropriate herbal hair cleanser like Triphala water hair rinse
Trifla hair cleanser:
Soak 2 Tablespoons of Triphala powder in 1 cup of water overnight. Use as a hair cleanse by rubbing it into the scalp and on the hair filaments. Use twice a week. This will keep the kapha hair and scalp clean.

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