Grumpy In The Morning? Blame The North!

Anyone who’s had a fitful night of sleep knows the terrible day that awaits come morning. But it’s not just the lack of energy and the constant feeling of drowsiness. Without a solid 7 hours of sleep your body and mind are just not ready to cope with the stress each day holds.

Of course anyone who’s ever overslept can vouch for the dull, wooly feeling in your head when you wake up. This time your brain’s sluggish and your body cold.

Ayurveda suggests that human beings need no less than 7 hours of sleep and no more than 9. There’s always those exceptionally exhausted days when you might need 12 of course!

It also suggests some small changes in sleeping habits for a relaxing, undisturbed sleep. And this is where North and Grumpy come together!


10 Sleep Tips For A Beautiful Night


  1. One should always sleep with your head pointed East or south, East being the best direction. North and West can cause fitful sleep patterns.
  2. The bedroom should be clean and clutter free.
  3. The bed should be laid with a blanket or suitable insulating material like a bed sheet. It should be soft and comfortable.
  4. room

  5. A suitable pillow should be used to support the neck and should be neither too high nor too low.
  6. The bedroom should be draught free.
  7. One should sleep on sides or on the back.
  8. One should not sleep immediately after food.
  9. The mind must be free from all worries at the time of going to bed. A brief spell of meditation can calm the mind and induce sleep
  10. Sleeping late at night is best avoided and will only promote diseases.
  11. Daytime sleeping is best avoided. In general in summers one can sleep in daytime but not in other seasons.
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Ayurveda is a very precise science based on centuries of accumulated knowledge but one which grows continuously, embracing new methods and discoveries. In following the practice of Ayurveda, one is always rewarded.




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